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Translatinotaku is Open for New Members 🌟

Hello, fan readers and creators!

Exciting news from the Translatinotaku team – we’re expanding! If you’re passionate about Korean, Chinese, and Japanese novels, possess a strong command of English, and have a keen eye for detail, we would love to welcome you to our team!

Our team is dedicated to bringing the magic of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean light novels to the global community. We specialize in a range of types, whether it’s Fan-fictions, or Original Novels, and genres, from Martial Arts, fantasy and sci-fi to romance and slice-of-life. We believe in the power of storytelling and are committed to preserving the authentic voice of the original authors in our translations.

What will you do?

Your work will involve translating Japanese light novels into English, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining the spirit and tone of the original text.

Who are we looking for?

If you possess:

  • A high proficiency in (Japanese, or Korean, or Chinese) and English.
  • A deep understanding and appreciation for Asian culture and literature.
  • Excellent attention to detail and commitment to quality.
  • A reliable, collaborative, and proactive approach to work.
  • Previous experience in translation or a strong desire to learn.

…then we would love to hear from you!

Why join us?

We offer:

  • A welcoming, supportive, and collaborative work environment.
  • The chance to work on exciting projects with a passionate team.
  • The opportunity to contribute to the global light novel community.
  • The satisfaction of seeing your work appreciated by thousands of readers worldwide.

So, if you’re looking to combine your love for light novels with a rewarding opportunity, we invite you to join us!

To apply, please send us an email, with a short introduction of yourself, and a sample of your translation work (if available) to our email: [translatotaku@gmail.com] or just reach us out on
Discord [https://discord.gg/C2duJtRYkd]

We’re excited to explore this journey with you. Let’s bring more light novels to the world, together!

Best wishes,
[The First Otaku]


I'm currently Translating the following novels: HXH: god Of Choice Sysrem | Reincarnated With The Book Of Knowledge | HXH: Noah's Heart. If you want to support me and read more chapters please subscribe to my Patreon!