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A.S.S Chapter 18 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

As previously mentioned, Hyun-seok didn’t have much to do. His role was to go back and forth when other slayers in the front line drew aggro, as his stats were so high that slaying was very easy for him.

And through achieving the “Difficult Achievement,” stats continued to be distributed, greatly enhancing the power of the first team members of I’UET. Jong-won had already reached a strength of 70, which made it easy for him to hunt Twin-Headed Orcs even without Hyun-seok. At this point, the I’UET guild members, who were already considered the best in Korea, were trying hard to look good to Hyun-seok.

Anyway, now it can be said that I’UET is definitely the strongest guild in Korea. The details have not been revealed publicly yet, but it’s almost impossible for ordinary slayers to achieve the “Difficult Achievement,” and it’s not an exaggeration to say that there is no other guild that can receive bonus stats so easily. The guild members are not just sacrificing all their rewards for Hyun-seok and trying to make him as comfortable as possible for no reason. For them, each of these stats is a much bigger treasure and asset than material rewards.

For Hyun-seok, it was an opportunity to build up his own network of trusted people, gain group slaying experience that he had not had before, and strengthen I’UET members, as well as his most trusted people, Min-seo and Jong-won. In addition, he gained the majority of item ownership, which was a benefit for him. In fact, it was more advantageous for I’UET, but Hyun-seok didn’t lose anything. Moreover, being able to slay comfortably without being bothered by the shadow of I’UET was also a considerable merit.

Having a network of contacts is likely to be helpful in various ways. Hyun-seok was close to being a solo slayer, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that he had almost no contacts. If this expedition had not taken place, he could count the number of slayers he knew on his fingers. However, contacts that are not scammers will be helpful at some point. Just like in this case.

Sung-hyung said, “Oh, and even if you don’t join I’UET, create a guild and register it with the Union.”

“A guild, for me?” Hyun-seok asked.

Recently, the assassination squad created by Jong-won began to take shape and eventually became established as the Unified Union of Korea. Although it may seem a bit late compared to other countries, the emergence of a unified union in Korea is a significant event.

Of course, Park Sung-hyung played a significant role in making this happen. When Jong-won refused to take on the annoying position of union leader, Sung-hyung proposed that he take on the role, even if it meant sacrificing the Slayer’s authority. And so, after only two months, the Unified Union of Korea was formed. Park Sung-hyung is now using his unique leadership and charisma to quickly expand its influence.

With the entire I’UET team joining and providing more momentum, the Unified Union of Korea has completely abandoned the old ways of the assassination squad.

“Soon, slaying without guild permission will be prohibited. With the current state of things, if you just play along and follow the rules, you can get permission right away. Just try to comply with the minimum requirements. I’ll grant permission immediately. The procedures are not yet stable.”

“If I want to get permission officially, do I have to take another test and pay money?”

“Well, yeah.”

Although the behavior of those in power was suspicious and unpleasant, it was not difficult to understand. It was natural for the country to accurately determine the number of Slayers and collect taxes on their income. It was a fact that it made their stomachs ache and frustrated them.

“If a monster appears that is so powerful that we can’t even touch it… we could raise a big fuss against the government.”

If the problem was that monsters were mediocre, it was a problem. If a monster appeared that the government had to completely rely on Slayers to deal with, the situation could be different from now on. Many Slayers were slaying with a slight sense of injustice.

There were plenty of Slayers who could replace those who opposed, and many Slayers were satisfied with the current situation. Even if all the Slayers rebelled, it would be okay. The government could hunt monsters independently. The current monsters are not invulnerable to modern weapons. In fact, there are military units that hunt monsters and are currently in operation. It may not be possible with ordinary rifles, but with heavy machine guns or better, it’s possible to hunt them.

“They say that Union is preparing for a fight with the government… I should ask about it if I get the chance,” Hyun-seok said, shrugging his shoulders.

“I’ll register one then,” the other person replied. “You need at least two combat Slayers, one support Slayer, and one recovery Slayer to establish a guild. Though I think there will be guilds formed only of support or recovery Slayers in the future.”

“I know that much. Thank you, brother.”

As I’UET swept away 80% of the Twin-Headed Orcs inhabiting Korea, Twin-Headed Orcs have almost disappeared from the country. It was unclear whether they had a long regeneration time or were one-time spawns, but Twin-Headed Orcs had yet to appear.

Meanwhile, Japan Union secretly requested help once again. Twin-Headed Orcs had also appeared in Japan, and dealing with them was not an easy task. Although Japan was inferior to Korea in terms of the level of slaying, Twin-Headed Orcs could be considered quite powerful creatures. It was not just a “difficult achievement” for no reason.

Hyun-seok took the advice of Sung-hyung and registered his guild. The leader of the Union was Park Sung-hyung, and the founder was Ha Jong-won. Guild registration was very easy, and Sung-hyung was very helpful in many ways. Hyun-seok and Jong-won were in charge of combat slayers, Min-seo was in charge of support slayers, and Kang Pyeong-hwa was in charge of recovery slayers.

On the way out after registering the guild, Hyun-seok fell into thought for a moment.

“Twin-Headed Orcs are definitely a creature that corresponds to a difficult achievement.”

Although Hyun-seok may not know, it was definitely a strong creature. It meant a monster that could achieve a remarkable feat. It was even considered a higher achievement than most dungeons (clearing a dungeon is often recognized as an easy achievement, and a bonus of +3 stats is given in most cases).

“But the speed of their appearance is getting faster.”

It was the same with Orcs. The place where Orcs first appeared was Korea. The same was true when the dungeon first appeared. The place where Twin-Headed Orcs appeared was also Korea. And after that, strong monsters began to appear all over the world, and their appearance speed increased.

“I feel like they are getting slightly stronger depending on the overall level of the slayers.”

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