A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 10 (Part 1)



The minotaur knelt on the ground, clutching its half-torn leg.

The soldiers’ sacrifices and hard work paid off.

“Now is the time, aim for the head!” Jeff shouted.

“Yes!” Kaiyan echoed and swung his weapon at the creature’s head.

Even a minotaur has a need for the head, and now that it’s down, it’s their chance.


Poof! Poof!

The soldiers plunged their weapons into the minotaur’s most vulnerable part, its face, in a half-crazed frenzy.

Instinctively, they all knew they had to end this thing now, to make sure it never got back on its feet.



The minotaur breathed its last with its face a mess, before finally giving up and falling face-first to the ground.

“…We did it! That little minotaur is no big deal!” Jeff exclaimed.

“I was nervous when you said it was a central unit, but it’s worth it!” another soldier added.

Ding! [You have leveled up], the notification sounded as Kaiyan fell to the ground, and his health and wounds instantly recovered.

“Hah… Large monsters, definitely not easy,” Kaiyan thought to himself as he closed his eyes for a moment and opened them, staring at the fallen Minotaur.

More than a dozen soldiers had been sacrificed just to capture a single large monster.

Soldiers shout exaggeratedly to overcome their fears.

He could smell the foul scent of the monster’s blood and the soldiers’ blood.

“But… I can do this,” Kaiyan thought, his fingertips trembling at the realization that he had defeated a large monster for the first time. Not trembling in fear but in accomplishment.

“Let’s kill them!”

“Kill those monsters!”



As if the strength of numbers could not be ignored even by large monsters, monsters began to fall here and there, starting with them.

Confident, the 7th Special Unit soldiers continued to push forward, shouting at the top of their lungs. But again, the problem was.

“Too many deaths.”

The fearsome strength of the large monsters easily shredded frail human bodies.

Although the soldiers were working together to defeat the monsters, the number of soldiers dying kept increasing.

Around the fallen monsters, red human blood and flesh were scattered everywhere.

“There! There’s the commander!” One of the soldiers shouted out as they continued to advance with Uncle Jeff at the center, and when they looked over, they saw Tarien and the knights fighting fiercely against the monsters in the deeper part of the battlefield.

“That pathetic wretch. I wonder what kind of urgency made him run off on his own. It was the soldiers who suffered because of that fool’s actions. If he had entered the battlefield slowly, he could have reduced the damage,” Kaiyan thought as Uncle Jeff, who had secretly become the captain, took the lead, followed by the soldiers of the 7th Special Unit.


“Ouch, my leg!”

“Get out of the way, kerchuck….”

Horrific screams were everywhere, proving that this was a battlefield.

It’s similar to the situation when monsters invaded the village in the past. Even then, Kaiyan could hear people screaming everywhere.


He clenched his teeth as the memory of the past came back to him.

Kaiyan wanted to kill all the monsters that were killing humans, right now.

As the rage surged within him, the pressure he’d been feeling on the monsters disappeared.

“Distribute 2 to Strength stat.”

He felt a slight surge of strength, but it was still not enough.

“His power is still too weak to wipe out those monsters.

A longing for more power rose up from the depths of his heart.

To save the humans from the monsters.

“…I’ll kill them all.

What he needed to grow was to level up.

And to level up, he needed to hunt.

“What I need to do is…!”



Without a moment’s hesitation, Kaiyan leaped toward the monsters, keeping his stance low.

“To kill them.”

He swung his sword frantically at the monsters in front of him. Stabbing and slashing.

He didn’t care about the lingering wounds. It would be foolish to save himself as long as he had the mysterious ability to level up.



The monster who was stabbed in the back by his sword spat out a plastic laugh.

“If you don’t die at once…. I’ll stab you until you die!”


If they didn’t go down in one hit, Kaiyan would do it twice, and if that didn’t work, he’d do it again.

He stabbed and stabbed and stabbed, using his weight to maximize his lack of stats.



The red orc, a variant of the orc, couldn’t bear the injury and knelt down in front of him.

At first glance, the number of soldiers it killed, which was strong among medium-sized monsters, was dozens.

Dozens of soldiers had died again just to capture one.

“Hah… I have to kill more. There’s no time to rest.”

Bing! [Penetrating Stab skill has been created].

As he fell, a skill creation notification rang out, not a level-up notification.

Penetrating Stab is a very aggressive skill from the name. The sudden skill creation made him feel uneasy.

He didn’t expect skill to be created just because he used a lot of stabs.

Ding! [Penetrating Stab (C): 20% increased Attack, 20% increased Penetration]


Kaiyan paused for a moment and realized that the skill was an active skill, not a passive skill.

Moreover, it was ranked C, and as expected, it was related to his main attack, the stab.

The best part was that it was a different attack skill than the useless Scent of Seduction.

‘…Does that mean I can deal more damage to them?

Kaiyan thought to himself, “If I could inflict more fatal wounds on monsters, that would be enough.”

“Kwahwah!” Just then, a monster that would be a good test for his skills stood in front of him. The monster was an Evelyn.

It was only slightly larger than an orc, but Evelyn was considered a medium to large monster because it had four huge arms that didn’t fit on its body.

The destructive power emanating from its giant arms was so intimidating that most medium-sized monsters would feel lacking.



“Don’t go too far forward, you’ll die if you get hit by those arms!”

“Here’s your chance.”

The Evelyn’s eyes were drawn to the other soldiers and it looked behind them.

On the battlefield, attacking an enemy from behind was common sense, especially when the enemy was a monster.

“Penetrating Stab!” Kaiyan said the name of his new skill to himself and thrust his sword forward, aiming at the creature’s torso.




To his surprise, half of the sword pierced through the Evelyn’s skin and burrowed into its body.

He had heard from Uncle Jeff that an Evelyn had a weaker hide than other monsters, but it shouldn’t have been this easy to pierce.

“…. Is this the effect of a rank C skill?” An exhilarating feeling swept through his body.

He had finally gained a new power to supplement his lack of offense.

“Krrr… Kwak!” His blow was quite painful, and the Evelyn’s blood was spurting from its wound. It looked at him and roared in rage.

It looked like it was going to pounce at any moment, swinging its four massive arms.

“Kwaaah!” The moment it raised its arms to attack.

“Penetrating Stab!!!” Kaiyan seized the opportunity and used his skill once more.

There was no reason to pause now that he knew his new skill was working.



“Die, Bastard!”

Kaiyan didn’t mean to, but by some stroke of luck, the sword dug into Evelyn’s delicate eye. The monster screamed for a moment, then fell to the ground in pain. It would be strange for it to survive if the sword went through its eye and into its head.

“Haak…! Huh… I… got him.”

Kaiyan had just killed a medium to large monster with his own hands.

He stared at his hand and the fallen Evelyn in disbelief.

“A monster I wouldn’t have dared to look at before. I’m holding it in my hand.”

“This guy! Defeating Evelyn? When did you get so good?”

Uncle Max, who was nearby, ran over and patted Kaiyan on the shoulder.

“…I got lucky, because the monster turned its head and my sword pierced its eye, and the other soldiers had already done a lot of damage to it.”

This was not an empty statement. There was a lot of luck involved in taking it down, and a lot of help from Kaiyan’s soldiers.

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