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T.S.H Chapter 441: Ice Bone Snake

Kimimaro didn’t overthink and immediately stretched his arms out.

Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

In a dark corner, Orochimaru suddenly appeared, then directly got nailed to the ground by Kimimaro’s bone bullets, then spit blood.

However, Orochimaru didn’t seem like he was in pain. Instead, he glanced thoughtfully at Karin and said: “It turns out that, not only she has a special healing technique, but also a very powerful perception ability, it can fully sense my presence.”

As soon as he said these sentences, Orochimaru opened his mouth, then came out of it, and all the scars on his body disappeared.

“Dead Bone Pulse, Ice Release, perception, and healing… a perfect team.”

Looking at the three of them, Orochimaru couldn’t help but stick his tongue out and licked his lips.

Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin were strong. Even the people Orochimaru has gathered cannot be compared to them.

This made Orochimaru always unsatisfied. Especially when it comes to Kimimaro, he was supposed to be a human experiment. Unexpectedly, Naito appeared in the Mist Village, and he had no choice but let go of him.

Orochimaru, who was very interested in studying Kimimaro’s physical ability and bloodline limits, revealed a creepy look of excitement on his face. He looked at the three as if they weren’t people, but more like some kind of experimental subjects.

“Just a bit of flesh, blood, and Chakra will be fine… The Dead Bone Pules, I’ve finally had the chance, but I have to study it carefully.”

Putting the creepy tongue back, Orochimaru rushed toward Kimimaro, while his eyes were flashing with excitement.

Seeing that, Kimimaro was fearless and continued confronting him.

He managed to roughly guess Orochimaru’s ability. It was indeed tricky, but with Karin’s presence in his team, it won’t be impossible to fight back. After all, she could clearly sense Orochimaru.

Karin had a very solemn expression. Although she could locate Orochimaru, his ability to manipulate light gave her a headache.

After all, she couldn’t provide every detail to Kimimaro instantly.

He’s interfering with vision by manipulating light. In essence, it’s not a Genjutsu, but a Ninjutsu, and a very troublesome one too.

On the other side, Haku also watched the battle between Orochimaru and Kimimaro solemnly, but he didn’t step forward immediately, he looked to Sakura, and said: “This person is very dangerous, you better hurry up and leave.

“Uh… well… thank you very much.”

Sakura didn’t expect to be rescued at the last moment. However, she was very grateful, and at this time, she already knew that Haku is one of Naito’s men. In this case, this is equivalent to being rescued by Naito twice.

However, Sakura was also grateful to Haku, but Sasuke didn’t think the same way; he regarded them as enemies, and being saved by them was disgraceful.

Damn it! Damn it!!

They are the ones which he should defeat, how can he accept this!

“Neither of them seems to be able to move, I will help you.”

Haku looked at Sasuke, who was barely standing up, and Naruto, who already passed out. His eyes then flickered slightly, and used a hand seal and pressed his hand on the ground.

Ice Release: Ice Age!


The ice erupted suddenly, then spread along the ground in an instant, turning a great part of the Forest of Death into ice!

Almost all trees were frozen, and suddenly it was winter in July!

The ice surface was crystal clear un the sunlight. If you look at it from the sky, the forest seems to be transformed into fine art. The green leaves that were covered by ice layers gave the forest a mysterious atmosphere.

However, all the ninjas in this area got horrified the moment they saw that.

“Damn, what power is this?!”

“The whole forest turned into ice…”

“Quick, run away!”

The ninjas quickly reacted and fled to the distance, and didn’t dare to go in the direction where the ice spread.

At this time, Haku was still maintaining his hand sign and pressing the ground with his other hand, then suddenly snorted.


In an instant, an ice layer rose up under Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto. And in the exclamation of Sakura, the three instantly slid along the ice to the distance.

In a matter of moments, the three crossed a lot of distance and finally reached the edge of the ice and eventually stopped.

“This… this is…”

Sakura stood up and looked at the back incredulously, and could no longer know the distance she has crossed in these second, that is to say, in an instant, Haku managed to completely freeze a vast range!

This power is shocking!

Sasuke, who has initially thought of defeating Kimimaro and Haku, looked at the back in disbelief.

At a glance, the forest behind has completely transformed into a world of ice and snow!

“That guy, how come… he’s so strong?!”

After gritting his teeth in disbelief, Sasuke finally fell helplessly on Naruto, then passed out too…


After sending Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura away, Haku stood up and walked to Karin’s side, staring at Orochimaru.

Karin was already analyzing Orochimaru’s ability, but so was Haku.

However, compared to him, Karin’s ability to analyze was stronger, or to be more precise, she’s the most suitable person to command.

“Haku, trap him with your Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals.”


Hearing Karin’s solemn tone, Haku nodded, used a hand sign, then joined the battle.

Under normal circumstances, Haku and Karin wouldn’t intervene in Kimimaro’s battles. But in this situation, it was difficult for Kimimaro to deal with this light-controlling Jutsu on his own.

Moreover, Orochimaru himself is very strong.

If he was only controlling light, it wouldn’t matter, but Orochimaru himself is creating various clones of himself, which can be troublesome.

Even if they can tell the difference between the true one or the clone, Orochimaru needed only a moment of hesitation to finish them.

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