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A.S.S Chapter 12 (part 1): – Season 1: Preparation

Jong-won’s story was amazing. The benefits that I’UET gained from clearing the dungeon this time were not just 30 Green Stones. The profits announced to the public were only to that extent, but in reality, there were much more valuable rewards.

“For starters, everyone received a bonus stat increase of 3 and a level increase of 1 as a reward for clearing the dungeon. Was it an easy achievement reward? It seems there is an achievement system.”

The level system.

Currently, Hyun-seok is not subject to the level system. Even if he hunts monsters, he does not accumulate experience points, and he has no bonus stats. It is a penalty that he received by forcibly entering the easy mode.

However, in other words, it can be said that such a penalty has been applied because of excessive stats that are not suitable for easy mode, and if you have such excessive stats, you can easily break through the easy mode. Anyway, currently, Hyun-seok has no level or concept of experience points. Still, it is an incredibly difficult task to increase level 1, and even a bonus stat increase of 3 is a great gift.

However, in other words, it can be said that such a penalty has been applied because of excessive stats that are not suitable for easy mode, and if you have such excessive stats, you can easily break through the easy mode. Anyway, currently, Hyun-seok has no level or concept of experience points. Still, according to what he heard, it is an incredibly difficult task to increase level 1, and even a bonus stat increase of 3 is a great gift.

“I uploaded it very easily.”

Jong-won spoke, not knowing whether he knew Hyun-seok’s thoughts.

“Moreover, the items that came out this time are…almost at the level of cheating,” Jong-won said.

“Cheat level?”

“Yeah. What was it, a skill book that increases the healing slayer’s heal amount by more than 3 times and a H/P absolute increase potion that permanently increases the H/P gauge…and what was it, a weapon that increases the attack speed…anyway, a lot of items came out.”

Hyun-seok thought to himself.

“Well, they’re just items that come out in easy mode.”

No matter how much he thought about it, the items that came out of Easy Mode could not affect his own ability stats. He might as well have been a high-level user playing in a low-level zone. Setting aside those thoughts, Hyun-seok spoke again.

“Are you hiding that fact from the public?”

“Well, at I’UET we plan to conquer dungeons one by one. Of course, it won’t be easy… Oh, and actually, Green Stones came out not just 30 but almost 100. We deliberately announced a reduction in quantity, bit by bit.”

Hyun-seok unconsciously let out a sigh of admiration. Aside from other items, there were apparently 100 Green Stones. That was simply a 100 billion won by simple calculation. 100 billion won was an enormous amount of money that even ordinary people could live off for the rest of their lives with that amount.

Furthermore, although the H/P and M/P systems had not yet been activated, if they were, skill books that increased H/P absolute amount or healing amount could become a tremendous merit.

“Why do you think I’m telling you this?”

“What for?”

“So we can conquer together.”

“Are you crazy?”

Hyun-seok reacted with “Are you crazy?,” and Min-seo, who had been dozing off, twitched her shoulders. Perhaps Min-seo also wanted to conquer the dungeons.

“Honestly, even if all the previous I’UET members join forces, you alone can’t be beaten. Do you know that?”

“But it’s still dangerous.”

“Do you think I proposed it without thinking? I have thought it through and it’s highly possible, that’s why I’m suggesting it. I don’t want to die either. But think about it. The difficulty level will probably be similar. But six I’UET members have cleared the dungeon. That means we can definitely clear it with you. Just be careful.”

Min-seo also cautiously gave her opinion.

“Oppa, I have the same thought as Jong-won Oppa. You said it yourself, it’s an excessive power that is not suitable for Easy Mode.”

“That’s right. At least for Easy Mode, you are an existence outside the standard, aren’t you?”

Hyun-seok closed his eyes for a moment. Their words were right. The system clearly said so. It was an excessive power that was not suitable for Easy Mode.

Jong-won’s eyes lit up as he spoke.

“Just hitting a Magic Stone alone is worth 100 billion, 100 billion. If three people divide it, it’s 33 billion. It’s unfair not to use your cheat code!”

There are a total of nine dungeons known in Korea that have not been cleared. Starting with Korea, dungeons began to appear all over the world. The total number of dungeons cleared worldwide is seven. If you look at the records, they are almost the same as those in the I’UET. The records of dungeon clear were also recorded in the Smart Encyclopedias, making it easy to check.

Thanks to that, they were able to have confidence in the difficulty of the dungeons.

“In the first room, there are about three Orcs. Five in the second room. From the third room on, it’s like breaking the crystals. The number of Orcs is slightly different in each room, but the content of the dungeon is almost the same.”

Jong-won had investigated in various ways. The number of Orcs or the number of rooms were slightly different, but the content of the dungeon was almost the same. That’s why they were confident enough to head to the dungeon. Orcs were no threat to Hyun-seok, no matter how many of them there were. Orcs were the perfect one-shot kill opponent.

It’s like a level 100 expert player in an online game not being afraid of weak monsters in front of a beginner’s village. Weak monsters cannot defeat the expert player no matter how much they attack. Not only do they not take damage, but even if they do, the damage is displayed as -0 or their HP recovery speed is faster than the speed at which they take damage.

“Let’s go in.”

Jong-won confidently led them to the dungeon located in the middle of mountain Bukhansan. It was covered in yellow tape with the word “Danger.”

Jong-won muttered.

“It’s like a completely restricted area.”

It was no surprise that Slayers blinded by the temptation of 30 billion won would challenge the dungeon and end up disappearing, as a situation had occurred where the number of missing persons had already exceeded three digits according to statistics.

Hyun-seok raised his head, recalling this fact.

“It’s not like risking your life for money. 30 billion is a lot, but…”

“Maybe for someone like you who prioritizes stability, 30 billion might not be a big deal, but for ordinary people, it’s like winning the lottery. They become Slayers, gain power and confidence, and there are also survivors, and information about the dungeon is being revealed. So it’s only natural for them to become greedy. You’re such a fool.”

Min-seo lightly grabbed Jong-won’s arm. She used to speak politely, but now they speak informally. It was Jong-won who asked her to do so, but he is regretting it a little these days.

“Why are you insulting my brother like that?”

“You’re usually a quiet and meek girl, but you get angry at our brother for insulting him. Are you trying to live without a little sister? I used to think you were really pretty when we were young. It’s a shame, a shame.”

As if those words were completely false, Min-seo rolled her eyes at Jong-won. In the meantime, they arrived at the entrance of the dungeon.


Hyun-seok took a deep breath. No matter how much information he gathered, it was inevitable that he would be tense. An alert sound was heard.

[Entering the practice dungeon. Y/N]

[The use of return scrolls is not allowed.]

They entered the dungeon. The alert sound continued.

[Due to excessively high stats, the difficulty level of the dungeon will be adjusted upwards.]

[The safe zone and recovery zone within the dungeon will be withdrawn.]

At the same time, screams erupted.

“Damn it! The safe zone is disappearing!”

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