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T.S.H Chapter 520: Back To Back Defeats

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Vice Admiral Doberman had a strong sword intent. He’s also tough and fearless. In the original, during the war, he dared to sternly reprimand Shanks.

His sword intent is just like his character, fearless.

“The Dauntless Sword, it’s quite interesting, but fearlessness can only be true when you have the strength to match it. Otherwise, it will be arrogance.

Naito stood there calmly, and felt Doberman’s sword intent, while looking at him walking forward, then spoke faintly.


Doberman snorted coldly, then swung his sword in the air.

A strange black sword aura burst out suddenly. It was an impressive combination between a Sword Energy Cut and the Busoshoku Haki that made the energy pitch black color, with evident killing intent in it.

The moment the sword was released, the entire lounge’s temperature seemed to drop a few degrees. Not only the strong, but even the marines’ ordinary soldiers felt the sharp edge of his sword.

Facing Doberman’s sword, Naito’s eyes were calm, and while analyzing and comprehending that Sword Intent, his sword also swung diagonally.

A half-moon-shaped golden energy sword cut suddenly burst out.


The two cuts collided in the air and suddenly exploded, and a crack spread vertically and horizontally appeared on the hard stone floor between the two!

After testing the power of Naito’s Sword Energy Cut, Doberman seemed to have a bit of confidence, and with an almost tangible fighting spirit, he rushed toward Naito.

Doberman’s face has many scars on it, which added a bit of viciousness. At this time, he rushed toward Naito, holding his sword with both hands.


Doberman swung his sword diagonally, targeting Naito’s left waist by going through his right shoulder. The Busoshoku Haki attached to his blade was dripping with energy.

He used One-Sword Style swordsmanship, just like Naito and Mihawk. This kind of swordsmanship cannot be said to be the strongest, but it’s the most stable and the easiest to practice.

Facing Doberman’s sword, Naito held the Kusanagi no Tsurugi with both hands and strike diagonally, which entirely corresponded to Doberman’s movement like a mirror.

His golden blade wasn’t wrapped in the Busoshoku Haki, but it seemed as if there was a halo white light on it!


The two swords suddenly collided in the air, and a clear sound of gold and iron emitted.

Both swords were Katanas, but at the collision, it seemed as if two giant swords slammed each other, causing a storm to rise in an instant.

The shock wave burst out, shattering the wooden floor, and swayed in all directions, blowing the ordinary marines to the wall.

Doberman’s expression was fierce at first. He wanted to suppress Naito with his first swing and immediately gain the upper hand.

However, when the two swords collided, his expression changed abruptly.

He could clearly perceive that the sword in his hand was slightly damaged.

There is no doubt that crack was caused by Naito’s sword!

“This guy…”

Doberman couldn’t help but look horrified for a moment.

Even if he held a rusty iron sword in his hand, a master swordsman would easily cut through steel. This is the enhancement of mastery. And the Busoshoku Haki improves the sharpness and hardness of the blade.

But Naito didn’t use the Busoshoku Haki. By just relying on his swordsmanship, he forcibly smashed his superimposed Busoshoku Haki. This is just insane!

In other words, even if Naito doesn’t use Busoshoku Haki, he can easily conquer Haki with his swordsmanship!

No matter how much strength he put in it, Doberman couldn’t even force Naito’s sword to move at all. Therefore, he had to retract his and fell back a few feet so he could escape Naito’s pressure.

Naito has just defeated two Vice Admiral in a row, and his presence, momentum, and sword intent’s sharpness were charging into the sky.

“Come again!”

Doberman gritted his teeth; he couldn’t just admit defeat. His sword intent was the Dauntless Sword. He will strike even in the face of all the Yonko and the admirals together!

Ding-Ding Dong Dong!!

Doberman kept swinging his sword that collided with Naito’s sword in the air several times.

With every clash, his sword will be slightly damaged. The ordinary soldiers couldn’t detect this, but the Vice Admiral here did.

Some such as Momonga, even though they remained calm, their hearts were shaking deep inside.

Naito’s swords’ movement looked smooth, no roughness, every strike seemed to be extremely delicate, and gradually there was a tendency to get even better.

What is even more terrifying is Naito’s sword intent, which seemed to be getting more and more condensed in the battle, and firmly suppress Doberman’s sword intent.

If it weren’t for Doberman’s unique characteristics of being fearless, it would have been directly crushed!

“The Dauntless Sword, I’ve fully comprehended it.”

The moment he finally learned it, the look in Naito’s eyes suddenly changed, and simultaneously he waved his sword with one hand while he spoke lightly.


The sword’s edge flashed, making a semi-circular moon’s arc, passing right through Doberman’s sword.

The latter hurriedly fell back, then stood there watching the sword in his hand breaking from the middle with a hideous face.

The sword got cut!

The Third Vice Admiral Doberman lost!

Doberman took a deep breath, calmed himself down, then he sighed and said, “Vice Admiral, Naito has great swordsmanship, and I have learned a lot.”

Having said that, Doberman turned around, walked passing the crowd, and left the lounge without looking back.

It wasn’t until this time that the ordinary soldiers finally came back to their senses.

“Vice Admiral, Doberman… lost?!”

“Vice Admiral Naito is really that strong?”

“I don’t think any of the other Vice Admirals can defeat him unless it’s an Admiral. Who can do it?!”

Amidst these soldiers’ awe-inspiring comments, another Vice Admiral stepped forward.

Naito challenged them all. None of them was gonna step back.

The three-sword style Vice Admiral immediately lost.

Strawberry, holding his two swords, stepped forward immediately afterward, challenging Naito, and after five strikes, he retreated.

Vice Admiral Yamakaji walked forward with his cigar and sword and eventually lost to Naito.

Last but not least, Momonga stepped forward with his one-sword style challenging Naito. After more than ten moves, he was also defeated. He was strongly suppressed by Naito from beginning to end. Maybe if Naito didn’t learn various sword intents, he would have had a chance to stop one of Naito’s moves!

The fourth Vice Admiral, the fifth, the sixth…

Seeing so many Vice Admirals who are usually famous in the sea, stepping forward to challenge Naito, but fail one by one, all the marine soldiers felt dreamlike and even felt a bit numb in their bodies.

The initial thought of these marines was that it would be impossible for Naito to defeat all the Vice Admirals alone, but later they were left dumbfounded and started to feel that one of the Admirals will suddenly step forward and get defeated by Naito.

Naito’s sword intent has been sharpened by various other sword intents, becoming stronger and stronger!

The ninth Vice Admiral, the tenth…

After defeating ten Vice Admiral, Naito seemed to have turned into an unstoppable sword. His sword intent rose straight into the sky, shaking the entire Marineford!

This tie, no only those who have the Observation Haki, but even the ordinary soldiers could feel the sharpness of the sword’s edge!

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