A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 18 (Part 1)

“It’s quiet,” Kaiyan muttered.

With his sword in hand, he stepped outside, only to find the entire camp in a state of rest and tranquility. It was a time when they could finally indulge in a well-deserved break after a fierce battle with monsters.

“I should check the reward box first. Storage box,” Kaiyan called out, summoning his reward box.

“[Low-grade Recovery Potion (4), Quest Reward Box (D)]”

“As expected…” Kaiyan’s expectations were met as he discovered that the reward box was of D-grade quality. He had secretly hoped for a C-grade box, but now he realized that such a desire might have been too greedy.

“Let’s see what’s inside. Unlock,” Kaiyan said, his hands trembling with anticipation.

Being his first encounter with a D-grade box, Kaiyan couldn’t help but feel a great sense of excitement and curiosity about its contents. Yet, one thing he knew for sure was that the quest reward boxes had never disappointed him before.

[You have obtained four low-grade Stamina potions.]

“It’s a little disappointing, but it’s not bad for my Stamina,” Kaiyan sighed. Despite not being a strength or agility potions he had hoped for, Stamina potions were still a valuable asset.

“Having four of them isn’t so bad. It’s equivalent to gaining four points in my attributes. Storage box,” Kaiyan commanded, his voice filled with determination.

Without any need to store the attribute potions, Kaiyan promptly retrieved them from his inventory and consumed them without delay.

Name: Kaiyan / Age: 15 / Class: Player / Title: None

Level: 16 / Strength: 25 / Agility: 18 / Stamina: 18 / Intelligence: 9 / Free Points: 0

Kaiyan’s attribute stats had experienced a remarkable surge that was incomparable to his previous state. In just a few days, all of his stats, except for intelligence, had undergone significant growth.

“Sigh… It’s definitely different from when I increased my strength. It feels like I’m brimming with energy,” Kaiyan murmured, contemplating the effects of his increased Stamina attribute.

The surge in his Stamina attribute provided a sensation distinct from simply overflowing with strength. It was more akin to a feeling of improved overall well-being as if his body had become healthier.

“To have dealt with one task… Now, it’s time to access the Perks window,” Kaiyan said, determined to proceed further.

Ding! [Activate Perks Window]

[Fast Walker: Increases the efficiency of all movement-related skills by 10%]

[Defender: Increases the efficiency of all defense-related skills by 20%]

[The Diligent One: Skill Grades Grow Faster]

[please choose one of the three randomly generated Perks.]

As Kaiyan looked at the attribute window, several phrases appeared before him.

Just looking at them made his head spin with the complicated explanations.

“Choose one of those options….”

Clearly, the last phrase instructed him to choose one attribute out of the three.

In other words, it meant that he could obtain one of the attributes he chose.

“It’s a somewhat unexpected gift.”

Perhaps it was because it was an unexpected gift. Kaiyan felt even happier than when opening a reward box.

Suppressing his excitement, he carefully examined each Perk.

“Well… I will pass the first one.”

There were no skills related to movement among his current skills.

Of course, there may be skills related to movement later on, but for now, it is better for Kaiyan to choose an attribute that he can see the effects of immediately.

“The Defender… it enhances the efficiency of shield mastery skill.”

The second Perk is “The Defender.”

It’s an excellent perk that increases the efficiency of defense-related skills by a whopping 20 percent.

The problem is that Kaiyan is currently an attacker, not a shield soldier, so does he really need that Perk?


The reason for such a dilemma is that Kaiyan doesn’t know whether he can change the chosen Perks or acquire different ones later.

So, he wants to choose the Perk that would be the most helpful to him if possible.

“Next is… The Diligent One. It’s a somewhat vague Perk.”

The description is really vague.

It’s not like other attributes where percentages are written, nor does it provide a detailed explanation of what it is related to.

It simply ends with a brief explanation that the skill grades grow faster.

“Um, what on earth… Wait a minute!”

When Kaiyan was pondering about The Diligent One, a thought flashed through his mind.

“The fact that skill grades grow faster… it means that the grades of the skills I already have can increase.”

The attribute clearly says “faster.”

Doesn’t that mean that even without choosing the attribute, the skills themselves can grow?

If that’s the case, it means that Kaiyan’s current Swordsmanship (D) skill can progress to C then B, and even further to A or beyond.

Even now, Kaiyan was amazed at how effectively he could use the Swordsmanship (D) skill, and the fact that it could be further elevated was astonishing!

“The Diligent One Perk serves as a supporting role, accelerating my growth even more,” he thought.

His whole body shivered at this astounding revelation.

The possibility of skill grade advancement was a tremendous shock to him.

Upon discovering this remarkable fact, he couldn’t help but find The Diligent One Perk which could expedite skill grade growth incredibly appealing.

“Indeed… In that case, I choose The Diligent One Perk”

If he hadn’t realized that skill grade advancement was possible, he might have chosen the defender perk instead.

Surely, he would have regretted it deeply in the distant future.

“I’m not sure how much this perk will aid in grade advancement, but it’s not bad.”

[Perk ‘The Diligent One’ applied!]

As soon as the Perk was applied, Kaiyan swung his sword through the air.


“It’s the same.”

Though he swung the sword with the anticipation that something might have changed, it remained unchanged, as expected.

It seemed that an upgrade in such a short time would be difficult.

“Is this already the last one?”

The remaining thing was the shop window.

He had tried to access it at level 9 but couldn’t due to insufficient level.

However, now at an impressive level 16, he had reached a level where he could thoroughly examine what the shop had to offer.

He presumed that the shop, as its name suggested, would sell items similar to an exchange booth.



Potions/Maps/Provisions/Aura Manuals/Magic Books…

As he opened the shop window, the list of items flowed into Kaiyan’s mind.

Just thinking about the list was enough to make his headache due to its immense scale.

“To compare something like this to an exchange booth… What a foolish thought.”

It was truly a foolish notion.

Even if he were to gather a list of all the items sold at the exchange booth, it wouldn’t even be a thousandth of the list in the shop window.

“Why are there so many…?”

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