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T.S.H Chapter 70: Sarutobi’s Wrath

At the Hokage Office, Sarutobi was reading some documents.
“Hokage-Sama… a problem has happened with Uchiha Tsuki.”
An Anbu appeared in front of Sarutobi.
Sarutobi’s eyebrows suddenly got crossed. “What?”
“Uchiha Tsuki went to a  mission and left the village heading south… but suddenly news came to us saying that he was seen heading north.’
Sarutobi got confused.
Obviously, Tsuki had to go north for some reason.
What’s the problem with that?
North… North!!!
Sarutobi finally got it.
Natio’s mission is in the north!
“Damn those Uchiha! they fooled us!!”
Sarutobi’s eyes showed a lot of anger.
It’s well known now that the Uchiha Clan and Naito have conflicts.
When he gave the permission for Naito to go to the mission with Dai, he should have known that the Uchiha Clan would pull something like this.
At the same time, the Uchiha sent a squad of four Uchiha members to the south.
Therefore, they managed to secretly send one of them behind Naito, he should have sent someone to follow them, this way he would know their plan.
But he did nothing, he didn’t think that they would do something like this.
Unexpectedly, the Uchiha Clan played their card.
This squad was originally formed in order to assassin Naito.
The three other members went north, but Tsuki did a big tour to the north, he was the winning card, his true target was Naito!
Uchiha Tsuki is a Shinobi from Konoha.
But also he’s one of the Uchiha!
There is even some information about him being involved with the death of two Shinobis from the village!
Such a guy will have no mercy even against a kid.
“It’s too late to stop them… those damn Uchiha are very good.”
Sarutobi took a deep breath the anger in his eyes slightly changed into a cold stare.
When Naito managed to kill Samui and showed off an incredible talent, Sarutobi made a strong point that no one should touch Naito, especially the Uchiha.
But this time, the Uchiha dared to disobey the Hokage’s order, they didn’t just throw his words to the trash but they also went behind Naito.
This is where Sarutobi got really angry!
You think you can disobey the Hokage like this?
You think you can tease the Hokage like this?!
Since they dared to do this, as the Hokage of Konoha Sarutobi decided to teach the Uchiha how to kneel!
“Leave, Captain Kobayashi!”
The mood becomes extremely cold after he took a deep breath.
The Anbu disappeared.
Soon, Uchiha Kageyama came to the Hokage Office.
His expression was very calm, he seemed like he foreseen all of this already.
Since he dared to disobey his word in order to kill Naito, he was already well prepared.
Only the two of them were in the Office.
The presence of the two of them was very strong.
However, Sarutobi didn’t show any hint of anger, instead, he had a cup of tea in front of him, so he drank it slowly.
Uchiha Kageyama was very patient, he stood there waiting.
However, the atmosphere becomes darker.
And the air becomes more and heavier the moment Sarutobi put his cup on the table.
“I’ve heard that Tsuki went to a mission.”
“Well, The Uchiha Clan is always working so hard for the sake of Konoha.”
Sarutobi nodded gently, then suddenly said: “I also heard that you’re son Fugaku is so talented, he already activated a full Sharingan.”
This sentence, made Kageyama’s eyes glow with a hint of fierce.
But he calmed himself down immediately.
“Yes, I’m already thinking of giving him my place, But he’s still too young and he needs more experience and practice.”
“Well, it’s a good thing to let him have more experience, who don’t you let him come here more often?”
“Well, you don’t have to worry about this Hokage-Sama.” Uchiha Kageyama responded very calmly then he seriously looked at Sarutobi and said: “The other day, I discovered something…”
Then he pulled a scroll and put it on the table in front of Sarutobi.
Sarutobi’s stared coldly at him.
How can he have this courage while facing his anger?
And what is in the scroll?
He picked the scroll then he gently opened it, suddenly he narrowed his eyes.
“Good handwriting… and what does this mean?!”
Sarutobi got tired of fooling around, so he asked directly.
“No one can touch the Uchiha Clan in Konoha, Hokage-Sama you should understand, that this is not for the sake of a single person, it’s of the sake of the family.”
Uchiha Kageyama raised his head gently and looked into Sarutobi’s eyes.
So they’re not afraid of disobeying him.
The real purpose behind this is that they want to deliver a message to everyone in Konoha, you don’t mess with the Uchiha!
This family has its pride.
Sarutobi was silent.
Uchiha Kageyama has fully shown his attention, and he’s clearly telling him if this is not possible… they’re gonna leave Konoha!
If this was in peacetime, Sarutobi will encounter such a hard attitude with a more harder one.
If you dare to leave, I will kill you!
But not now.
The Second Shinobi World War has broken out.
The three big villages have already cleaned up all the surrounding small villages…
However you see it, this war is unavoidable.
If they fall into a big conflict with the Uchiha now, the price will be too big.
“Very good.”
Sarutobi said these two words then he closed the scroll.
Seeing this scene, Kageyama smirked.
“If everything is clear, I will head back, there are things are needed to deal with.”
After he said that, Kageyama didn’t wait for Sarutobi to respond, and turned around leaving the place.
Sarutobi stared at his back, he didn’t speak, he couldn’t stop him.
Just when Kageyama was already in front of the door, a Ninja suddenly opened the door and  directly walked in.
“Hokage-Sama, there’s a problem!”
“What’s the matter?!”
Sarutobi’s tone becomes very mad.
“A troop from the Mist has sneaked into the Land of Fire, and it’s led by the famous Shinobi of the Mist Hozuki Itsuki.”
“Damn! this is really big.” Sarutobi knew that this is really a dangerous situation and he was ready to send the Anbu department to deal with them.
Kageyama shook his head slightly, he felt really lazy to even listen to things that don’t have anything to do with him, so he was ready to step out of the Hokage Office.


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