A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 18 (Part 2)

After a while, his mind calmed down, allowing him to examine the list one by one.

“Potions, maps, provisions, Aura Manuals… Wait. Aura Manuals? Are they the Aura Manuals I know?”

As he checked each item from the beginning, his thoughts came to a halt at the section on Aura Manuals.

How was it possible to sell Aura Manuals at a shop?

Kaiyan had thought that he should confirm if this Aura Manual is the same as the one he knows, so he wanted to see the technique.


A more detailed list of Aura Manuals opened up.

“It seems like they are divided by grades….”

What’s a bit strange is that there are a whopping six grades, unlike what Kaiyan knows.

For a resident of the continent of Eunasia, it is common knowledge that Aura Manuals are divided into low, intermediate, and high grades.

“First, let’s confirm if it’s a genuine Aura Manual. Show me the intermediate ones.”

[Intermediate: Halen Aura Manual, Gavien Aura Manual, Hantiner Aura Manual…]

The newly opened intermediate Aura Manuals were not just one or two.

Kaiyan wondered just how many Aura Manuals are being sold in the player’s shop. The list seems to be constantly updated without end.

It’s on such a vast scale that even checking just one section of the shop would require a considerable amount of time.

“Ugh… Just show me the Halen Aura Manual.”

Before Kaiyan’s head gets even more complicated, he chose the Halen Aura Manual that was right at the front.

Since he didn’t know anything about Aura Manuals anyway, just looking at the names wouldn’t tell him which one is good.

[Halen Aura Manual: Intermediate Aura Manual, created by the slaughterer Halen, allows for faster accumulation of aura compared to other intermediate Aura Manuals, temperament becomes violent] [3000G]

“…So it’s really an Aura Manual.”

Should he say that he didn’t know how to react because it was such a strong stimulus?

“The Halen Aura Manual. It allows for faster accumulation of aura.”

He’s never learned aura, so he doesn’t know the details, but it looked good to him that he could accumulate aura faster compared to other Aura Manuals. However…

“…Temperament becomes violent? What does that mean? And is that 3000G the price? It couldn’t possibly be 3000 gold, right?”

If that 3000G really means 3000 gold, then Aura Manuals are too expensive.

Kaiyan can barely earn one gold by hunting all day long, but 3000 gold? That’s just telling him to watch from the sidelines.

“It can’t be… It must be something else. Show me the Gavien Aura Manual.”

Kaiyan prayed that ‘G’ didn’t mean gold as he opened up other skill options. He wanted to check the effects and prices of different skills.

[Gavien’s Skill: Intermediate skill, a skill used by Gavien, the last knight of the Kingdom of Baphnia, activates faster] [2500G]

“The Kingdom of Baphnia?” he wondered.

It was the first time Kaiyan had heard of such a kingdom in his life.

Even though he lived in a small village, he was not unaware of the names of the kingdoms that existed on the continent of Eunasia.

But Baphnia Kingdom? That country definitely didn’t exist in his memory.

“Hmm… And it activates faster? What on earth does that mean?” he pondered.

Even if he skimmed over the name of the country, it was difficult for him to understand the effects written on the skill.

He should at least have some knowledge of the skill to determine if it was a good skill, but unfortunately, he lacked such knowledge.

“Moreover, it’s so expensive… 2500 gold or 3000 gold, it’s all the same.”

Even if Kaiyan emptied his pockets right now, he doubted it would be worth more than a few silver coins.

On top of that, he still had debts to repay to Uncle Jeff.

“Sigh… Is it just telling me to watch from the sidelines… Hmm?”

[Owned: 197G]

As he was disheartened by the exorbitant price of the skill, the thought of the G he had crossed his mind.

“Do I have 197G? I don’t have a single gold coin, so what is this nonsense?” he exclaimed.

Surprisingly, Kaiyan did have some G. And it was 197 of them!

“That means G isn’t gold…”

Knowing that G wasn’t gold gave him a glimmer of hope.

And he already possessed 197G. Now the problem was how he obtained G in the first place. To purchase the skill, he needed to find out how to obtain G no matter what.

“Rieka… If only she had told me a little more before leaving.”

The first thing that came to his mind was Rieka, the beginner’s guide. If she were here, she would have kindly explained it to him.

Rieka mentioned that they could meet again if he leveled up, but he didn’t know when that would be, and it felt frustrating.

“Things have turned out this way… Show me the lowest-tier skill.”

[Lowest-tier: Naphrasa’s Skill, Ventonia’s Skill, Pixelin’s Skill…]

Indeed, just like the intermediate Aura Manual, there were not just one or two low-level Aura Manual methods.

‘First is the Naphrasa Aura Manual.’

[Naphrasa Aura Manual: Lowest-level Aura Manual method, passed down in the Naphrasa family, the limit of Aura Experts] [150G]

‘…Huh? Does this mean that one can reach the level of an Aura Expert with the Naphrasa Aura Manual, even though it’s clearly a low-level method?’

Since Kaiyan didn’t have many G, he checked the lowest-level Aura Manual method out of curiosity, and he discovered a surprising fact.

Naturally, he thought that the lowest-level manuals sold in stores were only half-baked methods, but to think that he could reach the level of an Aura Expert through this Aura Manual method.

That means it’s the same as the grade Aura Manual method that Uncle Jeff mentioned.

‘Then what’s going on? Does it mean that the lowest-level manual sold in stores are considered low-grade manuals here? And the intermediate ones… are they high grade?’

If this assumption is true, Kaiyan couldn’t imagine what level the manuals sold in stores as high, highest, and Master were.

No, he didn’t even need to go that far. If only he could buy an intermediate-level manual, it would mean that he could learn high-grade aura like the royalties.

It’s the so-called high-grade Aura Manual method that he couldn’t learn no matter what even if he died and came back to life.

When Kaiyan realized that intermediate-level Aura manuals were considered high grades, it was hard to calm his pounding heart.

‘Should I save up G and buy an intermediate-grade manual? Ah… I don’t even know how to save up G.’

He was greatly attracted to the intermediate grade aura manual, but the problem was G.

He couldn’t just think about the insanely expensive intermediate-grade aura without even knowing how to gather G.

‘Right, what’s important to me right now is an Aura Manual method that I can learn immediately. If it’s priced at 150G, I can definitely afford it.’

Suppressing his excited emotions, Kaiyan closed the shop window and headed to the training space.

Even if he could purchase an Aura Manual method, there was something he had to confirm beforehand, and the person who could provide him with the answers was inside the training hall.

“Uncle Jeff! I have something I’m curious about.”

It was Jeff Kallain, an Aura user.

If it’s Uncle Jeff, he should know the answers to Kaiyan’s questions.

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