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T.S.H Chapter 443: Encounter

Watching Orochimaru being wept by Naito punch, didn’t surprise Kimimaro and Haku. On the side, Karin was somewhat elated, and she seemed very excited about Naito punching Orochimaru.

Sure enough, Naito-Sama is the most powerful, and he defeated that disgusting snake with one punch.

Thinking so in her heart, Karin revealed her nympho side and stuck her tongue out, but suddenly she sensed that many ninjas approaching and finally came back to her senses.


The first person who rushed over was naturally Anko. She looked at the field, but she couldn’t find Orochimaru. Pursing her lips, she walked to Naito.

“Naito-Sama, Orochimaru…”

She knew about Orochimaru’s defection and crimes, so he had no respect for him anymore.

Naito reached out and patted Anko’s shoulder gently, saying, “He’s no longer here.”

Unusually of her, Anko stood there quietly.

Naito knew exactly what is going on. Anko knew about Orochimaru’s experiments, and if it wasn’t for Naito, she would have ended up being one of them. Thus, as a survivor, Anko felt responsible for trying to stop Orochimaru the same as the original. However, Orochimaru didn’t miss up with her memories, and she knows about strong she is. She’s ambitious, and she’s way stronger than the Original.

After patting her little head, Naito turned to look at Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin, then he said, “The Second Test will continue, you need to go.”

“Yes! Naito-Sama.”

The three answered, then turned away.

Immediately after they left, two Anbu and a number of the examiners quickly came here. At first sight, they noticed Naito and saluted him.


The awe was evident in everyone’s eyes.

Although Naito has been away for a long time, and even though he was the Rain Village leader, his name was still awe-inspiring in Konoha.

Naito glanced at the Anbu, and the examiners then looked at Anko, who was bowing her head.

Noticing the arrival of the Anbu and the examiners, Anko calmed down, raised her head, and said with a deep voice: “Naito-Sama has solved the problem. Let’s leave. The Exam will continue.

Since Naito has said that Orochimaru is no longer here, then it should be the truth, and there’s no need for a patrol or a search.

Hearing this, the Anbu looked at each other, then nodded and disappeared in the smoke.

As for the examiners, after they heard Anko’s words, they naturally didn’t dare to stay. Anko herself was horrifying, not to mention Naito next to her.

Watching everyone retreating, Anko turned to look at Naito, and said with a smile: “Naito-Sama, do you want to continue to watch the Chunin Exam with me?”

Looking at her grinning again, Naito couldn’t help but smile and nod casually.

“So, how about we head to the tower, where we can see more clearly?”

Anko grinned and pulled Naito’s arm with a smile, acting like a child.

“Let’s go.”

Naito responded with a smile, but suddenly showed a trace of surprise, and turned to look at a certain direction.

Anko saw Naito’s sudden movements and looked in the same direction, but she couldn’t see anything unusual.

Anko looked more puzzled, and when she turned to look at Naito, she found out that the latter had already disappeared.

“Eh? Naito-Sama?”


Deep into the Forest of the Death.

At the center of the forest, there was a big tower, with multiple entrances and exits in all directions.

Kimimaro and his party happened to be there too.

Kimimaro and his teammates were approaching carefully, while on the other sides of the tower, three teams were approaching, but one particular team was a bit farther away.

It was Hinata’s squad.

Shortly after they entered the forest, Hinata, Shino, and Kiba encountered another team. Although Hinata was soft and gentle, her strength was unquestionable, and she, with the help of her friends, easily got the scrolls they needed.

At this time, Hinata and her teammates found two other teams in the distance. Although Hinata’s was the strongest, she wasn’t the team captain because of her weak personality.

So following Kiba’s commands, the party rushed toward the two teams.

The two teams in front were from the Sand Village, and the other from the Waterfall Village.

“It’s the Sand’s brats… You met us first, how unlucky!”

The Genin from the Waterfall Village looked at each other with a cold expression.

On the other side, Kankuro ignored them, then looked at Gaara next to him, saying, “Oi, Gaara, you know how this is work, right? If were have the same scroll, then this battle will be meaningless.”

“So what.”

Gaara looked coldly at the Waterfall Village Genin. And with murderous intent, he said, “Everyone that encounter us must die!”

Hearing Gaara, Kankuro’s forehead gradually showed traced of cold sweats, then he simply turned to look at them and said, “It’s really unlucky for you to encounter us guys.”

The Genin from the Waterfall Village noticed how they were being ignored by Gaara and the other and became furious and immediately pulled out their weapons and rushed at them.

It was at the same moment that Hinata and her team came.

Seeing this outrageous battle, Kiba showed an interesting expression, saying, “They’re already fighting. So who do you think will win, the Sand Team? That little red-headed guy doesn’t look very strong.”

However, almost at the same moment, Kiba’s voice fell, Gaara stretched out his hand.


In an instant, the sand surged, directly grabbing the Waterfall Village Genin by the leg, forcing them to stop. The Sand then wrapped their entire bodies in the blink of an eye before they could even react.

“Sand Binding Coffin!”

The murderous intent was evident in Gaara’s eyes as he clenched his hand tightly.

The Sand wrapping them gradually shrank and squeezed them hard inside.


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