A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 5 (Part 1)


Kaiyan wanted to savor this feeling as much as possible, but a goblin rushed at him.

“Now, stabbing rather than slashing!” he thought to himself.

Kaiyan instinctively moved his foot and thrust his sword hard toward the goblin rushing toward him.


With a single powerful thrust, Kaiyan pierced the goblin’s head.

The feeling of cutting through flesh and breaking bones with the tip of his sword was intense.

“…Were goblin skulls this weak?” Kaiyan was a little surprised at how easily he killed the goblin.

Of course, he had confidence in his preparations, but this was too easy. At this rate, he could kill dozens of goblins or more.

“…Great! It’s hunting time,” he exclaimed.

Kaiyan continued to hunt goblins while roaming the outskirts of the battlefield.

He discovered that the sword he was using now had a longer attack range than the wooden spear he had used until yesterday.

The wooden spear was 1.2m long, while the sword he was using now was only 80cm. However, Kaiyan didn’t know how to use a spear, so he just held it in the middle and used it. As a result, the actual attack range was a little further with the Aming Sword. And that difference was…


“Kki-e-ek!” another goblin appeared.

Kaiyan cut the goblin’s neck halfway with a single stroke, and it spat out dirty green blood and fell to the ground.

Even if the goblin and Kaiyan thrust their swords at each other, the difference in attack range meant the goblin’s sword couldn’t reach him. It was a one-sided slaughter, like hunting.

“Phew…I caught quite a few,” he thought to himself.

How many had he caught? When Kaiyan checked the pouch hanging from his waist, he saw that he had collected a pile of goblin ears.

“…It was this easy,” he muttered.

It felt a little strange because it was the first time his pouch was filled with monster ears that weighed so heavily.

Kaiyan felt foolish for not being able to do such an easy hunt until now.

“Shall I try to catch something more challenging? I think I can handle it now,” he thought, feeling more confident after the goblin slaughter and becoming a little greedy.

The Gnoll was a small monster like a goblin, but twice as big. That meant its minimum strength and attack range was at least twice that of a goblin.

“Help me, please!” he heard a desperate scream from a person nearby as he was thinking for a moment.

“Haah… Do I go and help?” Kaiyan wondered to himself, hesitating for a moment.

But he had no choice. He couldn’t just stand there and watch Monsters kill people in front of his eyes.

“Hey! You there! Help me quickly!”

The soldier urgently called out to Kaiyan, who had approached the Gnoll silently, ready to launch a surprise attack.

Kaiyan stopped in his tracks, realizing that it would be reckless to engage the Gnoll now that it had turned around and noticed him.

“Let’s stay calm… It’s just a Gnoll, I can do this.”

The Gnoll was holding a Club. Compared to the club, the rusty short swords Kaiyan had been dealing with until now seemed almost cute.

if that club hit him even once, he’d be dead.

“I can’t charge in recklessly. I need a plan,” Kaiyan thought, calming himself and thinking about his sword skills.

“Obviously, if I fight with physical strength, I will be pushed back. I have to let it come at me first.”

Kaiyan watched the Gnoll’s muscles wriggle with tension and swallowed hard, looking straight at the creature and opening his mouth to draw its attention.

“Hey, You Ugly Bastard!” he exclaimed.

“Krrk? Krwang!”

The sound was unpleasant, and the Gnoll swung its club, charging forward as if it were crazed. Kaiyan, facing the Gnoll, felt a new level of intimidation, knowing the creature held a higher rank than the goblin.

The provocation had been easier than he expected, but Kaiyan resisted the urge to distance himself from the creature immediately. He knew that he couldn’t do that if he wanted to take it down.

The Gnoll swung its club again, and Kaiyan ducked calmly, avoiding it, though his heart shuddered at the violent wind. The intimidation from the club was no joke.


“Krrr–krrarrrk!” the Gnoll growled.

As the Gnoll realized that its club had missed, it grew even more excited and furious, and it attempted to swing the club again. But Kaiyan seized the gap in the creature’s defenses and stabbed his sword into its shoulder muscles.


The sword cut deep, and the Gnoll staggered back a few paces, its wound fatal.

Kaiyan knew he had to finish the Gnoll before it got another weapon. The creature was dangerous, and he couldn’t let it use the club again. He followed the Gnoll , who was trying to create some distance, and kept swinging his sword, alternating between slashes and stabs.

Although the Gnoll attempted to counterattack with its bare hands, it was not as threatening as the club, which it no longer had.



After a while, the Gnoll was covered in blood, and it seemed to be tired, just like Kaiyan, as they both took long breaths.

Kaiyan thought to himself, “If only I were a little stronger.” If he had been stronger, he would not have had to swing his sword so many times.

Kaiyan cast aside his meaningless regret and raised his sword again. The Gnoll attempted to raise his club, but let out a confused voice because his arm didn’t move properly.


“Heo-ugh…! Stupid bastard! Just die!”

Kaiyan had been targeting the Gnoll’s right hand which was holding the club since the beginning. It was time to end it. He quickly plunged towards the Gnoll and hit him with his final blow while driving into the ground.


At that moment, the Gnoll’s two eyes, which had been watching Kaiyan constantly, flashed.


The Gnoll swung his unharmed left hand towards Kaiyan as if asking when he was startled, but Kaiyan had already anticipated his attack.

Having seen veteran soldiers fight Gnolls from time to time, Kaiyan had been waiting for the day when he could catch them. To him, the guy’s surprise attack was nothing.


Although Kaiyan’s chest was wounded by the Gnoll’s claws, he lowered his posture and rolled into the Gnoll’s arms.

“It’s over!”



After a dogfight, Kaiyan stabbed the sword into the Gnoll’s chest. The Gnoll couldn’t resist anymore and screamed before lowering his head.

Ding! [You have Leveled Up.]

As soon as Kaiyan breathed a sigh of relief, he heard the notification sound.

“Haa… huh? Level up? My body feels fine.”

As the level went up, the health that had been at rock bottom also rose. Kaiyan was surprised and looked at his body. His body, which had many wounds, had neatly recovered. As Rieka said, he was back to the state before the injury through the level-up.

“Hooo… I almost died. Thank you for saving me!”

Kaiyan’s mind, which had been numb from the voice coming from behind, came back.

‘…We’ll check it out slowly after the war is over.’

Kaiyan could experience the same situation as yesterday if he distracted himself for no reason.

When Kaiyan stood up and looked back after clearing the Gnoll’s body with his recovered body, he saw the head of the soldier who was awkwardly laughing while lying on the ground.

Kaiyan looked at the soldier and noticed that he was badly injured. “It seems like you’ve been hurt a lot, so please step back to the rear,” he said.

Kaiyan wondered why the soldier hadn’t come to his aid during the fight until he saw the extent of the injuries. The soldier appeared to have major wounds all over his body, and his armor was torn and stained with blood. To make matters worse, his sword was broken in half, rendering him unable to fight.

“Thank you for helping me. I owe you. You really saved me back there,” the soldier said.

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