A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 13 (Part 1)

“Let’s go, we can do this!” A soldier exclaimed.

“Yeah, we caught a big monster yesterday!” Another one replied.

As Kaiyan and Jeff charged forward, looking a bit reckless, the soldiers gained courage and followed behind them.

“Good. If the soldiers are backing us up…! Penetrating Stab!” Kaiyan exclaimed.


It was the strongest attack he could do right now.

Kaiyan extended his sword toward the legs of the ogre that had caught Jeff’s attention.


It was a situation similar to when they first faced the Minotaur yesterday.

“Darn it…! Is it really an ogre?” Kaiyan muttered.

Despite being hit with a direct Penetrating Stab skill, the ogre had only suffered a shallow wound. It felt like hitting a rock, even though Kaiyan had pierced its skin with his sword.

“Kuwaahh!” The ogre swung its arm like it was swatting away a pesky bug.

Even though it was a simple attack, the overwhelming presence emanating from its massive body was intense.

As Kaiyan quickly ducked his head, the ogre’s hand passed by, creating a gust of wind.



“Kraaack!” When Kaiyan turned around at the sound of a scream, one of the soldiers who had been following them was flying through the air, spewing blood after being hit by the ogre’s fist.

“Damn it…!” Kaiyan exclaimed.

It was obvious that the soldier was dead. No single soldier could withstand the monstrous power of the Ogre’s strike.

“Fall back!” Kaiyan shouted.

“Everyone, block it together! Don’t try to do it alone!”

Watching their actions, Kaiyan and the soldiers took a step back, distancing themselves from the ogre’s attack range.

It was extremely dangerous to enter its attack range recklessly. But…

“We’ll block it!” the soldiers yelled.

“Everyone, gather around!” they urged each other.

Without any time to warn them, several soldiers held their shields together and stepped forward.

As Kaiyan was about to shout at them, asking them what they were doing…



“Kyaaah!” the soldiers screamed.

The result was devastating. The ogre had punched the soldiers and their shields, sending them flying far away, as if mocking them.

More than five soldiers had died in just a brief moment.

“…We can’t win against this guy,” Kaiyan thought to himself.

Its destructive power was beyond compare, unlike the Minotaur, which was also a large monster.

Suppressing the fear rising from within, Kaiyan looked at Jeff, who was drawing attention from the ogre.

“Uncle Jeff, let’s fall back!” Kaiyan suggested.

“Kaiyan, if we retreat now, we’ll only suffer greater losses! Haaaap!” Uncle Jeff replied.


“This is insane…”

Even with Jeff, the only aura user among them, present, the ogre was accumulating wounds, albeit slowly. But at this rate, dozens more soldiers would have to be sacrificed to bring down the beast.

“Krrrk! Krrrk!”

“Be careful! Red orcs are approaching!”

“Damn it! Some of you, stop the incoming monsters!”

The situation only worsened, with one disaster following another.

Other monsters were closing in on the special unit while the ogre was still standing strong.

It was a daunting task to fight them all off with only about 400 soldiers.

“Damn it! Where are the knights…?”

In the frustrating situation, Kaiyan quickly searched for the knights. If they joined the battle, they could turn the tide and even reduce casualties among the soldiers.


As Kaiyan looked around, he found the knights still standing in the same spot, watching the fight between the soldiers and the monsters with a relaxed expression.

“Those bastards.”

Once again, he realized that the safety of their commander, Tarien, was more important to them than the lives of individual soldiers.

“…They’re the same as always.”

Anger rose inside Kaiyan as he thought of the knights who belittled the soldiers’ lives.

How could they be the same as humans? Kaiyan couldn’t understand how they could behave that way.

He turned his attention back to the ogre and Uncle Jeff.

“Yeah, the only ones we can rely on right now are Jeff and me.”


The ogre’s roar made their ears ring.

Kaiyan forcibly suppressed his fear and anger toward the monsters and said, “We have to kill it. I have no intention of stopping here. I’m looking at higher places, further places. I can’t stop here!”


Kaiyan struck in anger, hoping to deal more damage to the monsters with another skill, rather than relying on the useless knights.

He and Jeff were the only ones who could deliver a proper blow to the monster now.

“Ughh!! Penetrating Stab!”

Throwing himself onto the Ogre’s leg, Kaiyan swung his sword wildly as if possessed, willing to die to strike a fatal blow. If the first swing missed, he would swing twice more.


“Just die already! Die!”


How many times did he swing his sword at the Ogre’s leg?

One minute? It seemed like a little longer than that, now that the Ogre’s leg was a complete mess.

“Fall down!”

As he reached out with his sword towards the Ogre’s leg, which was torn apart here and there, the sword narrowly passed through the hide and dug deeply into the flesh.


Finally, whether he could withstand the shock to his leg or not, the Ogre screamed and began to crumble slowly.


The ground shook as if an earthquake had occurred.


“Don’t let your guard down! Attack from behind where he can’t reach!”

Shouting urgently at the other soldiers who were rushing blindly toward the fallen Ogre, Jeff gestured as the ogre swung at them.




“…This is really a monster.”

This ogre was on another level compared to the other monsters who could easily be subdued by just knocking them down to the ground.

The ogre, never losing its fierce eyes, continued to swing its arms until the end, trying to resist.



“Ughh! Spare me!”

While dodging the Ogre’s attacks with all his might and striking him in the face, a slow-footed soldier was eventually caught by the ogre’s grip.

The problem was that he had let his guard down when the Ogre’s movements slowed.

“P-please! Spare…”


With the sound of bones breaking, the screaming soldier with his tongue out fell limp.

Even if they brought a priest right now, they wouldn’t be able to save him.

‘It’s a shame, but… this is my chance!’

With a kick to the ground, Kaiyan leaped high towards the area below the ogre’s neck, which had been cut by Jeff’s blow.

It was unfortunate for the captured soldier, but this was his chance now that the ogre had let his guard down.


As he mounted the Ogre’s body, the ogre who had noticed me belatedly tried to throw the soldier he was holding.

“Penetrating Stab!”

He pulled back his arm that had been pulled forward and extended his sword.


As the outstretched sword pierced through the hide of the ogre, it dug into its flesh, causing the monster to convulse for a moment before spitting out a stream of blood.

“Krrrk… Krr…”

“Die you bastard!”


With a strong grip on the hilt, the sword plunged even deeper into the monster, causing its breathing to weaken until it finally slammed its head against the ground.

Ding! [You have leveled up.]

Ding! [You have reached level 10. The shop is now open.]

Ding! [You have leveled up.]


The level-up notification was a sure sign that the monster had been defeated.

Despite only taking down one monster, his experience gauge was already full, and he had risen to level 2 in one shot.

Of course, it was possible because the monster was an ogre.

“Woohoo! We did it! We killed it!”

“We killed an ogre that was supposed to be so formidable!”

“Let’s kill them all! Let’s kill all the other monsters too!”

As the ogre’s breath came to a halt, the soldiers shouted with joy.

It was all thanks to the power of the soldiers working together that they were able to defeat the ogre. However, not all the soldiers were happy.

“Malon, we avenged you…”

Some of the soldiers were trying to recover the body of their fallen comrade with sad expressions.

“…Phew. I’ll distribute 4 points into strength for now.”

Name: Kaiyan / Age: 15 / Occupation: Player / Title: None

Level: 11 / Strength: 21 / Agility: 12 / Stamina: 10 / Intelligence: 9 / Free Points: 0

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