A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 15 (Part 1)

“Hmm? Why is that?” a soldier asked.

“What are you planning to do over there?” another one wondered.

Kaiyan raised his hand and pointed towards the battlefield, in response to the soldiers who looked puzzled by his unexpected words.

“Look ahead. The more we move inward, the more monsters we’ll have to face. It would be better to stick with the commander and get the help of the knights.”

He didn’t say it because he wanted to, but because it was necessary. With the current number of personnel, it was too difficult to keep hunting monsters continuously.

The biggest problem with the 7th Special unit was that there were only two attackers. It was a hindrance.

“If we continue like this, the number of soldiers will just keep decreasing.”

Unlike the beginning, in the dense central battlefield filled with monsters, they had no choice but to seek the help of the knights to increase the survival rate of their soldiers.

“Will they help us?”

“Yes! We saw it earlier. They just watch!”

“They won’t care if we die! The knights won’t help us!”

When one soldier shouted, others also expressed their discontent. They were dissatisfied with the behavior of the knights who just watched during the initial combat.

If they had helped even a little, many soldiers could have been saved.

“But we can’t just watch more soldiers die because of that reason,” Kaiyan said.

If they stubbornly moved inefficiently right now, they would only suffer losses.

Kaiyan closed his eyes for a moment and met the eyes of the complaining soldiers one by one.

“I understand… but the situation is different now from before. Look over there. The commander is in front. The knights won’t be able to stand still anymore.”

As they entered the central battlefield, Tarien was fighting the monsters at the front as if he was possessed.

Of course, they could only attack safely after the knights subdued and disabled them.

If one had to pick the most useless person in this battlefield, it would probably be him.

“Well, that’s true, but…”

“It’s a little risky…”

“It’s a way to minimize losses.”

The soldiers who were hesitating for a moment seemed to have made a decision, as they tightened their grip on their weapons and looked at Kaiyan.

“Sure! I’m alive because of you, I will believe in you!”

“well… whatever, let’s go!”

“Let’s go! And please let’s survive! We have a home to go back to!”

**** ****

At that moment, Tarien’s party was mercilessly slaughtering monsters. More accurately, the knights were.

“Hahaha! I took down the ogre! With my own hands!”

Tarien strangled the ogre, whose limbs were all severed and subdued by the knights.

It was a very inefficient hunting method to anyone’s eyes. With the knights’ abilities, it was possible to quickly cut off the monster’s head, but they went through the trouble of subduing the monsters just to satisfy Tarien.

“Congratulations, Tarien. Your swordsmanship is excellent!”

“Lieutenant! When this battle is over, I will let everyone know that I killed the ogre! Oh, and the Minotaur too!”

“Yes! I will have someone inform the other units.”

The lieutenant knight bit his tongue to hold back his curse but maintained a smiling face. He had attended the Knight Academy and knew how poor Tarien’s commanding skills were. He just endured it because Tarien was a noble from his patron’s family.

“Whew… huh?”

The lieutenant knight, feeling frustrated, looked around and saw the soldiers of the 7th Special unit, including Kaiyan, approaching.

“Tarien! Our unit soldiers are coming!”

“Oh! Really? They are definitely different from the other slow-moving units! The lieutenant has picked good soldiers!”

“Haha… Thank you!”

The lieutenant felt sorry for the soldiers who fought hard for this incompetent person.

“Tsk… poor guys. We have to treat them better from now on. They won’t survive until the end of the war.”

As far as the lieutenant knew, the number of soldiers who returned alive from a special unit did not exceed ten for each unit. And that was the same for the 7th Special Forces unit.

**** ****



If you accidentally pick up gold from the ground while walking on the street, is this how it feels?”

The current situation was best for leveling up.

The central battlefield was where numerous large-sized monsters, injured and wounded, rolled around like stones.

Of course, even if they were injured, they were not easy opponents, but Kaiyan wasn’t fighting alone.

“Now! Kill them all!”

“Raaaagh! Fall down!!”

“Fall downnn!”

Soldiers from the same unit were supporting Kaiyan from behind.

Thanks to them, the leveling speed was incomparable to when he hunted a few dozen goblins or trolls.

Ding! [Kaiyan has leveled up]

Although his level had increased considerably, it wasn’t like he would level up just by hunting one or two monsters, but he didn’t have to worry.

After all, the enemies were monsters. If killing five doesn’t make him level up, he will kill ten.

Confirming that the monster he was fighting had breathed its last, Kaiyan took a moment to catch his breath and opened the status window.

“I’ll distribute two points to agility this time.”

<Status Window>

Name: Kaiyan / Age: 15 / Occupation: Player / Title: None

Level: 14 / Strength: 25 / Agility: 14 / Stamina: 10 / Intelligence: 9 / Free Points: 0

It wasn’t a waste for Kaiyan to distribute two points to agility, which had no effect.

“The probability of his danger sense being triggered is high because of agility,” he thought.

The danger sense had warned him of impending attacks since the beginning of the battle.

He wondered why he suddenly felt this new sensation.

The answer he arrived at after some thought was agility.

“There’s no other reason than the fact that I increased agility by four points yesterday,” Kaiyan realized.

That’s the only difference between yesterday and today.

That’s why he had boldly invested points in agility.

“Of course, it could be something else… but there’s no harm in checking,” he mused.

Even with just 12 agility, it was a big help in avoiding attacks from large-sized monsters, but what would happen if it went higher?

With his improved perception, he spotted a red orc ruthlessly slaughtering soldiers on the battlefield.

“Kurrk! Kurrk!”

The red orc, known for its exceptional speed, was the most difficult opponent for ordinary soldiers.

Approaching him carefully, the orc sneered and swung his fist, a speed that would have been difficult to react to previously.

“I can sense it. To the left.”

Instinctively, Kaiyan moved to the left, and the sound of sharp wind accompanied the orc’s fist as it passed by.


“This time to the right!”

The danger sense was like ringing bells in Kaiyan’s mind. (T/N: Spidey senses. The tingle thing!)

Thanks to being a player, a mysterious power that only he could use, he was warned more precisely of the danger, even though he had only improved his agility by two.


“Die, you bastard!”

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