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A.S.S Chapter 18 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation


All names and titles are fictitious.


I’UET wasn’t just a single team. It was a guild with several sub-teams, and the team that Jong-won belonged to was the first team, which could be considered as the strongest team within I’UET. Whenever people talked about I’UET, they immediately thought of this first team.

And now, the youngest-ever slayer had joined that first team. Of course, she wasn’t a regular guild member. She was just a student who was given the privilege to participate in slaying only on weekends. Hyun-seok’s influence played a role here. Hyun-seok had personally requested Sung-hyung, and Sung-hyung had recruited that slayer on special terms as a favor to Hyun-seok.

The slayer’s current age was 19 years old. She was a high school senior and her name was Yoo Min-seo.

Jong-won chuckled. “Wow, our Min-seo has made it big, huh?”

Min-seo couldn’t say anything, perhaps because there were other slayers around. She just shyly smiled.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting so shy all of a sudden? You look ridiculous,” Jong-won teased.

“Oppa!” Min-seo blushed.

The other slayers found Min-seo’s embarrassed expression amusing. In fact, she was receiving an incredible privilege. Her salary was no different from regular guild members, but she wasn’t given any performance-based bonuses. Even so, it was a great deal. She was only participating in slaying on weekends, but she was earning about a third of what regular guild members earned in a month. That was almost like an internship, but it was a pretty good deal. People who were willing to pay to intern at I’UET were abundant.

Jong-won smirked. “Well… Hyun-seok has this girl calling him ‘oppa,’ and yet he’s paying her 1 million won. It’s not even a small amount of money.”

Jong-won knew that Hyun-seok had confiscated the Green stones before. Of course, it was illegal. Illegal actions usually involved a certain level of risk. He used to be someone who emphasized safety first, but he seemed to be changing a little these days.

Anyway, Min-seo ended up participating in slaying due to Hyun-seok’s request. Hyun-seok was in the same situation, but he was also given the consideration of only participating in slaying at night, taking into account his current status.

The other Slayers may have had complaints and grievances, but not him. Because he could continually hear the hopeful notification sounds that made his heart and mind rich and warm:

“[You have slain the Twin-Headed Orc.]”

“[You have hunted the boss monster of Inwangsan Mountain.]”

“[You have achieved a difficult achievement.]”

“[Bonus stat +10 will be given.]”

This was truly impressive. In easy dungeons, they usually received around +3, and in slightly harder ones, they could receive around +5.

Journeying with I’UET was also a great experience for Hyun-seok. It was true that Hyun-seok found human charm in Sung-hyung, but he didn’t just join the slaying for that charm alone. He was not a saint. Of course, he moved because there was something to gain and profit from.

First of all, Hyun-seok had the highest stake in items. The 12 people slaying together had a 20% stake, and the remaining 80% was Hyun-seok’s share. Originally, Sung-hyung offered to give him the entire 100%, but he refused and they settled on 80%.

There were Slayers who were satisfied with just receiving the bonus stat and considering how difficult and almost impossible it would be to slay monsters without Hyun-seok, he deserved to have the burden of taking all the rewards.

“‘I’UET clearly needs me. But on the other hand, I also need I’UET.”

In fact, without I’UET, Hyun-seok could not slay monsters either. The device that could roughly locate the monsters was not being sold to individuals at the moment and was only available for purchase by a few top-class teams. If Hyun-seok had been alone, he wouldn’t have been able to receive rewards and bonus stats as quickly, easily, and comfortably as he did.

Just comfortably receiving room service provided by I’UET and moving around comfortably, he was able to collect bonus stats and money just by casually punching enemies from behind while other slayers were distracting. In particular, he was traveling around the country, dealing with boss monsters, and was able to accumulate a significant amount of bonus stats as a result.

‘I bet people who see my stat window would be shocked…?’

<Stat Window>

Name: Yoo Hyun-seok

Age: 29

Height: 181cm

Weight: 82kg – BMI: Overweight

Job: Slayer (5/5)

(Twin-Headed Orc Slayer) – Strength increased by 1. The effect is offset by the Orc Slayer title effect.

(Mayfly Slayer) – Agility increased by 1.

(Wasp Slayer) – Agility increased by 1. The effect is offset by the Mayfly Slayer title effect.

(Ant Slayer) – Agility increased by 1. The effect is offset by the Mayfly Slayer title effect.

(Orc Slayer) – Strength increased by 1.

°Merchant – Title obtained by entering 100 points in Strength Stat for the first time (Bonus stat: 3)

°Swift Runner – Title obtained by entering 100 points in Agility Stat for the first time (Bonus stat: 3)

°Sage – Title obtained by entering 100 points in Intelligence Stat for the first time (Bonus stat: 3)

°Penny pincher – Title obtained by entering 100 points in Stamina Stat for the first time (Bonus stat: 3)

Combat Ability – (Current remaining stat points – 284)

(1) Strength: 101 – affects physical strength. Strength is the most important factor in determining physical attack power. Also affects stamina, with 10 H/P points increasing per 1 point in Strength.

(2) Intelligence: 100 – affects intelligence. Intelligence is the most important factor in determining non-physical attack power. Also affects mental strength, with 10 M/P points increasing per 1 point in Intelligence.

(3) Stamina: 100 – affects endurance. Stamina is the most important factor in determining H/P and stamina. 40 H/P points increase per 1 point in Stamina.

(4) Agility: 101 – affects agility. Agility is the most important factor in determining evasion rate and attack accuracy. Evasion rate and attack accuracy increase by 10 points per 1 point in Agility.

Non-Combat Ability

(1) Energy: 50 – affects energy. Energy is the most important factor in determining stamina. 1 stamina point increases per 1 point in Energy.

Currently, all of his stats are almost maxed out at 100, with Agility and Strength even reaching 101 due to the Slayer title effect. It’s been said that his power doesn’t fit with the Easy Mode, even receiving notifications about it. In other words, he’s using cheat codes.

However, what needs more attention is his remaining stat points. Thanks to the cheat codes, Hyun-seok has been able to change difficult and impossible achievements into easy ones, making him no different from a pro user who came to the beginner zone just to bully newbies. As a result, he was able to collect an astounding 284 remaining stat points, which he hasn’t used yet, just in case he is forced to switch to the upper mode like before. His current plan is to stay in the Easy Mode and collect all the consumables available before entering the upper mode.

Anyway, stats were very important to Slayers. The most convincing hypothesis lately is that Easy Mode is a system designed to train Slayers universally. While there are three types of Slayers – Combat, Recovery, and Support – they are still considered beginners who have not yet advanced to a specific occupation. Once they enter upper modes, their jobs will be divided into more specific categories, just like in online games, and the probability of advancing to a job based on their developed stats is very high. It was a fairly credible speculation.

The current slaying system is almost identical to that of online games.

Park Sung-hyung reached out his hand.

“Good job, Hyun-seok.”

“I didn’t do much. It’s all thanks to everyone who fought hard in front of me.”

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