A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 12 (Part 2)


Player awakening, day 6.

The surviving soldiers of the 7th special unit from yesterday’s battle before the war started gathered in one place.

“Phew… Let’s live well today too.”

“Let’s all survive!”

“Please don’t die recklessly and let’s live!”

Although the members of the 7th special unit were half-depleted, they encouraged each other with pats on the back.

Perhaps it was because they had fought together risking their lives, even though it had only been one day, they could feel the camaraderie that was not easily felt in the outskirts.

“Hey! Stop talking and get ready.”


Kaiyan watched as the knight observing their actions from the side quickly formed a formation upon the commander’s arrival. After the soldiers had formed a decent formation, Tarien, adorned in flashy armor like yesterday, climbed onto a small platform.

“Hmm…yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well…but today will be different!” Tarien declared.

Kaiyan couldn’t help but wonder what could be different. Tarien descended from the platform, perhaps embarrassed by the mistakes he made yesterday.

“Don’t make any mistakes today,” the commander warned him.

“I heard that the commander scolded him severely yesterday,” a soldier standing in front of Kaiyan whispered to his colleague.

“How do you know that?” his colleague asked.

“A friend of mine told me. He happened to overhear it while cleaning the commander’s quarters.”

“That’s why he looked so unhappy,” Kaiyan added, understanding now why Tarien had seemed so troubled.

Yesterday, Tarien made more than one or two mistakes. His biggest mistake was charging alone without following the commander’s orders. As a noble, he got off lightly, but if he were an ordinary soldier, he would have been beheaded by the knights. It was a mistake that could be easily overlooked because he was a noble.

Whoosh! The war horn announcing the start of the war echoed across the plain. Even the soldiers who had been chattering quietly began to tense up, their mouths shut tight. Koong! Koong! Koong! It was undoubtedly a monster army. The ground shook as they rushed towards them from a distance, a charge that could never be imitated by a human army.

“Begin,” the commander ordered.

In response to the commander’s order, ballistae and various long-range attacks poured down like a shower on the monsters charging toward them.

The sight of monsters’ heads being smashed on rocks and monsters burning in wizards’ magic was quite terrifying, but there would be no more beautiful sight for the soldiers on the battlefield than this.

Even if just one more monster falls, Kaiyan’s chances of surviving today will increase.

“Sympathy for vicious monsters is a luxury. They are enemies and must be killed,” Kaiyan heard a fellow soldier say.



As the commander’s order to launch a full attack was given, the soldiers let out a cry and rushed forward. Fortunately, Tarien did not make the same mistake as yesterday by charging ahead first.

With relief, they ran towards the monsters with Tarien in the center, alongside the soldiers of the 7th Special Forces Unit.

“It’s fortunate that he didn’t rush ahead alone…but it’s ridiculous.”

According to the basic formation of the Allied forces, the knights should lead the charge, with the soldiers supporting from behind. But now, they were in the opposite formation, with soldiers leading the charge and knights supporting from behind.

“On the other hand, the central army…”

Looking around, the knights of the central army were already charging toward the monsters.

Thanks to the powerful charging attack of the central knights, the soldiers could catch the monsters more easily.

“That’s why the special forces unit suffers the most.”

The words that were absentmindedly thought to himself were so frustrating that they slipped out.

Since there were no charging knights in the special forces unit, the soldiers had to move more, resulting in a higher mortality rate.

Furthermore, they were in a situation where they had to bear the burden of the commander’s mistaken orders.


As the monster blocking the 7th Special Forces Unit let out a roar, the body shook as if paralyzed.

“Grr! That roar is really something!”

“How can we catch that…”


The monster they met from the beginning was unfortunately an Ogre.

They had experienced it once yesterday, but it was difficult to adapt to the roar emitted by the giant monster. Moreover, the Ogre was not just any monster, but the top predator among land monsters.

“We’re going deeper! What are you doing!”

That annoying Tarien guy yelled at the soldiers who hesitated, and the knight who received his order pushed the soldiers forward with their swords.

“Charge, everyone! It’s an order!”

“Hurry up and move! If you show your back and run away, I’ll kill you!”

The knights must have known that it would be difficult to face the ogres with just soldiers.

“They don’t care about our lives.”

As the soldiers hesitated about what to do when facing the ogres, the old man Jeff next to Kaiyan stepped forward, as if there was no other choice.

“Phew…there’s nothing we can do. Kaiyan, don’t try to block their attacks, just dodge them. Ogres are different from other monsters.”


With that, Jeff rushed towards the ogres.

He was trying to attract their attention to minimize the damage to the soldiers. But even for an experienced soldier, it was a very risky move.

“…To overcome my fear, I have to take down this monster. Now that Jeff has caught their attention, this is my chance.”

After calming his trembling body to some extent, Kaiyan dashed toward the ogre.

The only way to overcome his fear was to defeat the ogre-like he had defeated the Minotaur.

‘I will kill this monster and conquer my fear.’ Kaiyan thought.

His eyes, mixed with fear and anger, turned red as he charged toward the ogre.

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