A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 14 (Part 2)

“I know that…”

Maintaining their formation was essential for the soldiers in the central unit.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the reason they can face and defeat large monsters as mere soldiers is because of their formation.

“It’s not just that. Look over there in the center! They are the battle mages known as the Reapers of the battlefield.”

The place Uncle Max pointed to was the rear of the central legion.

After seeing that place, it became clear that the long-range attack spells before the start of the war were just a joke.

When the battle mages waved their hands, giant flames and ice spears were created, and the spells flew forward, sweeping away the monsters.

After seeing that sight, Kaiyan understood why the mages were called Reapers of the battlefield.

“Magic… can I block it if that flashy magic comes at me?”

As he watched the magic, Kaiyan pondered about various things. Meanwhile, Uncle Jeff, who was leading the way, raised his hand.

“Now, everyone focus! This place seems really dangerous from here on…”

Suddenly, several units, including the 7th Special Unit, arrived near the central unit.

“…I’m nervous.”

To step into the central battlefield, Kaiyan’s heart was already pounding.

The central battlefield was a place where an enormous number of monsters gathered, incomparable to the outskirt,

It seemed to be tens of thousands or even more. It’s just that there are too many monsters gathered here, so the exact number is unclear.

“The real monster wave is here. Until now, everything else was a joke.”

As I swallowed my saliva and held my sword, a Minotaur ran towards the 7th Special unit, shaking the ground.


Kwung! Kwung!

“It’s a Minotaur!”

“Be careful! Don’t forget to aim for the legs!”

One unusual thing is that the Minotaur is covering its eyes with its hands.

Kaiyan had doubts about it, and Uncle Jeff, who was staring at the Minotaur with a furrowed brow, opened his mouth.

“…It’s a wounded one.”

“Injured? Ah, come to think of it.”

Green blood was flowing from the monster’s face, covered by its hands.

But what’s a bit strange is that other monsters around it are also bleeding. It seems like they’ve all been attacked by the central legion.


‘This is my chance! Distribute 4 points to strength.’ Kaiayan thought.

<Status Window>

Name: Kaiyan / Age: 15 / Occupation: Player / Title: None

Level: 13 / Strength: 25 / Agility: 12 / Stamina: 10 / Intelligence: 9 / Free Points: 0

He invested all the points he had saved into strength.

He had been worried about Tarrien’s reckless command to charge the center, but if most of the injured guys were here, then this place was like a playground for him.

There were no monsters as easy to catch as the injured ones.

“But why don’t they kill them?”

“The central army doesn’t make an effort just to take the life of one monster. That’s formation.”

AsUncle Max said, the central army only faced monsters that attacked while maintaining formation, without exerting themselves to kill them.

They just defended against the charging monsters.


“So… We can these guys.”


Kaiyan and Uncle Jeff hit the ground together while looking at the Minotaur that had come close.

“It’s our turn!”

“Krk… Let’s do this! Kaiyan! Launch the strongest attack you can at first!”

Even though they moved together, Uncle Jeff pulled back to give Kaiyan, who was slower, a chance to strike the Minotaur with his strongest attack.

‘Penetrating Stab!’

The sword, which carried the full momentum of Kaiyan’s movement, flew towards the Minotaur’s leg, slicing the wind on its way.



Although Kaiyan couldn’t completely cut the Minotaur’s leg, he cut quite deeply into the muscles of its leg, making the monster roar and lift to attack.


Kaiyan felt the pressure from above and the sky darkened. If he had met the Minotaur for the first time, he would have been scared and frozen by the sense of oppression and fear.

But the monster had already fallen to his sword once. He no longer felt fear towards it.


As he stepped on the ground and bounced forward, the monster’s heavy foot landed just behind him. It was dangerously close.


“Good job, Kaiyan!”

“You too, Uncle Jeff!”

Uncle Jeff was making the Minotaur’s leg a complete mess on the other side. Kaiyan looked at the Minotaur.

“As expected, It’s injured.”

The face of the Minotaur who lowered his hand in pain was filled with several arrows deeply embedded in his eyes. No matter how small the arrow was, the eyes were a very deadly area.

“Well, if that’s the case… haaap!”

“Take that bastard down!”

“He’s the one who got injured!”

The Special unit soldiers who noticed that the Minotaur was not an easy opponent rushed in mass.

The soldiers who were scared by the Minotaur are not here now. These are elite soldiers who have survived yesterday’s and today’s battles.



“Was it this easy?”

“But still be careful! It’s a large monster!”

These soldiers were too experienced to take on the Minotaur’s reckless attacks. Moreover, the Minotaur had lost one eye, so it had many blind spots.

While the soldiers drew attention, Kaiyan reached out his sword.

“Penetrating Stab!”


From Kaiyan’s point of view, the Minotaur who had lost one eye and was staggering from its injury was just like a walking chunk of meat.


“Hey! Over here!”

“Here, you bastard!”

As the Minotaur tried to step on Kaiyan, the soldiers approached, shouting loudly, to draw its attention.

They aimed to take advantage of the fact that the Minotaur was almost blind and could only rely on sound.

This was a role naturally divided while catching dozens of monsters together. Jeff and Kaiyan were the attackers, and the soldiers supported them.

“So this is what it means to have your hands and feet working in sync. Hup! Haaap!”

A powerful diagonal slash aimed at the Minotaur’s ankle.



The Minotaur stumbled back, its Achilles tendon cut by Kaiyan’s blow.

Just yesterday, He couldn’t even pierce through the Minotaur’s hide properly, but compared to then, Kaiyan made tremendous progress.

Kaiyan swung his sword as if he was crazy. He wanted to indulge in that feeling a little more.


“He’s down! Everyone, retreat!”


During the moment Kaiyan was swinging His sword, the Minotaur began to fall. Just before he fell on top of Kaiyan, the latter pulled back and the monster landed on the ground just in front of him.



“Goodbye. Penetrating stab!”


The sword pierced the monster’s heart.

Dealing with the fallen large monster, was way easier than fighting them when they are completely fine

Monsters’ heart and head were their weak points, and just one strike there was enough to kill them, just like humans.


Although the creature briefly withstood the destruction of its heart with its tough vitality, it soon died.

When the sword was pulled out from its heart, the soldiers surrounding it exclaimed in admiration.

“Wow! Did that one get even better?”

“Yeah. Did he hide his strength? He looks strong…”

“It’s true that his skills have improved.”

Even though the heart was a weak spot, it still required enough power to be able to pierce through the tough hide to reach it. Yesterday, it would have taken several attempts to succeed.

This was all made possible because he was a player.

“A player…This is really amazing. It’s even more incredible than I could imagine.”

The power that enabled a 15-year-old boy who struggled to fight against just one goblin to defeat a large monster in a few days.

“Well then. Who are we going to hunt this time?”

“We’ll follow you!”

Naturally, the 7th special unit was split in half again.

One hundred followed Jeff, and the remaining hundred followed Kaiyan.

It was not decided by anyone or ordered by Tarien. It was simply the soldiers’ own decision to increase their chances of survival.


Kaiyan looked around the battlefield scanning for the best chance for him and the soldiers with him to survive.

‘Where should we go for maximum effectiveness? And how can I level up quickly?’ Kaiyan wondered.

After a moment of contemplation, he arrived at the best answer.

“Let’s go to the commander’s location.”

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