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T.S.H Chapter 534: Chibaku Tensei

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Seeing that strange substance emerges from Ain’s body, and flew towards Big Mom, those present who knew about Big Mom’s abilities, looked at Ain like a dead person.

That strange energy represents the person’s “Lifespan.”

Big Mom has the ability to absorb lifespan. If she gets afraid, Big Mom will get immediate access to her lifespan, and the amount that will be taken is completely determined by Big Mom.

No matter what the woman has left, she’s dead. This is what everyone has thought of.

Ain instinctively wanted to keep away from her. After eeling this thing leaving her body, she felt like she was… dying!

However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop that thing from floating out of her.

Seeing that this mass of things was about to fly out of her body completely, Naito, who had been standing there, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed it directly.

“It’s useless. You can’t stop it.”

“Mom’s ability allows her to absorb lifespan, and no one can stop it!”

Seeing Naito’s movement, the several ministers present sneered.

Sure enough, when Naito’s hand touched the strange energy, it penetrated it directly and passed right through it, seemingly unable to stop it.

However, it was precisely when Naito’s hand touched the energy he looked like he realized something.

“So this how it is, huh?”

Naito has always been curious since there are devil fruits like Ain in the world, which can step time back. It should be equivalent to immortality.

And Ain’s ability not only immortalize herself but also can make others’ immortals.

Now, Naito finally understood that Ain’s stime ability cannot affect this strange energy, which is the so-called “lifespan.”

The lifespan seems to be something derived from the soul. And Big Mom’s fruit can control it. As long as there is a thought of fear in the opponent’s mind, Big Mom can suck out lifespan from him.

In the original, Big Mom killed her son like this when she went crazy.

After understanding it, Naito’s expression became indifferent. His hand that passed through the strange energy became illusory, and then he directly grasped it!

Naito pressed gently, and that energy directly returned to Ain’s body, and she finally returned to her senses.

This not very eye-catching action made widened everyone’s eyes instantly. Even Big Mom was stunned.

Her ability… was stopped?!

The other commanders and ministers were shocked.

Naito wasn’t afraid, so it was fair that he wasn’t affected. Ain was clearly scared, and her “lifespan” was also getting sucked out. She was about to get emptied, but the energy was forcibly stopped from getting out by Naito!

This was the first time they see Big Mom’s ability to get blocked!

“Th-Thank you…”

Although Ain didn’t know exactly what happened, she could tell that Naito is the one who saved just by looking at everyone’s expression.

While expressing her gratitude, Ain couldn’t help but also feel amazed by the Yonko Big Mom’s Devil Fruit powers. Sure enough, the Yonko are extremely dangerous people.

“You’re welcome.”

Naito smiled at Ain, then turned his head again and looked at Big Mom.

Watching this scene, Big Mom took a deep breath, suppressed the shock in her heart, then she stared at Naito fiercely.

“Sure enough, he’s not an ordinary kid. It seems like I’ve underestimated you a bit, but front now on… there won’t be any accidents. You will be buried here today!”

Following Big Mom’s words, the three commanders, the ministers, and even the pirates who were gradually waking up from their shock, each took out his weapon and looked at Naito and Ain, revealing their killing intent.

After Naito helped her, the fear in Ain’s heart dissipated. At this time, seeing many people surrounding them, she looked ready to fight.

In the worst case, she will at least help Naito resist some of the troops!

However, in the next moment, the ground under Ain’s feet suddenly turned into a face and opened its mouth.


Ain didn’t expect such a sudden attack from the ground. It caught her off guard, and she was about to be bitten by that big mouth.

However, Naito, standing beside her, reached out and grabbed her shoulders, then flashed to the sky, then fell back into the distance.

However, before landing, a human face suddenly appeared on a rock next to him and tried to attack them.


Naito snorted, too lazy to dodge, and banged him with an uppercut.


This stone that suddenly came alive was directly shattered by a blast, emitting a human’s scream.

“What the hell is this? Is it her ability?” Ain couldn’t help but be surprised.

And just when Ain’s voice fell, the sky suddenly thundered, and a dark cloud appeared along with thunder and lightning roaring down.

Simultaneously, another flame-like cloud on the other side appeared, or to make it simpler, the “sun” flew down.

The flames and the thunder intertwined and fell down with a bang.


This time Ain reacted. Before Naito block it, she released her pink energy, and after fusing with the flame and lighting, it instantly disappeared along with them.

However, although Big Mom’s attack was blocked, her Pirates Group members, with Big Mom as the leader, rushed over with evident killing intent.

Seeing so many pirates rushing toward them, Ain smiled bitterly. The ground, the rivers, stones, and clouds were attacking them, and now her pirates’ crew members, the gap in strength was too significant that you can no longer call it a gap.

This… is the power of the Yonko?!

Just when Ain gritted her teeth, thinking that she could block one or two, Naito, who was standing next to her, suddenly took a step forward.

“Sir Naito, are you trying to…”

Seeing Naito’s actions, Ain looked surprised, her eyes flickered slightly, then thought of the Haoshoku Haki that Naito used before.

However, even if it’s Hoashoku Haki… it’s useless; it won’t stun those commanders, and it will only stop ordinary pirates.

Thinking of this, Ain’s eyes dimmed slightly, and for a while, she didn’t know what to do.

“I’m not interested in using the Haoshoku Haki again…”

“Speaking of which, I have an ability that I would like to test.”

Naito suddenly smirked, and with a pair of indifferent eyes, he suddenly glowed, and a strange force suddenly waved out of Naito’s body.

Naito gently folded his hands in front of his chest and then opened it again, and a substance black orb appeared.

The next moment, that black orb suddenly flew into the sky.

“Chibaku… Tensei!”

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