A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 28 (Part 1)

“Kwiang? Kueeak!”

As the figure attracted attention from the light, it seemed displeased and moved its body around, but the bead followed its movements, continuously emitting light.

“That bastard! That bastard is the Orc Lord!”

To make sure everyone could hear, Kaiyan shouted with a loud voice, standing on top of the piled orc corpses.

“It’s definitely him!”

If the item had functioned properly, then he was undoubtedly the Orc Lord. Look at his appearance.

He was dressed in decent attire, unlike the humans or orcs around him.

“Good! Form a wedge formation!”

“Wedge formation!”

Following the senior knight’s command, the other knights shouted in unison and formed a wedge formation. Now, all that remained was…


“Die, you orc scum!”

As the bead truly found the Orc Lord, the knights began to break through the Orc Legion in earnest.

Starting with shoulder checks to assert their presence, they focused solely on the breakthrough, attacking with all their might.

“Is your name Kaiyan? Haaap!”


A knight who mercilessly cut down the orcs blocking his path from the side approached and spoke.

“Ah, yes, that’s right.”

“I apologize.”


He halted his sword mid-swing at the knight’s unexpected apology.

“What are you sorry for, exactly?”

The knight had an ordinary face without any distinctive features.

He had never spoken with this knight before.

As he looked at the knight, the latter made an awkward expression and lightly tapped Kaiyan’s shoulder, as if to apologize.

“…Honestly, I couldn’t believe in you. That you can find the Orc lord. Most likely, other knights felt the same way.”

“Ah, is that so?”

From Kaiyan’s perspective, having spent all the G he had, it was infuriating to not be believed. But to some extent, he understood. If someone other than him had suggested it, he would have been skeptical as well.

A random soldier claiming to have an item that could find the Orc Lord? It was a relief that it wasn’t dismissed as nonsense. Thanks to Tarien and the senior knight, they had made it this far.

“That’s why everyone had been conserving their stamina to some extent. But now that we know it’s real, they will give it their all.”

“That’s a relief.”

Not just because of the knight’s words, but it was clear that there was a significant difference between before and after the bead found the Orc Lord.

Before, the knights had a sense of ease in their expressions, but now they wore a tense look.

However, they weren’t blamed for it.

“It’s ironic that a toy had such a function in the first place.”



The knights led the way, forcefully breaking through the Orc Legion, getting closer and closer to the Orc Lord.

The Orc Lord seemed flustered by the spotlight, aware that Kaiyan and the others are approaching him, and started to panic, shoving the orcs out of the way as he fled.

“Oh no…! He’s escaping! Breakthrough quickly!”

“Even if we suffer losses, breakthrough!”

“It can’t end like this!”

The knights exerted themselves, spewing out a terrifying aura, but unfortunately, the Orc Lord’s speed in escaping surpassed theirs.

If things continued like this, they would inevitably lose track of him.

“Darn it! Is there… Is there no solution?”

As the situation grew desperate, he grabbed his unyielding head and spun it around in frustration.

“If we let him go like this, not only the central forces but also the knights and even Uncle Jeff will be in danger!”

The knights had already expended a great deal of stamina to get here.

If they had to break through the Orc Legion again and retreat, they might have to risk their lives. If that happened, it would be because of the plan Kaiyan proposed that people would die.

“If only… if only I had G…”

If he could use the Universal Shop Window, there might have been a solution, but unfortunately, with the G he currently possessed, there was no way.

“Please… Ah!”

At that moment, a wild idea flashed through his mind.

“…Is it possible? No, let’s give it a try for now.”

Even though it was a gamble and a dangerous plan that had occurred to him in an instant, among the methods he had come up with, it was the only way to capture the Orc Lord.

If Kaiyan couldn’t capture the Orc Lord and was going to die anyway, he thought it would be better to risk his life and give it a try.

“I can’t do it alone. I need help.”

After finalizing his thoughts, Kaiyan found the senior knight who was fighting at the forefront against the orcs.

The plan he had conceived required the assistance of the knight.

“Sir knight!”


The senior knight, who swung his sword horizontally, cutting down three orcs at once, stepped back and looked at Kaiyan.

“What’s the matter?”

“… I have a way to capture the Orc Lord.”

“Is that true? Tell me quickly!”

He became excited, even though he had shown a calm demeanor even in the face of giant monsters. That meant he understood how dangerous the current situation was. If that was the case, there was a high chance he would assist Kaiyan with his plan.

“The plan is… to throw me at the Orc Lord.”

Kaiyan blurted out the crazy idea, closing his eyes.

It would obviously be an impossible story if it were an ordinary soldier, but if it was a knight corresponding to an Aura Expert, it would be possible for him to throw someone as light as Kaiyan at the Orc Lord.

“Are you insane?”

The senior knight furrowed his brow and, judging by his gaze, seemed to think that Kaiyan had lost his mind due to the frustrating situation.

“Yes. It seems like a crazy idea. But there’s no time. Please throw me! Unlike the other knights, I’m wearing leather armor, so I won’t be too heavy.”

Honestly, after coming up with this plan, the first thing Kaiyan did was look for someone else who could do it.

But unfortunately, the only people wearing leather armor were Kaiyan and Uncle Jeff. However, he couldn’t put Uncle Jeff in such a dangerous situation even if it meant repaying a favor.

“…this the only option left. I Have to do it. After all, I was the one who suggested this plan.”

The fact that Kaiyan was the proposer of this operation pressed heavily on him, forcing him to undertake this dangerous task.

“You… Haa, you don’t need to risk your life. If it doesn’t work out, we can retreat…”

“If it comes to that, the damage will be much greater for the knights as well, isn’t it?”


“This was originally my idea. So, I want to take responsibility and resolve it.”

The senior knight’s eyes trembled as he heard Kaiyan’s words.

“You… You’re serious.”

“Yes, and I’ve never thought of dying, so you don’t have to worry.”

Kaiyan knew very well that it was an extremely dangerous task. But he truly didn’t think about dying.

What he believed in now was the potions stored in his inventory. If he used a potion, he could somehow survive under the assumption that he wouldn’t die instantly.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

Nodding his head firmly at the senior knight’s resolute gaze, the knight replied, “Understood. Hey, if you heard, come here and help!”

“Ah, yes!”

Since it was clear that it would be more effective with two people than alone, the senior knight called over the subordinate knight who was standing next to him.

When the subordinate arrived and stood by Kaiyan’s right side, the senior knight opened his mouth with a serious expression.

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