A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 15 (Part 2)

After dodging the orc’s attacks a few times, he charged in and thrust his sword inward.

The orc was now vulnerable, having left himself open to attack by ignoring the soldiers.

“Kurrk! Kurrk….”

While trying to control the soldiers behind him, the red orc, with the sword still lodged in his chest, spewed blood and fell to the ground.

“Now, with the help of the soldiers, I can easily take down a medium-sized monster.”

Feeling the thrilling sensation that flowed through his fingertips along with the sword that had pierced the orc, he was confident in his growth, no longer the person who struggled against small monsters in the past.

Ding! [You have a new Quest]

[Defeat A Minotaur 0/1]

As the soldiers cheered, he received a quest notification while sheathing his sword.

“A quest? Is this just good luck?”

Getting a quest in such an appropriate place was almost like the gods pushing him to grow.

The Minotaur was a powerful monster, but he was confident that he could defeat it with the help of the other soldiers.

“If it’s the Minotaur, I’ve already defeated it before. Where is it now?”

Ignoring the monsters rampaging around him, he looked around searching for his target.

“Haah… Why was it like this?”

There was only one Minotaur in sight. But the problem was…

“Why are you sighing? You’re not hurt, are you?”

“This person! He’s been pushing himself too hard today. Let’s take a break now!”

“You’ve done enough! Don’t overdo it and take it slow! The commander will understand!”

As Kaiyan let out a deep sigh and lowered his sword, soldiers around him rushed over, their faces filled with concern.

“This is camaraderie… Uncle Jeff said it was important on the battlefield,” Kaiyan thought.

It was a somewhat moving sight.

But soon, Kaiyan’s head shook involuntarily.

“That can’t be right. I’ve only been with them for a few days,” he thought.

Why were they saying that to him? Because he was an essential attacker from their perspective.

He had to be healthy to increase their chances of survival.

As Kaiyan rationalized their behavior internally, he stared at the soldiers with red eyes.

“This time… Let’s go catch A Minotaur,” Kaiyan said.

“Minotaur? Hmm… alright! But where is it… do you know where it is?” the soldier who was answering him faltered in his speech, and the surrounding soldiers also looked surprised after confirming the Minotaur’s presence.

“…Are we going to catch the one the knights are already holding?”

“Exactly. Wouldn’t the knights take care of it on their own?”

“If we wait a bit, the knights will probably catch it anyway… We don’t need to interfere for no reason.”

“Well, that makes sense.”

Until just now, Kaiyan thought he was lucky, but it seems like he was wrong.

There was only one Minotaur near him, but the problem was that Tarien’s party had already caught it.

Kaiyan looked around the battlefield, thinking about catching a different monster, but strangely, the Minotaurs were nowhere to be seen except for the knights were holding.

“Well… we decided to join them anyway, so let’s hurry and help out. Not only the Minotaur, but other monsters as well, it’s dangerous even for the knights,” Kaiyan said.

It was a lie. There was clearly a sense of leisure in their faces.

Even though countless monsters surrounded them, they didn’t use their full power, befitting their reputation as knight.

“The real one in danger is me right now.”

There might be no problem in waiting for the next opportunity to catch the Minotaur since there was no time for the quest.

“But what if the quest suddenly disappears?”

The problem is that Kaiyan can’t let his guard down with only rookie-level knowledge of the player thing.

If a quest really disappears like this, he will regret it.

When silence flowed among the soldiers for a moment, the soldier who first asked Kaiyan opened his mouth.

“You… really are a hero. I’ve participated in the monster wave twice, but I’ve never met a soldier like you.”


Suddenly, a hero. What do they mean a Hero?

That’s not it. I just wanted to catch the Minotaur because of my greed.

But contrary to my thoughts, other soldiers also nodded in agreement with the soldier’s words.

“Yeah, that’s right. Even though he looks young, his heart is just like a hero’s! You’ll definitely become an amazing person in the future!”

“What an amazing friend!”

“He’s going to help those useless knights! Ah… this friend’s heart is truly generous.”

I felt a strong twinge of guilt at the soldiers’ praise, and my mood didn’t improve even one bit.

Rather, I thought about something that will definitively help in this situation.

“Okay, let’s go save our young commander! It’s not good for us if he dies for no reason!”

“Let’s go! We can do it!”

“Let’s go kill all the monsters!”

I felt sorry for the soldiers who were shouting with enthusiasm, but there was no time for that right now.

Above all, it was important to hurry before the knights could defeat that Minotaur.

“Phew… let’s ignore any other monsters on the way. If we just join up with the knights, it won’t be difficult to defeat them since their numbers are not that great.”

There were five monsters on the way to Tarien’s party.

Fortunately, it seemed like the soldiers understood Kaiyan’s words, and they ran in the direction to avoid the monsters as much as possible.

“Oh…! These guys have noticed us. Everyone, be careful!”

“They are injured, so they won’t be very fast! Everyone, be careful!”

As they approached Tarien’s group, the monsters that had discovered them finally rushed towards them with vicious expressions.


‘…There’s no time to play around.’

Ignoring the monsters rushing towards them, Kaiyan and the others continued to run sideways.

Right now, completing the quest is much more important than defeating a single monster.

“Kuwaak? Kru…! Kwaak!”

Kuwung! Kuwung!

As they passed by them and continued to run, the monsters, thinking they had ignored them, let out crazed roars and chased after them.

Kaiyan wanted to silence those noisy creatures down, but this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. It was at least a minimum reward of E or D level.

Even E-level boxes have two potions that increase his attribute by 1, so what better things could higher-level boxes offer?

Missing out on a quest like this would be foolish.

“It’s a little… risky.”

Thanks to their quick running, they had greatly reduced the distance, but the minotaur they had to fight was already badly beaten up.

As it was, it was certain that the Minotaur would fall before Kaiyan arrived.

“I can’t let it end like this. There must be a way… Ah!”

A crazy idea flashed through Kaiyan’s mind.

It was a method that should never be attempted on the battlefield. However, in order to complete the quest at hand…

“Whew… I’m sorry, Uncle Bryan. Hoo-ah!”

Remembering the owner of the sword, Uncle Bryan, Kaiyan gathered his strength and threw the sword like a spear.


Of course, this wasn’t an attack meant to defeat the monster.

Kaiyan had never learned how to throw a spear in the first place, and since it was a sword and not a spear, he knew it wouldn’t deal much damage.

“Please hit it!”

Despite this, Kaiyan threw the sword anyway.

When Kaiyan first met Uncle  Max and completed a quest with him, he realized that if he could inflict damage without actually taking the monster’s life, his quest count would still go up.

Puk! Puk!


The knight’s sword pierced the Minotaur’s heart, and at the same time, Kaiyan’s thrown sword stuck into its back.

Since the sword was stuck in the Minotaur’s heart, it had no chance to survive.

The problem now was whether Kaiyan’s sword had dealt any damage before the monster died.

[Defeat the Minotaur 1/1] [Completed]

-Rewards will be sent to your inventory.

Ding! [You leveled up]

Ding! [You leveled up]

“I did it…”

Throwing the sword was a move of divine inspiration.

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