A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 11 (Part 1)

<Status Window>

Name: Kaiyan / Age: 15 / Occupation: Player / Title: None

Level: 9 / Strength: 17 / Agility: 12 / Health: 10 / Intelligence: 9 / Free Points: 0

Agility, which was the lowest ability, has surpassed Health and Intelligence to become the second highest. However…

“…I feel cheated.”

Surprisingly, there was no noticeable change in his body, even though he had used a whopping 4 points.

This was completely different from what he had expected.

“There must be something different…”

If not, Kaiyan would go crazy with frustration.

He drew his sword and raised his shield, thinking that he needed to find out the effect of Agility.

“Huff! Haap!”


As he swung his sword, he felt a refreshing sensation as the cluttered thoughts in his head were gradually cleared.

“Yes, there must be something different…!”

He continued to swing his sword and shield non-stop, as if determined to figure out the effect of Agility.



Despite exerting all his strength and energy into the swing, his hand trembled and the tip of the sword shook uncontrollably.

“Ugh… Groan.”

For a full two hours, he swung his sword and shield without stopping.

Kaiyan clothes were soaked with sweat, and his stamina was completely depleted.

Each swing of the sword caused his arm to shake with pain.

“What has changed, dammit!”

The problem was that he had not been able to find out the effect of Agility, despite all his effort.

The only thing that had changed from this morning was that his sword was slightly faster.

“That must be due to the increase in Strength from leveling up… What the hell…”

He had increased Agility by a whopping 4, but there was no change at all.

“If Agility means making your body more agile… sigh… I should have invested in Strength or Health instead. What a stupid mistake…”

If he had invested 4 points in Strength instead of Agility, it would have been a huge help in fighting monsters tomorrow.

“Why did I stupidly invest in Agility?”

He felt resentful towards his past self for trying to find out the effect of Agility for no reason.


A sigh escaped involuntarily from Kaiyan’s lips, but he tried to force himself to accept the fact that he couldn’t change the situation. It was an investment for the future, preventing him from investing more points into agility.

He slumped down in his seat to recover his tired body. The ground was covered in dirt, but he didn’t care about that.

“…Stop. Let’s stop thinking. The more I think, the more my head hurts,” Kaiyan muttered to himself.

His head was full of thoughts about agility. He tried to forget about his stats, but it wasn’t easy. The four points wasted was too disappointing.

“Instead of that, let’s think about something else… Yes, a skill!”

As Kaiyan tried to shake off his lingering thoughts, he remembered the skill that was created today.

“But why was a skill created at that time?” he wondered.

The name of the skill, Penetrating Stab, sounded appealing. It was a useful attack skill that was created at a good time. But why was it created then?

“Moreover, it’s not a passive skill, but an active skill.”

This was the first time he created an active skill.

“Ugh… It’s getting more complicated. This wasn’t what I had in mind,” Kaiyan muttered, feeling frustrated.

He tried to think of something else to clear his head, but it only made things more complicated. He couldn’t just brush it off easily.

“…Maybe I used it a lot? No, the swordsmanship skill was created in just an hour. What could be the reason…?” he mused.

The swordsmanship skill was created in just an hour, which meant that skills weren’t created simply because they were used often.

“It was strange that the shield skill was created too,” Kaiyan continued his train of thought.

The shield skill hadn’t been created even after practicing for several hours. But as soon as he practiced a little on the battlefield, it was created.

Kaiyan tried to think hard about the common points of the three skills, but couldn’t find a clear answer.

“Forget about active skills… Let’s think about passive skills first,” he decided.

There was something that he had a vague idea about, which was Uncle Jeff and Uncle Max.

When Kaiyan looked back, he realized that he had learned swordsmanship systematically through Uncle Jeff when he had first practiced it.

“And then, after some time, a swordsmanship skill was created.”

The same went for shield technique.

After receiving some pointers about shield technique from Uncle Max on the battlefield, the skill was created.

The common point between the two skills was that Kaiyan had learned the proper usage.

“It’s not just practicing randomly… the skill is created when you know the proper usage.”

If his guess was correct, he could somewhat understand why swordsmanship and shield technique were created.

But once again, the problem was with the active skills. He had only learned a simple stabbing technique from Mr. Jeff, and he hadn’t learned any special stabbing techniques.

“If there were other active skills, I might know… “

It would be better to have two comparative skills like passive skills to find the answer.

Kaiyan put aside his regrets and shook off his thoughts from his head. It was impossible to figure out the principle of creating active skills, no matter how much he racked his brain.

Sighing, he firmly held the sword that he had placed on the floor and stood up from his seat.

“Let’s swing the sword during this time, putting aside the complicated things.”

If the answer didn’t come even after thinking, then it was better to do what he could right now.

Thanks to the rest he took while sitting down, his stamina, which had been running low, had somewhat recovered.

“It’s still a long way until the war ends. I’ll keep fighting monsters, and eventually, I’ll know.”

As he psyched himself up and raised his sword to swing it,

“Hey! Kaiyan!”

“Uncle Max?”

As he turned around at the voice calling him from behind, Uncle Max was smiling awkwardly, holding a large bundle and a square shield.

“What’s going on here?”

“Sigh… I decided to start living here from today too.”

“What? Don’t you already have an assigned barracks?”

It was prohibited by the rules of the Allied Forces for soldiers to move their units and barracks recklessly.

It was a law that anyone in the Allied Forces must follow, of course, except for special cases such as special unit.

“Hehe… When I returned to my barracks… my place was gone.”

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