A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 14 (Part 1)

“The monsters, where did they all go….”

Jeff finally noticed and pointed towards the deeper parts of the battlefield.

“All the monsters seem to have gathered there.”

Right in the middle of the central battlefield where the central army was.

Looking around the battlefield, the knights, magicians, and soldiers of the central army were in sync as they marched deep into the monster’s horde.

It seemed that all the monsters on their side had gone there.

“…I didn’t realize it because I was too busy fighting.”

Even Kaiyan was too busy fighting, so he didn’t notice his surroundings at first.

There was no way he could scan his surroundings when he was busy facing monsters right in front of him.

“Well done. When fighting monsters, it’s best to concentrate only on them. You might be the one lying there if you have an “aha” moment.”

(Editor: it’s an actual term used for discovery moments.)

“Yes. I’ll keep that in mind.”

It was important to remember Uncle Jeff’s words. It was foolish to have other thoughts on the battlefield.

“Whew… It’s better than yesterday…”

Kaiyan was about to say that he was relieved that it was better than yesterday, but as he looked around, he had to close his mouth.


Monster corpses and red blobs that were assumed to be human were scattered around.

There were hardly any human corpses that appeared to be intact after being attacked by monsters.

Most of them had body parts torn off and disappeared somewhere or were crushed by a strong force and scattered into pieces.

“I knew that many had died, but…”

Kaiyan knew that quite a few soldiers had died at the hands of monsters. But he didn’t expect them to die so brutally.

“It’s not your fault. We’re not the ones who are supposed to save them.”

Tap, tap.

Kaiyan finally regained his composure after feeling Jeff’s pats.

‘Yes, this is what war is. A war of killing and being killed. It’s not a place to mourn the death of comrades.’

“What are you all doing? Are you planning to let the central army get all the monsters?”

A sharp voice that didn’t match the battlefield spread to the 7th special unit that was taking a break.

‘That bastard.’

The owner of the voice was Tarien.

The guy was pointing his sword toward the monsters that the central army was facing.

“Lord Tarien… We don’t have enough soldiers. It’s better to retreat first, replenish our troops, and then try again tomorrow.”

The lieutenant knight cautiously suggested a retreat, as if wondering if Tarien was even thinking before ordering.

“What did you say? Can’t you see that guy’s troops over there? That stupid bastard has more achievement than me!”

“Okay, I understand. Ahem! Everyone, join the central army!”

As Tarien shouted with a frown, the lieutenant knight reluctantly ordered the soldiers to follow.

This order was the same as ordering the soldier to just go and die.


“Do we have to go further?”

“Ahem! You’re all too noisy! Move!”

Ignoring the soldiers’ complaints coming from all directions, the knights pushed their swords and ordered.

If they didn’t move, it meant they would be killed right now.

“As knights, they should know the basic tactics… Why would they give such a reckless command, knowing how foolish Tarien is?”

Even Kaiyan, who didn’t learn tactics, knew it, and the knights should know it too.

But in the strict class society of the Eunasia continent, just like how the knight couldn’t violate Tarien’s command, soldiers couldn’t disobey the knight’s orders.


“Kaiyan, hold your tongue.”


The frustrating situation made Kaiyan’s blood boil.

Even if we assume that there are just over 200 soldiers left in the 7th Special Unit, there are only a few healthy soldiers, including Kaiyan who recovered with the help of leveling up. But why charge towards the center? It was no different from telling everyone to just die.

“Come on, everyone, get up!”

“Ugh, I’m gonna die.”

The soldiers reluctantly got up from their spots with very unhappy faces.

Although there were curse words, it was better to fight monsters than to be executed immediately for disobeying orders.

Once all the soldiers got up and formed a rough formation, Tarien drew his sword and stepped forward with a triumphant look on his face.

“Now, everyone, attack! Follow me!”

“Everyone, follow Tarien-nim! Charge!”

The knights mounted their horses without hesitation and charged alongside Tarien.

“What… We could have gone a little slower.”

“Darn it! I have to run again!”

“Let’s all go!”

The tired soldiers sighed deeply and followed the charging troops toward the center.

If they arrived even a little late, they would be in trouble.

“What a fool. It would be better if he died alone at the hands of the monsters… but that’s also a problem.”

The most annoying thing right now is that stupid commander who, if left alone, would die by himself against the monsters.

Even if he’s not good at commanding, he should at least be aware that he is responsible for the lives of the soldiers under him.

To keep up with the running soldiers, Kaiyan looked at Uncle Jeff and Uncle Max.

“Phew… Let’s go.”

“Okay. Hm? What’s with the other units?”

“Ugh… This is completely messed up.”

Just as Kaiyan tried to follow the uncles and soldiers, he noticed that the movements of other units around him had changed.

When Tarien charged forward, the other special unit commanders nearby also directed their soldiers toward the center.

“Tsk tsk. Looks like there’s competition among the nobles.”

Uncle Max shook his head as if he had expected that sight.

“Uncle Max… You said that once you enter a special unit, it’s hard to come out alive.”

“Hehe… I only heard about it. But now that I’ve experienced it myself, it’s even worse. It’s better to purposely get injured and lie in the hospital.”

Max sighed as he joked.

But Kaiyan couldn’t just laugh at the joke because it was a reality that happened in special units.

It was because there was a rule among the Allied forces that injured soldiers can’t be sent to the battlefield.

“It’s not a rule for the soldiers, though.”

“At least, they don’t send wounded soldiers to war.” At first glance, it seemed like a rule made for the soldiers.

However, if you look closely, you can see how much the nobles have planned behind the scenes.

From the perspective of nobles, commoners are no different from their slaves. But what happens if all those slaves die on the battlefield?

Nobles do not want their wealth to decrease.

That’s why they try to save the wounded soldiers and send them back home so they can work for them.

“But what if they get badly hurt? Monsters won’t go easy on them just because they want to be injured.”

“You’re right.”

Kaiyan knew it was a joke, but just to be sure, he asked Uncle Max.

He didn’t want Uncle Max, who was a close friend, to get hurt.

“You… You know it’s a joke, but still! If I get hit by a monster at this age, it won’t be an injury, it’s death. Haha!”

“Well, thank goodness you didn’t get injured. Don’t say such depressing stuff again.”

“Okay, okay!”

“Anyway, the central unit is really fighting well. They all seem to be elite soldiers.”

Unlike the outskirts, the central unit soldiers all wore uniform armor and used standardized weapons.

Moreover, unlike the chaotic fights in the outskirts, they calmly faced the monsters while maintaining their formation.

“They must have experienced at least one monster wave before. In other words, they are the elite of the elite.”


All the soldiers in the central unit were professional soldiers.

They were not hastily trained soldiers like me for the monster wave, but regular soldiers from each country.

They came together regardless of their country for the monster wave, having been trained in military training and combat with other humans.

“If I could fight with them…”

What if I were not part of a special unit under Tarien’s foolish command, but part of the central unit?

“Haha, wake up, you fool. I know your swordsmanship is decent, but there, it’s more important to maintain your formation than have decent swordsmanship.”

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