A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 16 (Part 1)

Kaiyan wanted to open the storage and check the reward right away.

But that place was a battlefield with countless monsters and soldiers roaming around.

“Well… I can check it later. It won’t be too late,” Kaiyan thought.

He calmed his excited heart, filled with anticipation.

The reward box wouldn’t run away just because he decided to check it later.

What he was certain about was that the reward box should be at least Grade D or higher.

He couldn’t defeat even one Minotaur, let alone ten or fifty. But getting an F or E grade reward? That was ridiculous.

“Ahem! Are you the owner of this sword?”

While indulging in pleasant imagination, the knight who defeated the Minotaur handed Kaiyan’s sword back to him and spoke.

“Ah, yes! You looked in danger, so I threw it without thinking. I apologize if it was an unwarranted interference.”

“Hmm… I see.”

Judging by his expression, he seemed somewhat displeased about Kaiyan throwing the sword.

However, he didn’t say much to his explanation that he did it to help.

In reality, his sword didn’t do any good, but the fact that a common soldier tried to help a Knight was noteworthy.

“We will assist the knights in attacking the monsters,” Kaiyan said.

“…Do as you please,” The Knight replied.


While recklessly rushing here, there were five additional monsters coming from behind. Now that Kaiyan had dealt with the Minotaur, it was time to receive help from the knights.

“Now, show me your impressive skills,” Kaiyan thought to himself.

Observing the approaching monsters, Kaiyan subtly hid behind the knight. He wanted to witness the true power of an Aura user, something that couldn’t be compared to Uncle Jeff.

“Roar!” the monsters cried out.

“Tsk, such measly monsters!” the knight in front of Kaiyan swung his sword at them with an annoyed expression. However, even though Kaiyan was looking straight at him before he could even properly perceive it, the head of the Owlbear was split open and it fell to the ground.

“I didn’t even see it properly. As expected… I still have a long way to go. Knights are truly strong,” Kaiyan thought, impressed.

As he watched the knights fighting right in front of him, the arrogance that had grown with his level disappeared like melting snow.

Knights moved with such astonishing speed and strength that they were incomparable to ordinary soldiers. In fact, the monsters appeared pitiful in their presence.

Moreover, what struck Kaiyan was their tranquil expressions, which clearly indicated that they weren’t exerting their full power.

“This is the true disparity of Aura users…”

Having never been trained as an Aura user, Kaiyan couldn’t accurately gauge their exact abilities.

However, it was evident that even if he had ten soldiers at his disposal, it would be a formidable challenge to face off against just one of these knights.

“Oh, look how loyal my soldiers are!”

“Yes, Tarien-nim!”

“Tch, what a foolish fellow.”

Strangely, it was Tarien, not Kaiyan, who had received the reward, who seemed to be the most elated at this moment.

Perhaps it was due to the presence of the soldiers who accompanied Kaiyan that Tarien appeared to be in such high spirits.

“Haha! Take a look at the other units! They are hesitating, unwilling to engage in combat. But our unit has come here to fight for me! Isn’t it all thanks to my command?” Tarien exclaimed.

“Yes, indeed! Tarien-nim, you are an exceptional commander!” responded one of the soldiers.

“You went charging ahead on your own.”

The soldiers had raced forward with utmost dedication to avoid suffering any losses.

Even if Tarien hadn’t rushed ahead on his own, the soldiers of the 7th Special Unit would have remained indecisive, much like the soldiers in other units.

“I feel exhilarated! I never realized I possessed such talent! If only I had joined the war sooner!” Tarien exclaimed.

“Yes! It’s all because of you, Tarien-nim!” the soldiers replied.

The reason for Tarien’s more reckless behavior was the presence of a sycophant and the Deputy Knight by his side.

“That person… seems rather ordinary when in the presence of nobles,” Kaiyan observed.

That Deputy Knight was the one who brought Kaiyan and Uncle Jeff into the Special Unit.

After hearing about the Special Unit from Uncle Max, Kaiyan had resented and cursed that individual.

But as it turned out, those knights were just as ordinary in the presence of nobles, much like Kaiyan and the other soldiers.

“After today’s battle, I, Tarien de Cheniavin, shall reward each and every one of you! It is I who will bestow the rewards! Hahaha!” Tarien declared.

Tarien’s impromptu promise of rewards, though it failed to evoke any significant enthusiasm within Kaiyan.

“Cheniavin…” Kaiyan muttered to himself.

But he was curious about the Cheniavin family that guy mentioned. Just what kind of family were they to send such a reckless fellow to the battlefield?


“Whoaaaa! Long live Tarien-nim!”

“Commander! Hooray!!”

“Thank you! Whoaaaa!”

However, that was just Kaiyan’s thoughts.

The soldiers, except for Kaiyan, cheered and shouted as if about cursing Tarien a while ago.

Kaiyan understood their double standards. Unlike him, all they would gain on the battlefield was money.

“If it were me before, would I have been as happy as them… Maybe I should change my weapon once I receive the money.”

Kaiyan raised the green-blooded sword and inspected it. It had chips all over it.

It seemed that the sword was gradually getting damaged as he forcefully pierced through the tough hide of the monsters.

“If only I could use Aura.”

If Kaiyan was an Aura user, he wouldn’t have cared about the durability of the sword.

Aura not only enhanced attack power but also protected the sword.

While looking at the sword and pondering, someone placed his hand on Kaiyan’s shoulder.

“Kaiyan! It was a good judgment.”

“Uncle Jeff!”

When Kaiyan turned around, Uncle Jeff, who had split from them at the entrance, had joined the rest of the soldiers.

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