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T.S.H Chapter 406: Who wants to be the patriarch

Suppressing the horror inside his hear, one of the Hyuga clansmen finally opened his mouth.

“Naito-Sama, this meeting is restricted only for the clansmen of the Hyuga…”

“So what? I’m just interested in this thing you’re calling a conference where you guys bullying a child, so I’ve come to watch, is it okay?”

Naito patted Hinata’s little head with a smile, then glanced at the other indifferently.

He didn’t do anything else, but this scene only made the Hyuga’s clansmen tremble from fear!

They could even feel a sense of suppression in their Byakugan eyes, as if facing Naito, they couldn’t even use them!

The cold sweat was evident on everyone’s foreheads. Even if it was the Hokage himself, they wouldn’t have let him interfere with their business.

However, although Naito wasn’t the Hokage, he was much more terrifying than the Hokage!

For a while, the clansmen were stunned, and no one dared to confront Naito!

Hinata’s grandfather kept looking at Naito, he was clearly confused, mainly because he didn’t know what Naito’s purpose was, but looking at him, Naito seemed to care about Hinata, which gradually make him feel alive again; he got rejoiced!

At this time, Hinata didn’t dare to move. She sat on the wooden floor, looking at Naito weakly. Her two hands were on her knees, and she seemed like she was grabbing her clothes tightly.

Naito looked at her with a smile and said, “Do you want to leave now?”

Listening to these words, Hinata nodded weakly, she no longer wants to say in this “hell,” at least for her, it was like hell.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Out of Hinata’s expectations, Naito smiled at her softly, then puller her little hand, and led her out.

Hinata seemed to be a little bit hesitant, but after she took a careful look at those branch house members, she turned her head to the other direction and followed Naito.

No matter what, she didn’t want to stay here anymore.

She is only five years old, and her thoughts are straightforward. She has the chance to leave, then she will do it quickly. As for the consequences that will occur after following Naito, it was entirely out of her considerations.

The Hyuga’s clansmen watched Naito take Hinata to the door, but no one dared to speak.

An outsider suddenly entered their Clan and took away their most important member, this should be a crisis!

However, none of them had the courage to questioning Naito, especially when the latter started walking. With every step he took, the terror and the oppression they were feeling from him became even worse!

His aura alone made them feel afraid.

Hinata’s presence was utterly negligible next to him. Naito wasn’t a tall person, but at that moment, he looked as if he was a giant standing in front of them. Not to mention, the fact that even if they all jumped on him, they wouldn’t be able to defeat him, the Hyuga’s clansmen were feeling suffocated only from his momentum!

Finally, when Naito took Hinata to the door, Hinata’s grandfather took a deep breath, then he couldn’t help but ask: “Naito-Sama! Where are you taking Hinata?”

He was the only one who has not been oppressed by Naito’s momentum, but even so, his tone was fragile.

“Well, she can go wherever she wants.”

Naito responded to him with a soft tone first, then it suddenly changed and became harsher: “I really had a hold in high esteem for the Hyuga Clan… I never thought that you people are capable of doing such a thing. For those bullies, who could do this to a five years old child…”

“I want to tell you that from now on, Hinata is my disciple. I dare anyone of you to treat her the same way as today!”

Saying that last sentence, Naito’s tone became really cold.

Gently opening the door, Naito’s momentum became even more horrifying, and the moment he took Hinata out and closed the door behind him, his momentum and oppression reached the peak.


His aura seemed to be consensing to the point that it crossed everyone’s body, and cracked shattering everything inside that room!

Crack! Crack!!

The crack spread instantly, spreading to the entire room; it looked terrible, and if it was any stronger, the whole place would have collapsed directly!

Fortunately, the room didn’t collapse, but everyone present was soaked with cold sweat, with the eyes full of horror, and they didn’t dare to move for along time.

“Was this… only his presence?!”

Finally, one of the branch house members spoke while trembling.

“He’s really worthy of being the God of Shinobi, I can’t even open my eyes in front of him… let alone stand up.”

Everyone’s couldn’t help but swallow; it was not until then, they could slowly breathe a sigh of relief.

The only one who wasn’t much affected by this momentum was Hinata’s grandfather, who stood up, then sneered and ridiculously glanced at the clansmen who were present.

“Well, now who wants to inherit the position of the Patriarch stands up.”

Upon hearing this, everyone looked at each other, but none of them dared to do so.

“I thought so!”

Naito has made up himself clear, whoever dares to stand up and claim that position will be dead in an instant!

Moreover, Naito even said that Hinata is his disciple now. It can be said that even if Hinata doesn’t want to be a patriarch, no one will ever dare to take that position from her!

Everyone in this room couldn’t believe what had just happened. Yuu Naito, the God of Shinobi, would suddenly recognize a five years old girl, as his disciple, this is simply incredible!

In fact, even Hinata’s grandfather felt as if he was dreaming.

When they got attacked, and he saw how his son Hiashi got killed. He got really sad, and also anxious that the clan fate was inevitable to weaken.

But now, things have turned to be so great!

Even though Hinata’s personality is not suitable for being a patriarch, and not ideal to managed the Clan’s affairs, now he can find someone else to replace her and took care of things around the Clan, while she can still be the Patriarch.

Everything is possible because she’s now Naito’s disciple!

This is not because they are afraid of Naito, that they must accept Hinata as the Patriarch, but because if Hinata becomes the Patriarch, even if she doesn’t have the standards, they will win Naito on their side forever!

Maybe the Hyuga Clan can’t ask Naito to do anything for them, but he doesn’t need to. As long as Naito is there, no one will dare to provoke them when he’s on their side.

Because whatever they try to do won’t be aimed at the Hyuga Clan, but it’s equivalent to disrespect the God of Shinobi himself, and who would dare to do that? Even the five major villages and five big countries won’t dare to!

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