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A.S.S Chapter 19 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

One fortunate thing amidst the misfortune was that Jong-won did not participate in the dungeon slaying this time. Thanks to that, Hyun-seok could relax a bit.

Hyun-seok asked, “But why didn’t you go in?”

“I had some work to do at home.”

“You can’t just skip out like that?”

“Well, it’s a job that guarantees freedom. There’s a queue, so you can’t just take a break whenever you want. But what about Min-seo and Pyeong-hwa?”

“I didn’t bring them.”

Jong-won was a pretty good driver. When he went slaying, he drove a black coupe with good mobility and skillfully maneuvered through the traffic while providing a comfortable driving experience.

“You said I’m not suited for easy mode? Then you could have just brought me along.”

“Well, just in case.”

“Do I look that young?”

Jong-won smirked. If he were Hyun-seok, he would have already made a name for himself not only in Korea but also worldwide. Flash mobs would go off wherever he went, and he would receive the spotlight. He thought that living that kind of life wouldn’t be too bad.

“You have over 200 bonus stats?”

“Yep. 284.”

“You crazy bastard. I went nuts when I got 20 bonus stats before and thought it was a big hit, but this is a complete cheat. You damn cheater!”

“I achieved something like an impossible achievement. But in return, my level is restricted and I can’t gain experience points.”

Jong-won barely restrained himself from saying, “Throw away such ridiculous penalties,” which didn’t sound like anything. After all, levels were meaningless stats. You gain experience points to become stronger. If you raise your level, bonus stats are created.

“You don’t need all that, you just cheat and get all the achievements, so bonus stats pile up like crazy!”

As always, Jong-won felt beyond anger and let out a deep sigh before smirking.

Hyun-seok asked, “Aren’t you nervous? We’re going to rescue I’UET members now.”


“I’UET is the top team in Korea. We’re going to rescue them because they’re missing. Aren’t you nervous?”

“What about you? Honestly, I don’t understand why you brought Min-seo with you. What’s the point of cheating and slaying? You need to be more daring.”

“Still, there’s a first time for everything.”


Jong-won seemed to have even more faith in Hyun-seok’s abilities than Hyun-seok himself did. As he said, if Jong-won had Hyun-seok’s ability with his personality, he would have swept through all the dungeons in the world.

In the end, Jong-won’s belief in Hyun-seok’s abilities was justified. And I’UET had to admire Hyun-seok’s abilities once again. As soon as Hyun-seok entered, the recovery and safety zones of the dungeon were withdrawn, and Hyun-seok cleared the dungeon and rescued I’UET members with his amazing power. It was a bit difficult to say that they were fully rescued, but it was a clear fact that the dungeon was cleared quickly thanks to Hyun-seok.

And there was something they learned through this dungeon raid. Sung-hyung said, “Surely… Korea has the fastest speed.”


“If we put it in terms of a game, Korea has the fastest update server.”


Hyun-seok understood what that meant. Hadn’t he thought the same thing before?

“In the union, we need to spread information about this dungeon. Oh, and thank you, Hyun-seok. Your help was invaluable. The guild members agreed to give all the rewards to you.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that. We could have cleared it even without me.”

“No, we are more than satisfied with you. Thanks to you, we cleared the dungeon quickly and received bonus stats.”

“It may be difficult to negotiate with the company.”

“That’s already taken care of. We are sorry that we can only offer material rewards as concessions.”

From a general perspective, there is no need to feel sorry. Even if they calculate only the Greenstone rewards from this dungeon, they were well over 100, which translates to an enormous reward worth over 10 billion. Moreover, even without Hyun-seok, it would have taken some time, but they could have still secured the Greenstone.

However, the guild members of I’UET, including Sung-hyung, were satisfied with the intangible value – being the hero of the fastest clear – along with the bonus stats, which would serve as excellent promotion for Hanjin.

Sung-hyung spoke up, “Anyway… it’s a relief that there were no casualties this time.”

Sung-hyung nodded, seemingly satisfied with himself, that there were no fatalities. Hyun-seok smiled wryly and said, “No, sir. Even without me, you could have cleared it. It just would have taken a bit longer.”

I’UET has many good items, including a “bag” that contained artifacts that couldn’t be made with real-world science. The bag could hold more items than its volume, and the food inside wouldn’t spoil. It could be described as a “spatial artifact,” but there was no item description to give it a precise name. Higher-level guilds usually have one or two of these items, so other guilds would likely break the dungeon soon.

“Um… It’s true that thanks to you, we were able to greatly shorten the time. It would have taken three more days if we did it the original way.”

“If I’UET did that, other guilds would take at least five days even if they catch fewer monsters.”

“But before that, we need to send rescue teams from the Union. Even though it’s just a show of good faith… surprisingly, this kind of thing works well.”

Hyun-seok glanced at Park Sung-hyung. The person Hyun-seok saw was someone who was very fitting for the leadership position, and had some ambition as well. His stated aspiration was to develop the Korean Union even further and make it the number one Union that stands tall, and ultimately to make it the most renowned Union in the world. Hyun-seok had listened to his dream seriously, as it was quite sincere.

Hyun-seok and Sung-hyung had a mutual liking for each other. Sung-hyung was currently 37 years old. Although there was a seven-year age gap between Hyun-seok and Sung-hyung, they felt a deep attraction to each other as human beings.

The achievement of clearing the dungeon this time was a slightly difficult achievement, which was lower in rank than the difficult achievement of slaying the Twin-Headed Orc, but they received a bonus stat of 10, just like the difficult achievement. It seemed that they were paid a little more because it was a dungeon clear.

Park Sung-hyung, the captain of I’UET and the leader of the Korean Union, quickly created and announced the information about the dungeon. He also organized rescue teams and sent them to each dungeon.

° Once again, it’s I’UET. Zero casualties. Achieving the feat of clearing the dungeon in the shortest time!

° Korea’s top guild I’UET! And revealing the correlation between I’UET and the Korean Union!

° Union. Organizing rescue teams. Entering each dungeon!

° This dungeon is recognized as a slightly difficult achievement.

The rescue team sent by the Inha Union also proudly listed the name of Hyun-seok’s guild. It could be said that Hyun-seok was the one who created I’UET and the Inha Union, and that I’UET was able to become strong and achieve its accomplishments thanks to Hyun-seok’s help.

Min-seo grinned excitedly.

“I am so excited, Oppa.”

“About what?”

“I don’t know how to explain it… but it seems like you starting to enjoy slaying monsters. You originally started because of me, but now you’re really getting into it.”

Hyun-seok frowned slightly. Enjoying slaying monsters? He wasn’t sure about that. But he couldn’t deny that he was becoming more proactive about it.

“Quiet down, you. You can’t become a full-time slayer, anyway .”

“Why is the conversation going that way? Oppa, I’m pretty good at it too, you know, even if I don’t show it.”

“That’s obvious. You’ve been following me around.”

Kang Pyeong-hwa smiled contentedly from behind, but quickly lowered her head when she caught Hyun-seok’s gaze.

“What? Why are you smiling like that?”

“It’s just… nice to watch.”

Hyun-seok sighed deeply.

“Seriously, though. We’re going to clear a new type of dungeon, but why is everyone so unexcited?”

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