A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 28 (Part 2)

“Let me ask one last time. Are you really okay with this?”

“Yes. Is it true that the Orc Lord’s combat power is pathetic? Otherwise, I will die.”

“Haha, don’t worry. It’s just slightly stronger than an orc. With your skill level, you should be able to easily defeat it.”

“In that case… I’m ready!”

“Then go and return safely! Huaaap!”


A feeling of weightlessness engulfed Kaiyan. It was an entirely new sensation.


Uncontrollable screams escaped from his mouth.

The power of the senior knight and the subordinate knight was even greater than he had anticipated. He was soaring even higher in the sky than he had estimated.

“Ugh… Did I make a mistake?”

The wind fiercely pressed against his face.

Moreover, the distance from the ground was roughly 5 meters, no, at least 7 meters. What would happen if he fell like this? Would his body shatter into pieces?

“As long as it’s not instant death, it should be fine,” he had thought, but now he realized how foolish that idea was when he was actually flying in the sky. Flying in the sky was truly dangerous, especially at such a high speed. He realized this too late.

“… “

Unable to withstand the overwhelming fear, Kaiyan closed his eyes.

It was too scary to open his eyes and look at the current situation.

“I don’t want to die like this…”

Perhaps due to extreme terror, memories from the depths of his mind began to emerge one by one.

The memory of Kaiyan rebelling against his strict father because he didn’t want to learn how to write, but then being scolded and forced to learn.

“After every writing lesson, my father would buy me my favorite snack and embrace me affectionately.”

The memory of his mother, who always showered him with warm love.

“I really loved the apple pie my mom made.”

The memory of his younger sibling, who would come running to him and act cute whenever he felt depressed and lacked energy.

“…I’m sorry for not being able to protect you.”

With the memory of his sibling as the final thought, Kaiyan opened his eyes.

“Revenge. Yes, I haven’t even started my revenge yet. I can’t die like this!”

Deep within his heart, the memories of his family that he had kept emerged, and an uncontrollable anger towards the monsters rose within him.

“…This is how it turned out. I will definitely kill the Orc Lord. Even if it means risking my life! I will kill him and survive!”

Shouting loudly, Kaiyan pushed aside the fear that was creeping into his body.

He was enraged at the fact that he could be the only one to die without killing the Orc Lord.

He hadn’t even properly exterminated the monsters yet, and he couldn’t die already.

“If I’m going to die, I should at least kill a giant monster!”

Feeling indignant about dying like this, Kaiyan opened his eyes wide and stared at the Orc Lord.

As he got closer to it, his speed gradually decreased. Fortunately, it seemed that the senior knight and the subordinate knight had thrown him in the right direction.

“Ugh. You! You bastard! Stop right there!”

Suppressing the pressure of the wind, Kaiyan opened his mouth and cursed at the Orc Lord.


The Orc Lord stopped in surprise when Kaiyan flew toward him from the sky.

“Because of that guy, I risked my life and flew in the sky, spending a whopping 30G on toys. But what would I gain by capturing that guy?” Kaiyan thought.

Even if it was a named monster, its experience points would be lower than a medium-sized monster, and it wouldn’t give much G either.

“You useless piece of crap! You will die by my hands! Activate Aura!”

The more Kaiyan thought about it, the more his anger soared. No matter what tricks that guy used, Kaiyan would definitely kill him.

Activating his aura was to pour out all his strength, the aura moved frantically inside his body, and his power surged.


The Orc Lord seemed startled at first but then smirked when he realized that Kaiyan was just one person, and drew his weapon.

What irritated Him, even more, was that the orc was holding a sophisticated one-handed axe.



The Orc Lord swung his one-handed axe at Kaiyan as he descended from the sky. It was indeed a fierce strike, considering that it was an orc.

In response, Kaiyan chose an attack skill that had never disappointed me.

“Die! Penetrating Stab!”

As he descended, Kaiyan extended his sword forward, matching the speed of his fall.


At the point of intersection, the one-handed axe and the sword collided. The two weapons, making a grinding sound, continued to move toward their respective targets.

“Go deeper!”

Kaiyan felt the Orc Lord’s axe aiming for his head, but instead of using his sword to block it, he continued to thrust it forward. It was a showdown.



With a momentary shock that felt like his spine was going to break, Kaiyan’s consciousness became hazy.



An involuntary scream burst out due to the excruciating pain. What was satisfying, though, was that the Orc Lord seemed to be experiencing immense pain as well, judging from his screams.


At first glance, both the Orc Lord and Kaiyan seemed to have suffered fatal injuries, but the outcome was clearly different.

As Kaiyan endured the pain, slowly rising to his feet, the Orc Lord fell slowly, clutching his half-severed neck.

“I won. You bastard.”

Kaiyan shouted at the Orc Lord, who was wiping the cold sweat flowing down his forehead and groaning in pain.

“Really… It was a close call.”

If the Orc Lord had been a weak monster like the senior knight had said or if that guy had the combat power of a Red Orc, Kaiyan would have definitely lost.

At the last moment, Kaiyan stabbed his neck and immediately attempted to dodge. The gap between the axe and the former was so close but he managed to dodge slightly at the last second.

If Kaiyan had evaded a little later or if the axe had been a little faster, it would have been his face that was split apart.


Despite having his neck severed almost in half, the Orc Lord was still breathing heavily. For an orc, he had quite a tough vitality.

As the guy screamed, the foolish orc minions who had been blocking the knights finally realized that their king had been attacked and let out a bewildered roar.




In a rage, the orc minions with red eyes rushed toward me.

“Are you feeling wronged? Then you shouldn’t have come here! Powerful Downward Strike!”



With a swing of his green-blood-stained sword, Kaiyan beheaded the Orc Lord, who was already half-severed.

Once the Orc Lord’s head fell off, it was instant death, no matter how much of a Lord he was. Finally, Kaiyan had defeated the Orc Lord. Now, the remaining problem was…



As the Orc Lord’s head fell, the rushing minions suddenly stopped in their tracks.


Tension filled the air as saliva involuntarily dripped.

“…Please run away. If you don’t, I’ll resent the senior knight even if I die.”

With a heartfelt wish, Kaiyan hoped that the senior knight’s words were true as he spoke to the Orcs.

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