A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 4 (Part 2)

“I made a huge profit today. Did you get hurt anywhere?”

“Are you worried about me? Haha! I’m Jeff Kallein! Don’t worry about me.” He said that, but his expression seemed satisfied that Kaiyan was worried about him.

“Well, there are only two of us left.” Since yesterday, there were only two of them left in the unit, so they had to rely on each other. It was difficult to recruit new members in the outskirts unit.

“Kaiyan, how are your leg wounds? Did you get them treated?”

“Oh, that… I was lucky to meet a priest who treated me yesterday. Thanks to that, I was able to get treated cleanly like this.” As he lifted his pants, his white but sturdy thighs were revealed without a single scar, as if asking when he got injured.

He thought about telling Jeff what happened to him for a moment, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. Until he got used to the player system to some extent, he needed to keep it a secret from others. And even if he told them, they might not believe him.

“I’m glad. Do you know how to use a sword?”

“When I was young, I played around with wooden swords with other kids… But that doesn’t count, does it?”

“…Does it?” Jeff seemed to be thinking about it, sighed, and gestured to him. “Well, I can’t help it. I’ll teach you the basics, so come out with a sword.”


“Come with me, and I will teach you,” Jeff said. “This is a rare opportunity.”

“Yes, yes!” The protagonist hurriedly grabbed his sword from the barracks and stepped outside.

Jeff had noted that the protagonist had decent swordsmanship skills, so he had high expectations for him. Besides, it was a rare opportunity to learn a skill from someone else.

“Take out your sword and grip it,” Jeff instructed.

Kaiyan lifted the sword with ease, whether it was due to an increase in strength or the sword being lighter than expected. Of course, swinging the sword would be a different story.

“The sword you’re holding right now is called the Aming Sword. It’s a one-handed sword, and the usage is simple. Slash and stab.”

“Slash and stab…” The protagonist repeated.

Jeff taught him useful techniques, such as how to properly grip the sword and swing it.

Compared to just thrusting a wooden spear at the soldier training camp, this was real swordsmanship.

“Practice the movements I taught you for one hour every day from now on. Well, it’ll be hard to see results in a short time, but it’ll be a big help someday. Oh, and don’t act recklessly just because you’ve learned a little bit of swordsmanship,” Jeff cautioned.

“Yes, thank you,” the protagonist replied.

Jeff then left for the barracks, and the protagonist continued to swing the sword as he had learned. He couldn’t rest because he was too anxious about going into battle tomorrow with a sword he had just tried for the first time.

“Haah…Huu…” About an hour passed, and he was covered in sweat.

Ding! [Beginner Swordsmanship (D) skill has been created.]

It was a somewhat familiar notification that a skill had been created.

“Swordsmanship? If it’s a skill…Skill window.”



Ps: Beginner Swordsmanship (D)

He opened the skill window for the first time, but it was so pathetic that it was embarrassing. The only skill he had was the Swordsmanship he had just created.

“If it’s a Ps…Passive skill, right? It was said to be a skill that is always applied depending on the conditions. If I want to see more details, I have to touch it with my hand…”

Ding! [Beginner Swordsmanship (D): Applied when holding a sword, increases attack power by 10%, and allows for smoother sword usage.]

When he touched the skill window with his hand, a more detailed description of the skill appeared.

“The part where it says it allows for smoother sword usage is the most noticeable to me, even if I don’t know much about increased attack power or anything like that.” The protagonist smiled slightly, his downcast mouth turning upward.

“If what it says is true, it should make it easier for me to use the sword,” he thought.


To test his newfound skill, he swung the sword in the air.


The sound of a fierce wind echoed, noticeably different from before. It felt as if he had naturally learned how to swing the sword with ease.

“It’s not as good as I expected, but the skill is satisfactory for now. With a little more practice, I’m sure I can improve.”

He may not have been as impressed with the skill as he thought he would be, but he was satisfied with the improvement it provided.

Thanks to the sword skill, he was no longer a beginner struggling to hold a sword properly.

“…But still, I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

His heart beat with excitement.

Until this morning, he had only possessed a shoddy wooden spear, but tomorrow he would be armed with increased strength from a strength potion, an iron sword, and a sword skill.

**** ****

He had barely slept, his heart pounding like he was on a field trip, but he didn’t feel tired.

However, his excited heart was leading him astray.

He stretched his body and picked up his sword, and Jeff, who had finished preparing first, approached.

“Kaiyan, are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready.”

As they followed Jeff out of the barracks, other soldiers who had finished their early morning meals gathered one by one.

Since monsters wouldn’t wait for people to be ready, they had to finish all preparations before the creatures started attacking to minimize damage.

“Kaiyan, be careful today since it’s your first time using a sword.”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”


They went to the designated outer formation with Jeff and waited for the horn to sound across the plain, signaling the start of the battle, just like it did yesterday.

“Stay calm. You can do this.”

He felt the urge to rush towards the monster and test the player system’s ability. But Kaiyan forced himself to stay calm and looked at the central commander, worried that he might make a mistake due to excitement.

“Fire the ballista!”

The commander’s voice came through the magic amplifier.

The beginning of the war always felt the same. They used long-range attacks to scatter the monsters as much as possible before a full-scale attack.

Since larger monsters tended to charge in groups, it was crucial for the alliance to scatter them as much as possible before charging.


Shortly after the monsters were scattered by ballistas and magic, the commander, who had been watching their movements, lowered his raised hand.


“Everyone, attack!”

“Charge, knights!”

When the commander gave the order, the surrounding commanders screamed to attack until their throats hurt. The scream spread like a wave to the entire alliance, and soon all the soldiers were yelling and rushing towards the monsters.

“Let’s kill them all!”

And he was no exception.

Shouting towards the monsters, Kaiyan ran crazily towards the outer area ahead of other soldiers, determined to kill even one more monster.

“Kiaek? Kkiyak!”

As expected, the first monster he encountered in the outer unit was a goblin.

The goblin, who had noticed him, rushed towards him with a dagger. It would have been a considerable threat yesterday.

“Hoo… Haap!”

Taking a deep breath, he instinctively stretched out his sword, relying on the swordsmanship skill he had learned.


His sword struck the goblin’s neck before it could swing its dagger.




When he applied force to the sword that was stuck in the goblin’s neck, it half-cut and the goblin staggered and slowly fell, spewing foam from its mouth without power.

“So easy?”

It was what he had done, but he was still surprised and looked back and forth between the sword and his right hand. Soon after, he felt more confident.

“…Good. I can do this.”

It’s a shame for the goblins, but today’s him and yesterday’s him are completely different.

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