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A.S.S Chapter 18 (part 3): Season 1 – Preparation

It felt similar to the sensation of gradually growing stronger by defeating slightly stronger monsters to fill up the experience points bar when beginners level up. It was like someone intentionally throwing monsters at them, urging them to defeat stronger and stronger ones to level up.

Because Hyun-seok was in Korea, it was likely that the strongest monsters would appear first, and thanks to Hyun-seok, the level of I’UET was very high, so it was possible that the upper-level monsters would appear quickly.

“Is it just my imagination?”

He wasn’t sure, but he thought it was possible.

 Some I’UET members were secretly dispatched to Japan. Although it was said that Hanjin Foundation received a large reward from Japan in exchange for secretly dispatching its members, the details were unknown.

Hyun-seok was lying on the sofa when he received a call from Kang Pyeong-hwa.

“Hey, where are you?”

“At home. Why?”

“Did you see the news?”

“What news?”

“They say another dungeon has appeared.”

Hyun-seok quickly turned on the news.

“Slayers are flocking to the newly appeared dungeon.”

“Yes. Access to Mount Namsan is strictly restricted for civilians…”

Unlike last time, slayers were gathering. They seemed to be quite confident. After all, even if they didn’t have confidence, 100 Green stones were worth 100 billion won. Many people would be willing to risk their lives for that amount.

Orcs were still scary monsters, but that didn’t mean they were unbeatable. If they recalled that most dungeons only had orcs, there was enough value in taking the risk to enter the dungeon.

He also received a call from Min-seo.

“Oh, oppa! Are we not going slaying?”

“It’s too far away until the weekend. It’s only Monday today.”

“Aww, oppa, you’re being mean.”

“I’m not being mean. We promised to only go on weekends.”

Originally, the agreement was only for during vacation. But now it had been extended to weekends as well. Without even realizing it, Hyun-seok had become more lenient toward slaying. And as time passed, Hyun-seok’s desire for slaying grew more and more without him even realizing it. Hyun-seok tried to deny this fact and muttered to himself.

“Min-seo, this guy looks like he’s getting restless again.”

It seemed like Min-seo wanted to go slaying again. Hyun-seok chuckled to himself. It didn’t seem like they would have much trouble clearing the dungeon this time. Unlike Hyun-seok who didn’t seem to be getting any stronger, the slayers were gradually getting stronger through leveling up. He thought that once they became a top guild, they could clear the dungeon.

“However, I can’t be sure if it’s the same difficulty as last time. It could be a dungeon with even higher difficulty.”

And as expected, his thoughts came true.

_ According to the investigation, new dungeons were created at the exact time when the last Twin-Headed Orc in Korea was slayed…

_ It is predicted that these are even more powerful dungeons that appeared as the boss monsters in each region were slayed. It has been four days, but not a single returnee has been reported yet…”

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