A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 11 (Part 2)

“What? Gone?” Kaiyan exclaimed.

“Yes! Luckily, there was a commander who stayed behind due to injury. He asked me to go to the special unit barracks as a recruit!” Uncle Max replied.

After returning from the battlefield, Kaiyan’s whole barrack was empty. He didn’t know who the idiot was, but the way things were handled felt really sloppy. That idiot processed the work without even any notification.

“Then… is that special forces barracks here? This is the outskirts barracks, isn’t it?” Kaiyan asked.

“If I found the right place, it should be here, right? Is this your barracks by any chance?” Uncle Max responded.

“Yes. It’s the barracks where I live with Mr. Jeff,” Kaiyan said.

“Haha, this is good! It’s better to be with someone you know than someone you don’t. Where are Jeff Kallein and the other members of the unit? I should at least say hello,” Uncle Max said.

Since when has their barracks become a special forces barracks? Neither Kaiyan nor Jeff knew about it while they were living there.

“Uncle Jeff is resting inside. And as for the other members…they’re not here,” Kaiyan said.

“What? Does that mean it’s just you and Jeff left?” Uncle Max asked.

“Yes. They… died a few days ago from monsters. Oh, please don’t mention this to Uncle Jeff if you can help it,” Kaiyan replied.

Barbarian, Adolf, Bianli, and Kuryan… They were soldiers of the same unit and Jeff’s colleagues, though they hadn’t lived together for long. Their names still came to mind before going to sleep.

“Hmm, I asked for no reason. Let’s take care of each other from now on. If there’s anything uncomfortable, let me know,” Uncle Max said.

“Yes. Let’s take care of each other. It’s reassuring to have someone I can trust,” Kaiyan replied.

“Haha, I’m glad you think that. Well then, I’ll go in first,” Uncle Max said, and with those words, he entered the barracks.

With that, the number of people in the quiet barracks increased from two to three.

“I wonder if it’ll get a bit noisy now,” Kaiyan thought to himself.

Sometimes he envied the other barracks where people were bustling.

“Sigh… I can’t take it anymore,” Kaiyan muttered to himself as he rested after swinging his sword and getting tired. When his stamina recovered, he stood up and swung his sword again.

Kaiyan had been training for four hours straight, pushing his body to the limit. Even when he sat down to rest, his stamina wouldn’t return.

“I’m completely exhausted,” he thought to himself.

“Kaiyan! Let’s stop and eat. I’m hungry, I can’t wait for you all day!” Uncle Jeff’s voice rang out from the barracks.

Kaiyan closed his eyes and drifted off, only to be awoken by Uncle Jeff’s voice again.

“…Oh, it’s already time to eat. Alright!”

As he stumbled into the barracks, Kaiyan saw that the uncles were cooking a delicious stew with the supplies they had received. The sweet smell of the stew was out of place compared to the battlefield, where the scent of blood hung in the air.

“Hey, you were training for so long? I thought I’d collapse from hunger if I waited any longer,” Uncle Jeff remarked.

“…Sorry. I was so focused on training that I didn’t realize how time flew by,” Kaiyan replied.

“Alright! Sit down and eat.”

Just as Kaiyan was about to touch his stomach, which made a sound again…


“Haha! This is so embarrassing…”

“Kukuku, looks like a beggar found his way into your belly and mine,” Uncle Jeff and Uncle Max quipped.

“It’s my fault,” Kaiyan realized. They had been holding back on eating because they were worried about disrupting his training.

Kaiyan’s heart ached when he realized this fact, a feeling he had vividly experienced not long ago, perhaps just a few months ago.

‘Family.’ Kaiyan thought.

“Now, let’s eat and enjoy,” Uncle Jeff declared.


“I’ll eat well, thank you,” Kaiyan replied gratefully.

While they were eating, Uncle Jeff stared at Kaiyan.

“Kaiyan, how’s your swordsmanship training going?” he asked.

“It’s getting better than when you first taught me, sir,” Kaiyan answered confidently.

“Really? Hmm…then after we finish eating, come outside and try it. It’s still early, but if you’ve practiced properly, I’ll teach you a new technique.”

“Really? Thank you so much, sir, even though you must be tired!” Kaiyan exclaimed, bowing his head in gratitude and momentarily forgetting that they were still eating.

The situation called for new skills. While piercing and slashing were excellent techniques, the attack methods were too simple.

To overwhelm monsters, there was a need for more diverse attack methods, not just simply killing them.

“I might learn something good if I do well.” Kaiyan thought.

Excited, his heart was pounding already.

Could it be that Jeff wasn’t just any aura user?

If he continued to learn from him, there was a good chance he could learn excellent swordsmanship, even if it was impossible to reach the level of an aura user. In a world where it was difficult to even learn the basics of swordsmanship, the possibility of learning something more was thrilling.

“Kukuk! I can teach you how to use a shield professionally, but… you plan to focus on the sword, right?”

Max seemed to be impressed by his passion, and he spoke first.

It was a golden opportunity to learn advanced shield techniques that could even block the blow of a Minotaur, even for non-aura users.

“Yes, I prefer attacking rather than defending. If I want to kill monsters with my own hands, I need to be able to attack well.” Kaiyan replied.

It was regrettable, but he declined.

While learning advanced shield techniques could be beneficial in the future, it was not necessary right now.

For now, attacking was more important than defending. It was crucial to acquire strong attacking skills so that he could hunt monsters alone before the war ended.

“Hey, you! Are you planning to eat with your nose?”

“What? Oh, sorry.”

He quickly wiped his face with a cloth after realizing that he was so absent minded that he almost put the spoon into his nose. He was too excited about learning new skills and was not in his right mind.

“Ugh, fine. Get your sword and come outside.”


Perhaps moved by his passion, Jeff sighed and put down his meal, then picked up his sword. Hurriedly, he also grabbed his own sword and went outside the tent.

As Jeff stepped outside, he stood facing Kaiyan, just as he had when he first taught him swordsmanship.

“Try what we practiced before.”

“Yes. Hoo… Haahh!”

Kaiyan swung his sword with venomous intent, his eyes filled with a poisonous glare, trying to hide his trembling hands.


The sword made a sharp sound as it cut through the air.

Under normal circumstances, this would have been a satisfying blow, but Jeff was watching him now.

“…No. Stronger than this!”

Kaiyan couldn’t use exhaustion as an excuse for his poor performance.

With a firm grip on Kaiyan’s trembling arm, he swung his sword again.


“Don’t make excuses later, saying it’s because of training! Show me everything you’ve got!”




Just before Kaiyan’s arm gave out, Jeff raised his hand to stop him.

“That’s enough. Hm, Kaiyan. You…”

What did he mean by “enough”?

Kaiyan was curious about how Jeff, an aura user, had perceived his swordsmanship.

After a moment of silence, Jeff opened his mouth, which had been tightly shut.

“You definitely have talent with the sword. I was honestly surprised. To show this level of skill after just a few days.”

His expression was sincere. He looked quite surprised.

“…Thank you.”

Kaiyan had been waiting for his verdict, and now Jeff was praising him.

Just a few days ago, when Kaiyan had come to him with a handful of goblin ears, Jeff had said similar things.

The difference now was that Jeff had seen Kaiyan’s swordsmanship for himself.

Judging by Jeff’s expression and usual character, Kaiyan suspected that he wasn’t just spouting empty words.

“But it’s really a shame…”

But the follow-up to his praise was not positive, but negative.

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