A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 23 (Part 1)

“Hehe, they got it. As expected, it’s the Elite Corps!”

“…Did they really kill it?”

It was hard for Kaiyan to believe that the giant monster, which had displayed tremendous prowess against the central army, had been killed so easily.

That creature had been mercilessly tearing apart the central army on its own.

“Don’t worry, they’ve really killed it. No monster can survive with its face dipped in those scorching flames.”

The senior knight patted Kaiyan’s back reassuringly and spoke in a calm tone as if to dispel any concerns.

“Well… I suppose you’re right. The air is so hot even from this distance.”

Even now, the fiery flames continued to engulf the basilisk.

If that creature survived such an attack in an unprotected state, it would be the same as saying not to bother trying to kill it.

“The Elite Corps… They’re truly remarkable. Six Circle Magicians under the Aura Master.”

Since the first time, Kaiyan witnessed the magic of the blazing flames, admiration had been pouring out of their mouth continuously until the end of the fight.

They truly knew how to take down a giant monster, displaying an overwhelming power difference.

“You’re lucky. It’s not easy to witness a battle like this.”

“I think so too.”

The battle between the giant monster and the elites would be unforgettable even as time passed.

Kaiyan was truly amazed by the fact that humans could possess such incredible power.

Perhaps today’s battle would remain etched in Kaiyan’s mind for the rest of their life.

“Someday, I…”

Their thrilling battle stimulated Kaiyan’s desire for growth.

He wanted to grow quickly and defeat giant monsters that seemed impossible to kill, just like them.

Along with that ambition, a thought emerged in Kaiyan’s mind. If he could attain such tremendous power like them, would it be possible to achieve his goals?

“Aura Master… If I reach that level, there will be no monster I can’t face.”

Moreover, he was a special person who possessed the privilege of being a player.

If he became an Aura Master, it was only natural that he would emit far stronger power than the previous Aura Masters. He had the status window, skills, and items that would support him with powers that they didn’t possess.

“…I will become an Aura Master by any means necessary.”

While Kaiyan closed his eyes and indulged in his own imagination, a loud noise echoed through the previously static battlefield.

“There are more people, so move closer!”

“You there! Yes, you! Fall back!”

As Kaiyan opened his eyes and looked at the battlefield filled with noise, knights and senior soldiers were commanding the elite troops to regroup and reorganize.

The injured were being sent to the rear through the created path, and the soldiers who had maintained their strength in the rear were joining the soldiers in the front, filling the manpower shortage.

These elite soldiers seemed to have experienced monster waves more than once; their handling skills were truly outstanding.

“Hehe, we should start moving again. If we want to help them, we need to kill as many monsters as possible from now on.”

“Yes, I want to help the central army by killing as many as possible.”

It was time to move again, just as the senior knight said.

It hadn’t been long since they defeated a heap of monsters, but new ones were rushing toward them from a short distance away.

Naturally, just because the basilisk had fallen didn’t mean the battle was over today.


“Let’s kill as many as we can.”

The monster hunt that resumed was easier than expected.

Perhaps the momentum of the monsters had dropped after the basilisk’s demise.

Moreover, most of these monsters had already been injured by the central army. As a result, they couldn’t utilize their full capabilities, as they were only operating at around 50 percent capacity.

Ting! [You leveled up]

Not long after the hunt began, the level-up alert rang out again.

“Is it one level for every 30 kills?”

The growth rate was insane.

It was more of a certainty than a guess that Kaiyan’s current stats easily surpassed those of an ordinary soldier.

< Character Status >

Name: Kaiyan / Age: 15 / Class: Player / Titles: None

Level: 20 / Strength: 30 / Agility: 20 / Stamina: 15 / Intelligence: 9 / Free Points: 0

An impressive level 20.

Whenever there were spare points, Kaiyan focused on increasing agility and stamina to a certain extent, thinking it would be necessary. The increase in level would slow down as time went on.

“When that time comes, I might have to seek stronger monsters.”

It was still possible to level up quickly by hunting large monsters, but if Reika’s explanation was correct, there would come a time when Kaiyan reached his limits.

That was because the experience required for the next level would continue to increase as his level rose.

“To maintain the current leveling speed, I’ll have to defeat stronger monsters each time I grow.”

However, that was easier said than done.

But continuously hunting weak monsters would extend the time it took to achieve his goals.


While Kaiyan momentarily pondered while facing the monster, a fearless Shadow Tiger prowled around him.

Its movements were familiar as if Kaiyan had experienced them before.

“Such a weak monster charging at me fearlessly…”


Before the sentence could be finished, the creature must have seen an opportunity and couldn’t contain its instincts, rushing towards Kaiyan.

With agile movements that would be difficult for an ordinary soldier to react to.

“…How annoying.”

But the creature was particularly weak to Kaiyan.

Since he already knew where it would strike through his senses, he took a step back, evaded its attack, and swiftly swung his sword with great strength towards its opening.


The creature fell to the ground, split in half, unable to even scream.

To think that a lower-ranked monster would dare to attack.

The old knight, who observed the scene from the side, sent Kaiyan an impressed gaze and offered words of praise.

“Oh! You managed to take down the Shadow Tiger in one strike. The more I see you, the more surprised I am. I can’t even think of you as an ordinary soldier.”

“…No, it’s not like that. I was momentarily surprised and swung. It was just luck.”

Kaiyan offered an excuse, but the old knight smiled with a touch of awkwardness as if saying, “I see through your excuse.”

‘…This is unsettling.’

“Your name is… Kaiyan, right? It seems like Tarien’s subordinate called you that.”

That curious face. It was clear to anyone that the old knight had a great interest in Kaiyan.

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