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T.S.H Chapter 427: The Strongest Shinobi

Without waiting for Kakashi to thank him, Naito took a few steps, then his figure gradually faded, as if had turned into a shadow, then he finally disappeared completely.

Looking at how Naito has disappeared, Kakashi, who was originally about to thank him, shook his head. In fact, he was still a little embarrassed and kept hesitating to thank him.

After all, he really messed things up.

If Zabuza was strong then him, it would have been okay, but he was weaker. Even though he needed to protect his disciples, it should have ended this way.

After seeing him leave, Naruto finally calmed down from her shock, and couldn’t help but ask her teacher: “Ka… Kakashi-Sensei, who is that guy? It’s kind of ridiculous how strong he is.”

“That’s a rude thing to say about a senior!”

Sakura replied, then directly hit Naruto’s head fiercely.

She was actually scared. Although Naito had already left, she was afraid he will show up again if he hears how rude Naruto has just was.

Moreover, Sakura has become now very respectful and admired for Naito.

After all, in her view, Naito wasn’t just strong, but also younger than Kakashi, and even more handsome than Sasuke.


Naruto didn’t dare to say anything at that time and felt that he should, probably, maybe… indeed be more respectful.

Thinking of Naito and how he has just split a mountain with a wave of his hand, he kind became nervous too.

The idea ofo the strongest person in Naruto’s minds suddenly got shaken. When he thought of that scene, he couldn’t help but doubt that the Hokage would be able to do the same!

However, Naruto, Sasuke, and Naito all had the same idea at that time. They really wanted to know who was Naito, especially Sasuke.

“He’s a senior, and he actually helped me a lot with my training… which makes me feels a little bit ashamed.” Kakashi thought for a while, then when he started talking, he became a little bit depressed.

“He was Kakashi-Sensei’s teacher?!”

Sakura looked at Kakashi with a surprise; even the other two were stunned.

Looking at the three kids’ appearance, Kakashi himself also showed a pondering expression: “He looks very young, that’s true, but, as far as I know, he looked the same ten years ago. Umm, but his hair now is a little bit longer.”

“Speaking of it, I was also a bit surprised. Time seems to never leave a trace on him.” As he said, Kakashi showed a strange look.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura looked shocked by Kakashi’s words. He was like this ten years ago?

If that’s true, then he should be older then Kakashi, but also looks younger than him?!

The three little kids were stunned. After taking a deep breath, Naruto couldn’t help but continue to ask: “Kakashi-Sensei, you haven’t told us yet, who is this senior?”

“His name is Yuu Naito, people called him very names, and spoke a lot of legends about him, um, how do I describe it to you…” Kakashi said after a deep pondering, then with a very solemnly expression, he continued: “To make it simple, he is… The Strongest Shinobi!”

“The strongest?!”

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura all got shocked at that moment.

Kakashi’s expression was extremely solemn, there’s no way he was joking. He looked at the three kids again, and said with a deep tone: “Yes, The Strongest Shinobi In The World!”

“And, this isn’t my own evaluation, nor is it self-proclaimed… He’s recognized to be the strongest by the entire Shinobi World!”

After this sentence was said, the silence suddenly controlled the field, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, foreheads were full of cold sweat, while the shock was evident in their eyes.

“Really, Sensei?!”


It wasn’t Kakashi, who answered Naruto, it was actually Tazuna, which they were assigned to protect him.

Tazuna’s eyes were very dignified, and there was even a touch of awe inside it when he said: “I’m not a ninja, I don’t know a lot of things, but I surely know that person… he’s the respected God of Shinobi, he’s equally famous with Konoha’s first Hokage, Senju Hashirama!”

Even Tazuna, who wasn’t a ninja, said this. Although the three kids couldn’t believe they couldn’t help but feel speechless.

If you judge him by the appearance, you will never tell that he was such a person, but when they remembered what he has just done to that mountain, they had no choice but to believe it!

“Is that man the most powerful ninja in the Shinobi World?” Naruto took a deep breath, then murmured with an incredible look in his eyes.

Sasuke, on the side, clenched his fist, with a trace of excitement, and even a flash of a horrifying glance, thinking about what it would take to get his hand on such strength; if just Naito could teach him…

As for Sakura, she exhaled, with clear watery eyes, and touch of endless admiration. Also, she felt so lucky to be the ones who were chosen to do this task and see him in person.


It wasn’t actually fate, Naito actually went to the Land of Waves to witness this event, but he found out that the plot got a little bit shifted, and the battle took place in the Land of Fire.

Although, there was still time before the Chunin Exam, Naito went there; he doesn’t visit Konoha as much as before, but he still occasionally does.

Since Naito’s Ultra Perceptive is very large now, he could sense the Team 7 exact location.

However, since Naito killed Zabuza, he wasn’t interested any longer to follow them to the Land of Waves and left.

He felt it would be better if he went to check on Hinata.

Hinata’s character didn’t change, she was still gentle and weak, but no one can ever call her weak when it comes to her strength.

Even though she couldn’t be compared to geniuses like Kimimaro, and Haku, she couldn’t be compared to people with special abilities like Karin; still, she completed the second stage of the Sage Mode Transformation, learned a lot of things from Naito, and also became a stronger user of the Gentle Fist, her strength now has reached the level of an Elite Jonin.

In this regard, Naito was quite satisfied, she was as strong as Kakashi when he was about the same age.

Soon after returning to the Rain Village, Naito took Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin to officially go to Konoha.

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