A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 13 (Part 2)

Although he was curious about the newly opened shop, there was no time to check it out slowly right now, as the monsters that the special unit had to face were still increasing.

Fortunately, there were no more ogres near their unit.

“Ha… I killed an ogre.”

Only after distributing his stat points did Kaiyan realize that he had actually killed an ogre with his own hands.

“My strength has surpassed 20. Now I can kill them more easily.” Kaiyan thought.

Considering that his initial strength was only 6, his growth rate was truly astounding. In just a few days, his strength had increased by more than three times.

“In this situation… Hup! Penetrating Stab!”

Jumping towards the monster fighting with the soldiers, Kaiyan stabbed his sword.



“…Was it that easy?”

He cut a medium-sized Monster’s leg with just one strike.

His 21 strength attribute points showed their might which was more than Kaiyan expected.

Satisfied with that, he pulled out the sword stuck in the monster, and the monster who was in pain got angry and swung his arm toward Kaiyan.



As Kaiyan tried to dodge the monster’s attack, a strong feeling came over him that he should lower his head.

Like when using the sword, his instinct sent a signal that he should trust it.

After a short hesitation, he trusted his instincts and lowered his head without dodging to the side.


A dangerous attack passed over his head.

“…How did I guess his attack? If I had dodged to the side just now…”

Kaiyan realized that the guy’s actual attack range was longer than he had anticipated. Dodging to the side would have resulted in a high probability of getting hit. He had managed to avoid the attack by instinctively lowering his head.

“…First, I’ll kill it with the penetrating stab!”

Kaiyan extended his sword into the monster’s body as he swung his big arm out.



The monster spewed green blood from his mouth and glared at Kaiyan.

“Fall down already.”


When he pulled out the stuck sword, the monster collapsed to the ground unable to withstand the accumulated injuries.


“Kill him!”

“Now’s the time! Kill him!”

As the monster collapsed to the ground, the soldiers rushed in like a swarm and started hitting him.

Maybe even if Kaiyan left him alone like this, the monster’s life would soon be taken by the soldiers.

“Haah…How did I know?”

As he had some time to spare, Kaiyan recalled what happened just now. It was ambiguous to say that he avoided it by luck, and it was not even more so by skill.

More precisely, his instinct warned him when he saw the guy’s attack. It was as if it was telling him to avoid it like this.

“A strange feeling I’ve never felt before.”

This was the first time Kaiyan had avoided a monster’s attack with just a feeling.

So he became curious about this unknown feeling that warned him of danger.


“…Yeah, this was a battlefield,” Kaiyan thought to himself.

As his thoughts trailed off, monsters charged at him, as if to remind him that this place was indeed a battlefield.

No, not so much charging as fleeing, the injured creature ran in every direction to escape the soldiers.

Kaiyan just happened to be in its path.

“Hup! Haaah!” he attempted a powerful diagonal cut, a technique he learned from Uncle Jeff, who taught him the basics of swordsmanship.

A basic technique, striking from the top right corner to the bottom left with a powerful downward slash.

“Fwaaaack!” the creature, sliced deeply across the chest, gurgled as it fell right in front of him.

Honestly, Kaiyan didn’t think it would fall so easily.

As Kaiyan alternated his gaze between his hand and the fallen creature, the soldiers following behind it cheered.

“Oh! You’re quite skilled! You’re the one who finished off that ogre earlier, right?”

“Hey! We’ll draw their attention, so attack freely!”

“Since we’re in the same unit, let’s stick together!”

Why were they cheering for him like this? It was because as regular soldiers, it was difficult to fight against large monsters.

It was very difficult for an individual soldier to pierce the tough hide of a large monster with their own strength and skill.

“But I can do it.”

With his 21 points in strength, it was possible for Kaiyan to cut through the tough hide of the monsters.

From the perspective of soldiers in the same unit, it was only natural to fight alongside someone like Kaiyan who was strong.

“…Okay, let’s go that way.”

“Yeah! Let’s go help everyone!”

“Let’s go! Kill those monster babies!”

From Kaiyan’s perspective, there was no reason to refuse their help.

It was impossible to fight even a medium-sized monster one-on-one, so he needed people to draw attention and interfere with the monster’s movements.

“If Uncle Jeff were fighting with me, that would be one thing, but for now, it’s not possible.”

Despite his initial determination, Kaiyan found himself separated from Uncle Jeff after fighting the monsters.

Even if a special unit chose only skilled soldiers, it was still difficult to fight against monsters of medium or higher size.

Therefore, Kaiyan and Uncle Jeff had no choice but to split up in order to deal a decisive blow to the monsters. Traveling together would be a great loss.

*?????? *?????? *

While Kaiyan and the soldiers of the 7th Special Forces were struggling to handle the monsters, Tarien, and the knights watched them with a relaxed expression.

Watching them fight fiercely for their lives as if they were amusing toys.

While looking around the battlefield, Tarien noticed something and spoke up.

“Hmm, that guy attacking the Minotaur. He seems to have good skills for a soldier of low rank.”

“Tarien, that soldier is an aura user. I personally recruited him. Haha…”

The soldier Tarien was observing with interest was none other than Jeff Kallein.

As an aura user, Jeff was faster and stronger than the other soldiers, so he stood out.

Tarien was surprised by the officer’s answer, but a smile appeared on his face.

“Oh! An aura user. Well done! Officers, keep bringing soldiers like him. I’ll work hard to earn my father’s approval.”

“Yes! Don’t worry. We’re still looking for skilled soldiers.”

“I see… Oh! Who’s that guy? He seems to have good skills too. Who brought him?”

“Um… That guy is…”

Just then, Kaiyan, who had just defeated a monster with one blow, caught Tarien’s eye.

“Did the officer bring that guy too?”

“Oh, yes! He’s a soldier from the same unit as the aura user soldier you mentioned earlier.”

The knight officer was quite surprised to see Kaiyan’s skill in defeating the monster.

He had never thought that Kaiyan, with his young appearance, could be so skilled.

He had only brought him along as a joke, seeing that Jeff, the soldier he trusted, had taken him under his wing.

“As expected! These soldiers need to be treated a little more especially. Call them to my mansion when the war is over.”

“Yes! I understand!”

Unintentionally, Jeff Kallein and Kaiyan became the center of Tarien’s attention.

*?????? *?????? *

“Argh…my arm!”

“Take the injured first! We’ll handle things here!”


Kaiyan fought more desperately than anyone else to save even one more soldier.

Thanks to that, he was able to experience the vague sensation he had felt earlier several times over.

“Yesterday, I couldn’t feel this sensation…why now?”

Perhaps this was what they called foresight.

He didn’t react to every attack, but whenever a truly life-threatening attack came his way, his senses kicked in without fail.


“To the left.”

Kaiyan dodged to the left as his senses had told him, and the monster’s attack passed by his right side.

He wasn’t sure why he was experiencing these sensations, but what mattered was that this allowed him to fight monsters from even closer range.



Of course, Kaiyan still had to stay focused, since he couldn’t react to every attack.

Just because he had grown stronger since yesterday didn’t mean he wouldn’t die if he took a wrong hit from a large monster.

“Phew! Let’s finish this quickly.”


The Evelyn, who had been facing him, suddenly stopped attacking.

When he looked at him, a green line appeared around his neck and his head fell off his body.


“Kaiyan, are you okay?”

Behind the fallen Evelyn, was Jeff who was standing with a sword covered in green blood.

“Uncle Jeff!”

Jeff smiled faintly, but he looked like he had gone through a brutal battle, with wounds all over his body, starting from his armor.

“How did you get here?”

Jeff must have known that Kaiyan couldn’t keep following them around like this.

“Phew…calm down. Look around you.”


He looked around as Kaiyan had told him to.


There wasn’t a single monster in sight, even though there had been many nearby just a moment ago.

Where could they have all gone?

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