A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War! A Frontline Soldier Awakened as a Gamer In The War!
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FSAGW Chapter 8 (Part 2)

Kaiyan observed Jeff, who wasn’t even a knight but a mercenary and expressed his surprise. Of course, Kaiyan had heard that among the mercenaries, there were skilled fighters who fought with orcs, but he didn’t know Jeff was one.

“Very well. From today on, you belong to my Special Unit 7 as a subordinate,” the knight said to Jeff.

“What about the unit I’ll be leading?” Jeff questioned, feeling dissatisfied.

“Well, there are only you and that kid, anyway. I’ll have that kid join our unit as well,” the knight replied, maintaining an arrogant expression.

Although Kaiyan was dissatisfied, the knight spoke with his eyes, telling him that his opinion didn’t matter.

“If I complain here, he’ll probably cut my throat, won’t he?” Kaiyan thought to himself. After all, knights were a privileged class, and he knew that the knight could act as he pleased.

“No, sir! The kid’s still too inexperienced. I’ll go alone!” Jeff exclaimed, unable to agree with the knight’s decision.

The knight remained firm in his decision to accept the kid as a unit member, leaving Jeff and Kaiyan no choice but to be transferred from the Outer 6th Division to the Central 3rd Division’s Special Forces Unit 7 in an instant.

“Sir, what’s going on? The war is about to begin, and we’re moving to another unit?” Kaiyan asked Jeff, dumbfounded by the sudden transfer.

“Ha…” Jeff sighed and looked at Kaiyan with a never-before-seen expression of hardship. Bloodshot eyes. An empty focus. An unceasing mouth.

“Kayan, you have to stick with me when the war starts. You might die today if you’re unlucky,” Jeff warned Kaiyan, who knew that if Jeff, an orc user, said that, it must be quite dangerous.

“…Is the Special Unit that dangerous?” Kaiyan asked, feeling a sense of fear.

Kaiyan tried to suppress his anxiety and asked, hoping Jeff would deny it.

“It’s called a special unit, but we’re just sacrificial lambs, toys, for the nobles.”


“You may not know this, but the special units are units commanded by the nobles’ offspring.”

“Well, isn’t it the same for other units? The commanders are nobles, too.”

Unless a commoner reaches the position of a knight, the highest rank one can achieve on the battlefield is a white captain, a position that only nobles or knights can obtain through bribes or connections.

All other ranks, such as a thousand-man commander, a ten-thousand-man commander, a legion commander, a deputy commander, and a commander, are all occupied by nobles. In other words, no matter which unit one joins, one must be under the command of a noble.

“Phew… The official commanders are graduates of military academies at the very least. But the nobles’ offspring who are assigned to the special forces… sigh.”

Mr. Jeff didn’t elaborate, but his last sigh conveyed everything.

The 7th Special Forces unit they were going to join was not an easy place.

“…Sir, should I tell the thousand-man commander about this? It’s forbidden for soldiers to transfer units without permission.”

“It won’t do any good. It’s a bad habit that happens every time a monster wave occurs. They allow noble offspring to take away the soldiers they want to build their own specialization.”

“Darn it…”

Kaiyan thought they could do something about it now.

If they want to grow up safely, they have to play around in the outskirts. But in the center? And with the special forces?

Just the fact that it’s in the center is threatening enough, let alone being under the command of a lousy commander.

“I’ll just follow you, sir… I’ll take care of the rear.”

“Sure, let’s survive no matter what. The special forces have the highest casualty rate, but if we keep our wits about us, we can make it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mr. Jeff seemed to be trying to give them some encouragement, but it didn’t give them any strength.

They didn’t have much time left, so they headed for the special unit that the knight had mentioned.

“Hey! Kaiyan!”

As they were crossing busy people, Kaiyan saw a familiar square shield on the other side. It was Mr. Max.

“Uncle Max!”

“Ha…! What a coincidence to meet in a place like this.”

“Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait any longer. But why is Uncle Max here? He’s a member of the Outskirts Division.” Kaiyan thought to himself as he looked around the Central Division.

They were currently at the Central Division, and it was strange for Max, a member of the Outskirts Division, to be there.

“Haha… I’m now part of the Central Division. As luck would have it, I’m in the Special units,” Max said, grinning at Kaiyan.

Kaiyan wasn’t sure how to take this news. It was just his luck that the only person he knew ended up in the Special unit with him. On the other hand, it was somewhat comforting to know that he wasn’t the only unlucky one.

“Well, see you later!”

“Yes, Mr. Max,” Kaiyan replied.

They said their goodbyes and started to walk away, but they strangely ended up going in the same direction.

“Hey, why are you going this way?” Max asked Kaiyan.

“I’m also in the Special unit starting today….” Kaiyan replied

“Ugh… you have really bad luck. How did you end up there?” Max asked.

“I didn’t say anything… it just happened,” Kaiyan replied with a shrug.

“Really? I wonder…” Max trailed off, wondering if there was any fault on his part.

“The leader of our platoon caught the attention of that knight,” Kaiyan explained.

“Phew, for me, the knight suddenly came and asked if we had any shield bearer. Since I used to be a shield-bearer, he told me to come along,” Max said, recalling the events that led up to this moment.

“…I even told him I couldn’t use one.”

“I thought he was just asking me to come along because we always need more shield-bearers. If I had known it was for the Special unit, ugh….” Max let out a frustrated sigh, and Kaiyan’s anxiety grew as a result.

As someone who had been in the military for a long time, Max probably knew what kind of unit the Special units were, so his reaction made Kaiyan even more nervous.


“Ah!” Kaiyan jumped at the sound of a fake cough from behind him.

Only then did Max realize that Jeff was there and Kaiyan introduced him.

“Uncle Max, this is Uncle Jeff. He’s the one who taught me swordsmanship.”

Max was also surprised to see Jeff standing behind Kaiyan. “Oh, I’m sorry for not greeting you earlier. Nice to meet you… wait, are you Jeff Kallein?”

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