A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 19 (Part 2)

“Sure! Kaiyan, don’t overdo it, and be careful!” Kaiyan had asked Uncle Jeff to fight near that Tarien guy during the battle. After experiencing yesterday’s battle, he realized that the combination of knights and soldiers worked well. But for that to happen, the initial phase needed to be resolved quickly. The knights could help from the central battlefield, after all.

“That Tarien guy doesn’t seem like someone who would stick with the soldiers in the initial phase.” That’s why he had no intention of following Tarien in the initial phase. If he was with the soldiers following him, they could quickly resolve the initial phase. Of course, this was only possible because he was a Centurion of the 7th Special Unit.

“Let’s go!”

“Let’s go! Show them the power of humans!”

“Kill them all!” As Kaiyan rushed forward, around a hundred soldiers who had fought with him yesterday naturally followed behind him.

Their initial target was the large-sized monsters scattered in all directions due to the long-range attacks of the Allied Forces. There were no easier opponents to deal with than the monsters that were separated from the main battlefield.



“You there, here!” The soldiers drew the attention of monsters rushing toward Kaiyan, creating opportunities for him.


Boom! A monster excited by the soldiers’ attacks swung its arms in all directions, threatening the soldiers. But since their goal was to draw its attention, they had already created a sufficient distance between themselves and the monster. It would be absurd to think that these experienced soldiers couldn’t dodge the monster’s attacks from that distance.

“You, not there, here!”

“Keep stabbing!”

“Great. Penetrating Stab!” After confirming that the soldiers were able to avoid the monster’s attacks with ease, Kaiyan took advantage of the opening and swiftly leaped forward, extending his sword.

Swoosh! Without any resistance, his sword pierced through the tough skin of the monster’s sturdy legs and mercilessly struck its vitals. The length of the sword that penetrated the monster’s body was over 50 cm, dealing a highly lethal blow.


“That one’s down! Be careful!”

“Fall back! Quickly!” In the moment of surprise, as the monster fell, Kaiyan momentarily froze, but the soldiers shouted, and the monster started to collapse. He pushed it away and retreated.

Boom! The monster fell to the ground with such ease that it felt anticlimactic. The soldiers cheered at the sight and rushed forward with their spears raised.

“Now! Attack!”

“Don’t give it a chance to get up!”

“It’s my turn! Keep attacking!” The soldiers and Kaiyan, not missing the opportunity, thrust their weapons forward, and dozens of weapons mercilessly pierced the monster’s body.


“Woah! It’s still moving!”

“Don’t stop attacking! Don’t let it get up!” The soldiers repeatedly thrust their weapons into the monster’s body, not giving it any chance to retaliate. In an instant, the large-sized monster was taken down by the coordinated attacks of the soldiers and Kaiyan.

“Fifth Squad, check the surroundings! No more monsters?”

“Fourth Squad, retreat a little! Let’s leave the corpses to the scavengers.” The squad leaders gave out commands and efficiently managed the situation.

Seeing the monsters being defeated so easily, the soldiers’ morale soared.

“Kaiyan! Great job!”

“Captain Kaiyan! We’re going to follow you for sure!”

“Captain Kaiyan, please take command of our unit!” The soldiers who witnessed the scene began to believe in Kaiyan even more.

“Let’s move on! Next!” Kaiyan shouted, urging the soldiers to continue.

His aim was not just one or two monsters. He would kill as many monsters as possible. That was the only way to create a safe and prosperous world for humans. With that determination, he swung his sword and continued to fight.

Boom! Boom! The earth trembled as if it were about to shatter under the weight of countless monsters. But Kaiyan wouldn’t waver. He was Captain Kaiyan, a Centurion of the 7th Special Unit. With the trust and expectations of the soldiers, he would lead them to victory. And with every monster he slayed, he would grow stronger. He would become a knight, a true hero who could protect the people.



“Show them our strength!” The soldiers followed Kaiyan’s lead and shouted in unison, fearlessly charging toward the monsters.


“We’re off to a great start! These creatures are no match for us!”

“We are the 7th Special Unit!”

“…It’s become easier. Is it because of the sword?”

Even with the assistance of the soldiers, the first strike that brought down the creature exceeded expectations. To think that a large-sized monster could be defeated with just a single attack. One can’t help but wonder if it’s due to the improved performance of the newly changed sword. Otherwise, it would be impossible to bring down such a large-sized monster with such ease.

“It seems like your skills have improved!”

“Haha! That’s right! Taking down a large-sized monster with a single blow.”

“You’re definitely fit to be a Centurion of the Special Unit!”

The soldiers, celebrating by slashing the corpses of the monsters, complimented Kaiyan.

Unbeknownst to them, Kaiyan had different thoughts, letting their words pass through one ear and out the other.

“At this rate…”

Greed had taken over Kaiyan’s mind.

After confirming the astonishing performance of the changed sword, greed surged within Kaiyan.

“…Could they venture deeper?”

The real central battlefield where the central unit is breaking through is a place where monsters are scattered like grass. Moreover, most of them have been injured by the central troops. It should be considered a place where overwhelming level-ups are guaranteed if Kaiyan can just enter.

“…No. Let’s not overdo it. It would be better to go in with the knights once the initial phase is resolved.”

Kaiyan made an effort to shake his head and calm his mind.

“…I still can’t use Aura for a long time.”

Using the time in the early morning when everyone was asleep, Kaiyan attempted the Aura Manual.

The sensation of the unruly power entering Kaiyan’s body through the Manual was indescribably thrilling. At that time, Kaiyan’s heart was pounding and throbbing with excitement and overwhelming emotion. It felt as if it would burst at any moment.

“Well… it was good up to that point.”

However, not everything continued to flow smoothly.

Initially, intoxicated by the wonder of Aura, Kaiyan had dedicated himself practice the Aura Manual. But no matter how long he practiced, the amount of Aura Kaiyan felt within his body did not expand beyond a certain point.

Only later did Kaiyan realize his mistake. It was when they read through the engraved Maeslin aura Manual in his mind again that they found the answer.

“The reason why the Maeslin Manual method is known as a failed Manual method…”

It was because, by normal means, it was impossible to accumulate Aura beyond a certain amount.

To become an Aura user and go even further to become an Aura expert, the only method available was to obtain Aura by killing living beings.

“But it’s not bad for me.”

If Kaiyan couldn’t accumulate Aura through normal means…

“…I can accumulate it by killing monsters. Since I’ll keep killing monsters.”

To obtain great power by killing the loathsome creatures.

How appealing is that Manual method?

Kaiyan even felt that it was better not to spend time on normal training with this Aura Manual. Since He will continue to kill monsters as he has been doing, that’s all he needs to do.

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