A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 16 (Part 2)

“It’s better for us to fight together with the knights from here on. There are too many monsters to deal with alone with just the soldiers. It’s too dangerous.”

“I thought the same, too.”

Kaiyan was relieved to know that experienced Uncle Jeff had made the same judgment as him.

The central battlefield had too many monsters to handle with soldiers alone.

While exchanging opinions with Uncle Jeff, Tarien, with an arrogant expression, stepped forward.


Kaiyan didn’t like the pleased expression on Tarien’s face. It didn’t sit well with him.

“Follow me! We will defeat all the monsters on the battlefield! Trust in my, Tarien’s, leadership!”


“We can do it!!”

Such an absurd behavior.

In the battlefield where millions of soldiers and tens of thousands of monsters fought, to think that he would claim to catch every single monster.

Fortunately, thanks to the reward promised by Tarien, the morale of the soldiers had been raised. If not for that, morale would have plummeted at Tarien’s words just now.


With a sigh, Kaiyan watched as the sub-commander knight, who dismounted from his horse, approached Uncle Jeff.

“Hehe! Is that Jeff? It must be tough, but please encourage the soldiers a little more. Tarien-nim will reward you accordingly.”

“Yes, sir.”

Kaiyan noticed that the sub-commander knight was perceptive enough to know exactly who was leading the soldiers right now.

“From now on, the knights will also move forward and provide support from the side.”

“Understood! I will convey that to the soldiers!”

The sub-commander knight tapped Uncle Jeff’s shoulder and left with those words.

“That’s a relief.”

Unlike Tarien, the sub-commander knight seemed to have some consideration.

If it were the initial stages, they would be sufficient on their own, but from here on, the moment they made a mistake, the knights would also be in danger. Of course, it was just Kaiyan’s thoughts.

“The important thing is that the special forces need to cooperate like the central army.”

That’s why the sub-commander gave such an order. To enhance safety and efficiency.

While wiping the blood off his sword and preparing for battle, Kaiyan observed as the soldiers who had gathered in one place tapped each other’s backs.

“Alright, let’s go. Don’t overdo it.”

“Great! Let’s earn a fortune today!”

“Don’t get killed by the monsters, hahaha!”

“It’s actually more stable now.”

It felt more stable with 200 soldiers than with 800.

Kaiyan felt truly sorry for the fallen soldiers, but only the ones who knew what they needed to do remained in the special forces after two days of battle.

Only those who knew their responsibilities.

“Don’t try to engage the monsters directly! Just attract their attention so that the knights can face them easily!”

“Got it! Our job is just to attract their attention!”

“We can do that much!”

Uncle Jeff loudly conveyed the sub-commander knight’s instructions to the soldiers.

Unlike before, now that attackers have taken on more roles, there is no need for soldiers to follow Uncle Jeff around.

Having dozens of soldiers attached to each knight would overwhelmingly make hunting monsters faster.


“Monsters are approaching from the front!”

“Let’s begin!”

After giving the command, the 7th Special Unit paused for a moment before monsters from all directions rushed forward, screaming.

‘The monster I should face is…’


“It’s a troll.” (T/N: I made a mistake, I thought Gnolls were Trolls. I corrected that mistake in the previous chapters.)

Trolls were medium-sized monsters, but they were quite challenging due to their insane regeneration ability. Although Kaiyan felt a little nervous since he had never faced one before, he gripped his sword tightly, lowered his stance, and stared directly at it.

“It should be fun. Let’s see if it stays alive after I cut its head.”


Before the troll could attempt an attack, Kaiyan stomped the ground and lunged forward, thrusting his sword forward.

‘I Don’t have time to hesitate against a medium-sized enemy! Penetrating Stab!’



Using his skill, Kaiyan stabbed the troll’s kneecap, startling it, and it swung its arms. At that moment, as Kaiyan quickly lowered his head something passed by…

‘…A sword?’

Something had brushed past Kaiyan. It was too fast, but it reflected light and shimmered like a sword.


The troll’s head split apart, spewing green blood, and crashed face-first into the ground.

Although A Troll possessed excellent regenerative powers, once its head was completely split, it was over.


“Hmm? You… the soldier from earlier. You were definitely helpful this time.”

When Kaiyan turned his head towards the voice coming from behind, he saw the knight standing with his sword drawn. It was the same knight who had defeated the Minotaur earlier.

“…Thank you.”

It wasn’t intentional, but fortunately, Kaiyan had been of help this time, and the knight was wearing a satisfied expression.

‘Yes, it’s faster to level up by cooperating with a knight.’

Putting aside the regret of not personally beheading the troll, Kaiyan looked at the knight.

“Sir Knight, the other soldiers and I will draw the monster’s attention.”

“Oh, interesting. I’ll rely on you then. Let’s go.”


From then on, Kaiyan gave up his role as an attacker and started following the knight, drawing the monsters’ attention. The speed at which they defeated the monsters became overwhelmingly faster.

Indeed, there was a reason why the knight and the soldiers were arranged in the same formation in the center.


“Huup! Haaap!”

Instead of inflicting fatal wounds on the charging monsters, Kaiyan swung his sword lightly to draw their attention.


Seizing the opportunity, the knight leaped over 2 meters, striking his sword toward the monster’s neck.



With a single blow, the monster’s neck was nearly severed, spewing out blood.

Truly, it was a strike that Kaiyan, in his current state, could not imitate.

“I need to increase my agility… I can’t see anything like this.”

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