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T.S.H Chapter 499: Dracule Mihawk

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Inside the turbulent void, an illusory figure that seemed to be integrating within the space, drifting slowly in it, freeing itself from the effect of the turbulent flow and the chaotic space power.

After smashing Momoshiki with the Yagai, Naito fell into very distant space.

He could clearly sense the Shinobi Realm, but it has become the farthest realm from him. Naito cannot teleport for a long-distance inside this place. If he wants to go back, he will need to walk slowly.

Of course, this isn’t the main problem. Using Yegain inside this turbulent void has consumed almost 99% of his power. Currently, Naito can only keep the illusory state and float slowing.

“It seems that I would have to find a place to recover.”

Feeling that he lost most of his power and knowing that it would be difficult to recover in his place, Naito pondered for a while, then started looking for the nearest realm to him, and found a space channel.

Although he didn’t know what realm was behind it, Naito stepped in it.


It was a blue planet covered by the sea.

This planet is very peculiar, with countless islands scattered like stars, and a red ground encircling the entire planet, dividing it into two halves.

Naito appeared above, looking at the world, he felt that it was a bit familiar at first, but after he thought for a moment, he looked surprised.

“Could this be…”

Naito floated down from the sky with a look of interest and then glanced at the nearest island. He could feel a strong presence that could almost tear the sky coming from it. Still, Naito went directly to that island.

At the same time.

In the center of the island, two figures stood facing each other, drawing their swords.

One of them was holding a black wide-bladed long sword. The name of this knife was Yoru, one of the twelve Supreme Great Swords!

The person holding it is surprisingly the world’s greatest swordsman, Dracule Hawk-Eye Mihawk, and this world is undoubtedly the world of One Piece!

At this time, holding his sword, Mihawk’s presence felt so strong, as if everything in front of him would be cut off by him.

On the opposite side, an unknown swordsman was standing. He also had a strong presence, but he was obviously much weaker than Mihawk.

In the distance, many people were lying on the ground, watching the battlefield with awe. Of course, no one would dare to interfere or get close into the range of the greatest swordsman’s killing intent. Even the aftermath of his swing would kill them.

“As expected to be the world’s number one swordsman, Dracule Mihawk, even the well-known Yamishi of the Water Sword isn’t a worthy opponent!”

“No matter how many swordsmen have challenged him these years, no one managed to take the seat of being the number one swordsman from him.”

In the field.

Mihawk was standing calmly holding his black sword, while Yamishi was panting violently, with scars all over his body, dripping with blood.

These scars weren’t sword injuries. Yamishi was wounded by Mihawk’s sword intent and scattered sword energy. If it was by Yoru, he would have died.

“As expected of Mihawk… Sure enough, I still can’t defeat you while holding that sword in your hand. Prepare this is the last move!”

“You would rather die than retreat?”

Mihawk’s eyes flickered a little and said in a deep voice, “You’re a strong man that one doesn’t meet all the time. As a swordsman, I will use the strongest sword, Yoru, to send you on the road.”

Yamishi took a deep breath and didn’t say any more. Instead, he focused on condensing his aura into one point. The sword’s slender blade held in his hand got covered with a black aura that suddenly burst out.

The energy flowing out of the blade looked like the flowing of water.

Mihawk held Yoru with both of his hands, took a striking stance, then his sword intent burst out.

However, just as the two swordsmen were ready for a final confrontation, the two stopped simultaneously and looked up to the sky.


Both of them raised their head and looked surprised at the sky to find a young man in a white cloak was floating there.

“They’ve sensed me, is this kind of perception ability?”

Naito looked down with a look of interest on his face, then fell to Mihawk and Yamishi’s side.

“Who are you?!”

“How can that guy fly?”

In the distance, the pirates and civilians watching this fight looked puzzled and confused at Naito.

Mihawk stared at Naito. Although there was no aura coming from him, he could fly, and he wasn’t affected by his sword intent at all. He shouldn’t be an ordinary person.

It’s just… he never heard of such a person before. Was he hiding in the shadows all these years?

Yamishi looked at Naito and noticed that the latter didn’t land between him and Mihawk, but next to him. He also didn’t speak a word, so he’s probably here just to watch.

Yamishi was completely focused on Mihawk, and at this time, all he wanted is the title of being the strongest swordsman in the world!

“Flowing Water Style… Dripping through the rocks!”

Ignoring Naito, Yamishi held his swords with both hands and suddenly rushed to Mihawk.

Mihawk also retracted his gazes from Naito, solemnly looked at Yamishi, held his black sword in both hands, rushed toward him, and then waved it horizontally.


The sound of Yamishi’s blade hitting the ground emitted, then the two passed by instantly.


Suddenly Yamishi’s body splashed with blood, and then he fell on the ground. In the end, he failed to defeat Mihawk.

At the same time, invisible sword energy spread out and unexpectedly split a mountain in the distance into parts!

The top of the mountain was sharply flattened, and the cut was extremely clean.


The cut off half of the mountain fell on the ground, causing the entire island to tremble, and the sea was suddenly tumbling.

All those who watched the battle couldn’t help but swallow.

“This is, the world’s greatest swordsman, the world’s number one slash…”

“Sure enough, no swordsman can defeat Mihawk.”

Everyone had more or less evident traces of awe on their expression, except one person who looked different. That person was Naito, standing at the forefront, looking at Mihawk and Yamishi.

Watching Mihawk defeating this unknown character and seeing the scene where he cut off the top of the mountain, Naito’s face showed a look of interest.

“Is this the swordsmanship of this world? I couldn’t even feel any special energy. He was relying solely on the swordsmanship to release a slash strong enough to achieve such effect.”

Pondering while watching Mihawk finishing off Yamishi, Naito’s eyes flickered as he analyzed their movements.

Suddenly, a sword intent rose from Naito’s body.

Although it can’t reach Mihawk’s level, it was a real one, but it felt invincible and gave a stronger sense of domineering than Mihawk’s!


Mihawk, who was about to take his sword and leave, felt the sword intent on Naito’s body, and suddenly showed a hint of surprise, then looked at him again.

A moment ago, he thought that Naito was only here to watch the battle. He didn’t expect Naito to be a swordsman. And this sword intent…

In response to Naito’s declaration of war, Mihawk’s gaze gradually became solemn, then he looked surprised again.

This sword intent feels more domineering than his!

If Mihawk’s sword intent gives the feeling of cutting everything under the sky, then Naito’s sword intent seemed to be domineering everything under the sky, above it, and out of it!

“I have never felt such a domineering sword intent. I didn’t expect to encounter two strong swordsmen in a row today.”

Mihawk didn’t retract his Yoru but instead held it in one hand while looking at Naito in the distance.

Letting out of your sword intent means that Naito is challenging him. And as the World’s Greatest Swordsman, he certainly can’t decline.

Such a title isn’t self-proclaimed but earned!

Every challenger fell under his sword. No one could win against the black sword in his hand; therefore, he was the strongest swordsman in the world!

In the distance, the onlookers who were planning to leave stopped, each showing a hint of surprise.

Especially some pirates. They heard that Yamishi is challenging Mihawk, so they came here especially to watch, but they didn’t expect that an unknown person would appear, and it seems he’s also challenging Mihawk.

“Who’s that guy?”

“I don’t know him. He looks so young. He should be someone new.”

“A newcomer dares to challenge Mihawk. How arrogant.”

Several pirates watched the field with a look of disdain. They looked so sure of the result as if they had already seen the scene where Naito was cut by Mihawk’s Yoru.

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