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T.S.H Chapter 88: Secret Base

Although it was strange how he suspected Naito to be one of them, it was only because they seemed to be at the same age.
“This is bad! Run!!”
Yahiko’s expression changed immediately then nodded toward Konan.
Konan got a little bit stunned for a moment, then subconsciously she looked at Naito.
“Follow me!”
Although Naito wasn’t one of them, she couldn’t just leave him behind, he may get caught by them.
Konan emotions made her make a move without even thinking, she reached Naito’s arm then started running.
Naito’s expression got a little bit weird, but he didn’t say anything, Konan pulled him for a few steps then he started following her.
The three started running in the streets of the Village until they lost the people who were chasing them and got out of the place.
“Humph, Humph…”
After running for this long time, Yohiko got breathless.
Konan seemed to be the same way, but she was holding out.
Naito, on the other hand, didn’t look tired, he kept looking at these two.
After resting for a while, Yahiko noticed that Naito didn’t get exhausted.
Naito couldn’t help but smile at them and say: “You guys are really good physically, it doesn’t seem like you’re completely tired.”
Konana looked at Naito while she revealed an embarrassed expression, then she said: “I am very sorry, but I am really tired.”
“It’s ok.”
Naito smiled at Konan, then he handed her the loaf of bread saying: “This is yours…”
“No, we’ve got you into trouble too, so…”
“Hey, Konan, stop it, obviously people like him don’t need something like this!” Yahiko interrupted her.
Konan got embarrassed, but Naito took it from her hand with a smile on his face.
“I am very sorry, but we’re orphans, this is the only way we have to survive in this world…”
“I am also an orphan.”
Listening to Konan’s words, Naito whispered that.
At the same time, Naito expression got so lonely, he didn’t have the chance to know his parents in this world too.
He only has some vague memories of them.
Konana apparently didn’t expect Naito to be the same as them, so she got surprised for a moment when she heard that sentence.
She looked at him and noticed that his clothes were also the same as her, worn and damaged.
And just by seeing the expression Naito had when he said that, she knew that he wasn’t lying.
“Oh?! so you’re also an orphan.” Yahiko looked at Naito with amazement and said: “But you don’t have pale skin like we have, also your physical strength is really good…”
After he said that, Yahiko’s eyes flashed, then looked at him and smiled: “Do you want to join us?”
Naito is obviously stronger then them, if he joins them, life will get easier.
Naito wanted to refuse.
But he looked at Konan first and knew that these two will change the fate of the world, suddenly, an idea crossed his mind.
Yahiko laughed then smiled at Naito greeting him: “My name is Yahiko, and this is Konan.”
“Yuu Naito.”
Naito didn’t mind giving them his true name since he didn’t reach the level where his name got so famous to be known in a far Village like the Rain.
“Well, since you’ve become one of us now, let me show you our base.”
Yahiko patted Naito’s shoulder, then he took the lead.
Naito looked at Yahiko and felt a little bit uncomfortable.
Because he will never forget that terrifying face of Pain, he will need a little time before he gets used to looking at him.
Konan gently nodded toward Naito, then she followed Yahiko.
Soon, Naito followed the two of them into a cave.
It was full of stolen things, such as food and clothes… which are necessary to survive.
Naito looked at this scene with interest.
“This is actually… very good.”
Yahiko sat on a wooden table then he smiled at Naito.
Naito shrugged.
“Right, what about you?”
Thinking of his physical strength, Yahiko asked Naito if he had something like this.
Naito shook his head and said: “I have nothing.”
“Okay… This won’t work.”
Yahiko showed a helpless expression, then jumped off the table and looked at Naito with a serious look.
“Although you have this great physical, and you seem to be very strong, what a waste, how did you survive until now?”
“You need to start working, it seems that you don’t quite understand how to survive in this world.”
Yahiko grabbed an apple and took a bite, then he starts talking like a teacher.
Konan looked at him from aside and smiled.
“The first thing you need to learn is the importance of the storing because we can’t be sure when and where we will have the chance to get things.”
“In addition, you also need to pay attention when to steal and from whom, some of them won’t give you the chance, especially those guys who wear forehead protectors.”
“These guys are terrible, once you approach them, you will likely end up dead!”
Saying that Yahiko’s expression changed it was as if he already seen this scene before.
On the other side, Konan was quiet.
She becomes an orphan after her whole village got destroyed in the war.
“As for stealing, it’s not only about grabbing things, you will need to escape after that.”
“After all, if you get caught you will get yourself into a big trouble, but… with your physical strength you should be fine.”
Yahiko smiled at Naito, but he was a little envious of Naito’s strength.
“In short, there’s only one important thing to keep it in mind, don’t provoke those Ninjas!”
“Ordinary people like us are like ants to them, they will kill us immediately.”
After he kept talking for a while, Yahiko noticed that Naito wasn’t listening to a word he said, his expression changed immediately and got really angry.
He grabbed Naito’s shoulder.
“Hey! Are you listening? don’t blame me later if you end up dead!”
“Naito, Yahiko is right, those ninjas are really dangerous, you must remember this.”
With innocent look on her face, Konan didn’t help but look at Naito and say: “You may get badly beaten if you got caught, but with those people they will hunt you down like an animal, then they will kill you, we don’t have the power to fight against those guys.”
“Actually… Am also a Ninja…”


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