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T.S.H Chapter 413: Little Neji

“Okay, today’s practice will stop here.”

Naito stood in front of Hintana, while Hinata was doing her shadow boxing, he gently grabbed her by the wrist and nodded at her slightly.

Even someone who has Byakugan eyes cannot perceive the physical endurance of the person, but Naito, can see everything clearly, and with that, he could determine which is the most suitable practice for her.


After she sighed with relief, Hinata bowed down, then showed a cute smile to Naito.

Now, she no longer fears Naito, and she even started to feel that he’s kinder to her than her own father, which has also made her gradually move on and slightly forget that painful chapter of her life.

Moreover, in the past few days, Hinata noticed a massive change in the clansmen treatment, whenever they saw her now, they would salute her respectfully, and shout Hinata-Sama.

Although this was also the case when her father was alive, now she obviously can feel that people have more respect for her than when Hiashi was around.

Pushing the door open, Naito walked out of the training room, and Hinata followed behind him, she put then her shoes and walked out of the courtyard.

Only when Naito comes to instruct Hinata in her practice, she will come out. At the speed of Naito today, she would travel to and from Konoha and the Rain in less than moments.

Despite this, almost everyone knew about the existence of Naito, there were, of course, exceptions like Neji, who’s still a kid.

Naito was about to send Hinata back home and happened to be faced by Neji and Hizashi.

When Neji saw Naito, he was stunned for a moment.

He could clearly see that Naito’s eyes were ordinary ones. Every member of the family has Byakugan eyes, there are no exceptions for this.

That is to say, Naito isn’t a member of the Hyuga Clan, then why is he here in the Hyuga Station, and… why does he seem to be carrying Hinata?

While he was in doubt, he saw his father’s expression suddenly change, and bowed down to Naito.


Seeing this so sudden made Neji felt puzzled.

After Hizashi greeted Naito, he noticed how Neji was looking at him and immediately screamed at him: “Neji, hurry up and lower your head, this is Naito-Sama!”

“Uh… Naito-Sama.”

Although Neji didn’t understand the situation, he still followed his father’s order and saluted Naito. At the same time, he felt that the name Naito was a little familiar.

Naito’s gazes bypassed the Hizashi and focused on Neji with amusement, but Naito didn’t speak and walked by them with Hinata.

Looking at Naito’s back, Neji was full of doubts.

Watching their back fading away at the end of the alleyway, Neji finally couldn’t help but open up and ask his father, “Father, why should we salute that person, he’s clearly not one of ours…”

“Neji, shut up!”

Hizashi immediately scolded Neji, and without hesitation, he looked at him firmly and said, “Neji, you must remember, never disrespect Naito-Sama!”

Neji was frightened by his father’s facial expression. For a while, he was very suspicious, this was the first time he has seen that kind of expression on his father’s face.

“Father, who is he…?”

Looking at Neji, Hizashi took a deep breath, then he said with a heavy tone: “I believe you’ve heard of him before, just think what was his first name?”

Neji wondered for a moment.

Naito-Sama… Yuu… Yuu Naito?!

Neji widened his eyes, and he seemed like he was in a disbelieve.

Even though he was only a student in the Ninja Academy, he heard of the legend of Yuu Naito.

However, because Naito was too young, and even looked much smaller than his father, he didn’t think it would be him.

“Father, are you saying that he’s…”

“Yes, he’s the one who stands at the top of the Shinobi World.”

Speaking of which, Hizashi thought of the terrible oppression that he experienced a few days ago from Naito’s momentum, and couldn’t help but to reveal a look of awe on his face, saying: “The Respected as a legend… The God of Shinobi!”

These few words made Neji take a deep breath, with an unbelievable on his face. He couldn’t simply believe it, nothing was impressive about him, he was younger than his father, and looked more like an ordinary person, yet he turned out to be the God of Shinobi!


“Neji.” Hizashi looked at his son, and interrupted his words with a solemn gaze, saying: “I know what you want to ask, you don’t need to know whether those legends about him are true, you only need to know that his existence is a legend in itself, and that is enough!”

A few words from Hizashi shocked Neji for a while. Although he still couldn’t believe it, Hizashi couldn’t tell him anymore.

A few days ago, the Hyuga tribes joined together to oppose the heir of the Clan, a 5 years old Hyuga Hinata. This kind of thing cannot be said to his son.


Time went by, and almost two years passed in an instant.

In these past two years, Naito occasionally went in and out of Konoha, but only a few people saw him. Naito didn’t want to be seen by anyone.

However, even though many people didn’t know that Naito often appears in the Hyuga Station, the elders and the upper levels of Konoha, such as Sarutobi… still knew.

As a result, despite the heavy losses previously suffered by the Hyuga Clan, they were no longer subjected to any oppression by Konoha, and the policy of the village toward the Hyuga has changed from suppressing to coping.

As for the internal affairs of the clan, it was handled to the younger brother Hizashi, while Hinata’s grandfather supervised and assisted him.

In the past, Hizashi used to reveal his killing intent to Hinata during training, and was punished by the Cursed Seal several times, but now he has no hatred for Hinata. Well, everyone now has become extremely respectful to the young lady Hinata.

Even more respectful than when his father was alive.

“Princess Hinata.”

Whenever Hinata walked on the road, people greeted her with respectful salutes.

Soon, she came to the place of practice, and as soon as she walked into the courtyard, she saw a familiar figure sitting on the wooden steps of the corridor.

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