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T.S.H Chapter 86: Kill!

The sky constantly continued raining and didn’t stop.
Naito was walking on the muddy ground, but there wasn’t any splashing of mud or rain on his feet or clothes, they were completely dry.
All the rain that was dropping from the sky got reflected the moment it was gonna connect with his clothes due to the power of the shock.
If you look closely, you will notice that the clothes on Naito’s body were also slightly trembling.
Naito’s control on the Gura Gura no Mi power become more and more fascinating.
After walking for a while, Naito stopped strangely.
At the rear, there was a shadow following him.
When that shadow got close, it appeared to be someone who looked like he was carrying another person.
Both of them were wearing masks and cloaks.
Naito had a strange look the moment he noticed the masks.
Nara Shika and Kuraso stopped in front of Naito, Nara put Kuraso on the ground, then he looked at Naito.
“Yuu Naito, Danzo is calling you to come over.”
When he heard this sentence, Naito looked slightly weird, he wondered the moment he saw these masks about the identity of these Anbus,  it turned out that these two are part of the Root.
In other words, these two are here to cause trouble.
“Sorry, but I don’t want to see Danzo.”
The expression of Naito changed the moment he said this sentence.
With a cold tone Nara Shika replayed: “In this case, we will need to take you down first.”
At that moment, Kuraso released a Genjutsu on Naito.
Naito felt the Genjutsu, his body was in the Vibration State, however, this Genjutsu felt different.
Naito whispered that he didn’t move his body, but the space around him start shaking.
Subsequently, the shock that should only vibrate his body suddenly broke out toward the space cracking it, then those cracks start to spread out in every direction.
Kuraso and Nara who thoughts that they solved the matter stayed in the same place until they saw this shocking scene.
“Shit! get back!”
The two of them fell back immediately.
Suddenly, the ground under Naito’s feet starts cracking creating the shape of a semi-circle.
But the range wasn’t big.
“What a terrifying guy, his instinct, reflections, his power… very strong, but this technique doesn’t have a lot of effects, it seems to be a defensive technique against Genjutsu.”
Naito turned toward Nara and Kuraso then stared at them.
“This kind of Genjutsu feels different then what the Uchiha’s use, you should be one of the Yamanaka Clan… but unfortunately, this is won’t work on me, you didn’t even reach the level of controlling the five senses.”
After he said that, Naito shook his head then he dashed toward them.
If he got controlled just now, the outcome would have been very bad for him.
In this case, the best thing to do is to not give them the chance to do that.
“So fast!”
Nara Shika, read the situation quickly and knew that neither him and Kuraso could fight against his speed, with a fast judgment to the situation he printed a hand sign.
A black shadow flowed instantly from his feet toward Naito.
“Nara Clan…”
Seeing this scene, Naito didn’t get surprised, he knew that Danzo was gathering Shinobis with various special abilities.
But… can a shadow be affected by the shocks?!
In fact, the shadow secret technique of the Nara Clan is a combined technique were they control the Yin release with the Chakra flow.
In other words, that shadow is created from Chakra too.
Although it has a small amount of Chakra, it’s still created from Chakra.
Because of this, Sakumo was able to cut Naito’s shocks.
No matter what’s the Ninjutsu is, or who’s casting it, they are all created from Chakra.
In other words… Naito is able to destroy everything!
“Earthquake Release: Brutal Force!”
Naito stopped and clenched his fist, then he threw a punch.
The air start cracking, the endless rain instantly stopped in mid-air, then the cracks start spreading in every direction.
The space and the ground looked like they got wrapped into each other under the power of the shocks.
The Shadow that Nara Shika cast got smashed by this power then it starts to shrink until it got back under his feet, after that, it turned back to an ordinary shadow.
Looking at this scene, Nara’s heart sink in desperation, he didn’t even move or cancel the seal.
Even though he is trained as a Root member to not have any kind of feelings, at this moment, he was full of all kind of emotions.
Countless deaths, and battles, and he never felt like this!
This is just too incredible!!
The enormous shock didn’t stop there but also reached the two of them who didn’t have any chance to escape.
At a second the two of them were sent flying by Naito’s technique, their masks got destroyed in mid-air, then the two of them fell on the muddy ground.
“This guy’s intelligence is not compared to Shikaku’s… no, it’s not even compared to Shikamaru.”
Naito stood up and looked at the two of them, even though they’re a very talented Shinobis who were worthy to be members of the Root, they’re still weren’t worthy enough to fight against him.
“Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai techniques… It seems that am able to destroy any kind of powers.”
Looking at this scene, Naito couldn’t help but whisper this sentence.
The power to destroy any kind of Ninjutsu, there’s no doubt that the only person who had this kind of power is the Six Path himself.
The level of the Shocks Naito has reached is getting more and more similar to the power of the Six Path, the power that no Ninjutsu can overwhelm.
Of course, Naito has not yet encountered a Jinchuriki or someone who uses the power of the Six Path to compare his power to them.
Naito took a glance at the two bodies on the ground, then he left the place.
A long time after Naito left, a group of the Root suddenly appeared in the place.


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