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T.S.H Chapter 439: Orochimaru

“Didn’t we meet each other some time ago?” Naito shook his head and said helplessly.

“Naito-Sama! That was more than half a year ago…”

Anko tried to argue, but she remembered how embarrassing his behavior was just now. But when she noticed how it didn’t bother Naito, she felt relieved, and she gradually recovered her smile again.

Although Naito rarely went to see Kakashi, Gai, and the others, he didn’t get the chance to see Anko for half a year.

“You’re all grown up, but you still act like a kid.” Naito kept looking at her helplessly.


Anki didn’t say anything, she just stood there grinning.

The examiners at the side, who had already shrunk their necks and hid far away, didn’t dare to look at them.

“By the way, Naito-Sama, did you had something here to deal with, you wouldn’t come especially to see me, right?” Anko seemed like she has realized something, then asked, while blinking at Naito.

Hearing that, Naito glanced at the Forest of Death in front of him, with a slight touch of emotions in his eyes, and remembered of the exam he had to take to join Konoha’s Anbu.

At that time, he was a player, now he’s more like the game master.

Anko smiled and said, “Well, that’s a real honor! I have prepared a lot of meatballs, do you want to try some, Naito-Sama?”

Even though he was outside of the forest, everything was happening inside was within his perception, and knowing that the second test had just begun, Naito nodded his head at Anko with a smile.



Seeing Naito agree made Anko looks very happy.

The two came to a wooden house built next to the forest.

This was where the examiners rest. Anko and Naito walked in, while the other examiners hid far away; none of them dared to come an disturb them, except for delivering more meatballs to them.

Naito didn’t really eat, he knew how much Anko loves meatballs. And since it’s been a while, Naito chatted with Anko a little bit, until a Shinobi suddenly rushed in, hurriedly to report.

“Anko-San, something wrong has happened.”


She has finally got the chance to chat with Naito and eat meatballs, and she got immediately disturbed. The expression on Anko’s face was really cold.

The Shinobi was soaked in cold sweats, while carefully glancing at Naito, to find out that the latter was drinking his tea without paying any attention to him. He was relieved then and looked at Anko timidly.

Sometimes, it’s better to deal with things alone than coming to Anko, but this was a big problem, and he couldn’t help but come to her.

“Three corpses were found, and the way they died is weird. You need to come and have a look.”

“Three bodies?”

The dissatisfied eyes on Anko’s face suddenly became sharp, and she immediately let go of her personal feelings.

Although she hated how she was interrupted while chatting with Naito, people got killed during the exam, and as the examiner, she couldn’t be careless. However, after she looked at Naito again, she still hesitated.

“Let’s go and have a look.”

Noticing how she hesitated, Naito smiled, put down the cup in his hand, and then stood up.


The Forest of Death.

Uchiha Sasuke looked at Orochimaru disguised as Shiore, a Genin from Kusagakure, in front of him with traces of cold sweat on his forehead. Although he is stronger than the original and has three tomoe Sharingan, Orochimaru was also stronger!

Orochimaru using his Mongekyou Sharingan would naturally have the upper hand.

However, these newly added aspects to the story created another different scene.

Using his Sharingan, Orochimaru first chose to reveal his killing intent and test Sasuke’s spirit, but the latter opened his Sharingan too and completely resisted Orochimaru’s strong presence.

However, this allowed Orochimaru to open his Mongekyou Sharingan, and severely crush Sasuke in the aspects of Dojutsu.


Under the strong suppression of the Mongekyou Sharingan over the three tomoe Sharingan, as well as the suppression coming of his momentum and spirit, Sasuke directly lost strength and knelt on the ground, with a touch of evident horror in his eyes.

“Your eyes… How can you have such eyes, this is impossible!!”

“You’re worthy of being Itachi’s brother, you’ve already awakened your three tomoe Sharingan. But unfortunately, you’re still much worse than Itachi.”

Orochimaru stood there, glaring at him with his terrifying eyes and his extremely evil smile.

Much worse than Itachi… Worse than Itachi… Than Itachi…

Hearing these words from Kimimaro first, then from Orochimaru again, made Sasuke’s heart sink in anger, and he immediately stood still while clenching his teeth.

However, Naruto and Sasuke, on the side, could clearly see that Sasuke’s state this time is very bad.


Naruto wasn’t afraid of Orochimaru, even if he was stronger, he wasn’t afraid, but he was much concerned about Sasuke who looked in a real bad state.

Sasuke however, ignored Naruto and gritted his teeth at Orochimaru while shouting: “Don’t speak of that name in front of me!!!”

Seeing Sasuke rushing over, Orochimaru smirked, allowing Sasuke to punch him, but it weirdly penetrated past him as if he was a ghost.


Suddenly Sasuke got hit and flew straight out, falling to the distance, Naruto, who saw that, jumped up immediately and caught him.

“It didn’t connect, how did this happen?”

Sakura looked shocked at Orochimaru, even though he had a clear shot, Sasuke’s punch didn’t connect, and he passed right through him, then he suddenly got hit and got sent flying to the distance.

Is this guy a ghost?!

Sasuke lost the battle of the Dojutsu and also got hit by Orochimaru. Although he didn’t hit the ground and was caught by Naruto, he still looked hurt and spit out a bit of blood.

Upon seeing this, Naruto suddenly became furious and turned to rush toward Orochimaru too. In this unstable state, his punch carried some of the Kyuubi’s Chakra as he waved it at Orochimaru.

“The Kyuubi’s power… You can actually use it?”

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