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A.S.S Chapter 17 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

The monsters with strong resilience and recovery abilities were polar opposites of the slayers without a powerful attack. The Twin-Headed Orc was such a creature for the ordinary slayers. It seemed to be a case where weak attacks didn’t work well because of its excellent resilience.

Although the members of I’UET showed signs of exhaustion, they were not pleased. They descended from the mountain, carrying the body of their colleague, Kim Min-gu, in a stretcher-like form. While Park Sung-hyung maintained a serious expression, he stuck by Hyun-seok’s side and continued to chat with a cheerful expression to prevent him from feeling awkward. Then, Sung-hyung handed over the Greenstone and items obtained from slaying the Twin-Headed Orc to Hyun-seok with the approval of the guild members.

Hyun-seok admired Sung-hyung’s thoughts on the matter. When he paid a little attention, he noticed that Sung-hyung’s eyelids were reddened, and his breathing was also very rough. Later, he heard that after parting with Hyun-seok, Sung-hyung fell to the ground, crying.

Thanks to their accomplishment of hunting the boss monster of Mt Inwangsan, an “achievement of difficulty,” I’UET’s status rose even higher. However, the atmosphere within the group sank to the ground. Sung-hyung renamed the Twin-Headed Orc, a monster that appeared for the first time in this event, as “Kim Min-gu’s Killer” to commemorate Kim Min-gu’s sacrifice.

Sung-hyung came to the funeral home and shouted at the reporters who were pressing the shutter buttons, swearing a little, saying that he would write an article. Despite the negative comments from the reporters, people understood the general situation and even praised Sung-hyung. There was no need to say that I’UET’s status had risen even higher.

Sung-hyung took another drag from his cigarette.

“No, I had… No, I was certain. With your abilities, which I had investigated, I could have easily sent them to their goal in one shot.”

“You investigated me?”

“Yeah. You probably already noticed, but everything like H/P or M/P and attack power is quantified even if we can’t see it yet. It’ll show up eventually. Like when we enter Normal mode…”

Sung-hyung had reportedly focused his research on such things. There were also people within I’UET who concentrated on studying these numbers.

Hyun-seok said, “You seem to know about my abilities better than I do.”

“Well, Hyun-seok, you’re not a professional slayer. You have your own path, and I have mine. If I study a little harder, I might be able to prevent someone from dying.”

If there were such quantified data, you could certainly avoid death. If you estimated your opponent’s attack power to be 50, you just needed to have a defense power of 50 or higher to fight. Alternatively, you could increase your HP much more than that. Of course, it wouldn’t just be a matter of numbers, but it was clear that it would reduce the risk.

“Hyun-seok. We’re not really that close or anything… But can I ask you for a favor?”

“What is it?”

“It’s not public yet, but I have a machine that can roughly locate monsters.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. I invented it based on sound… and I was trying to spread it, but I stopped it forcibly.”

Currently, the right to issue and manage licenses is delegated to I’UET.

“But do they have the right to stop us? I highly doubt it,” Hyun-seok pondered, though he quickly nodded in agreement.

“When this machine is released, countless fools will rush in and die needlessly. Without your help, we would have struggled,” the speaker explained, seeming to suggest that the danger involved would be compensated for in some way. It was only sold to those with sufficient skill, in secret.

“Well…later on, skilled individuals could potentially supervise and hunt these monsters, but for now, this seems to be our best option,” the speaker continued.

“Okay then…”

Regardless of whether or not Sung-hyung was correct, Hyun-seok nodded. This issue didn’t seem to be of much importance anyway, and it was likely that Sung-hyung had his reasons.

“Speaking of which, I think it would be great if you could join us in slaying monsters for a bit. These creatures are truly dangerous. Of course, we will thoroughly analyze and prepare based on accurate data to ensure that you do not get attacked. You will only have to land one solid attack from behind. As for compensation, we will discuss it and take your opinion into account. If you agree, I will give you full ownership of everything.”

After a brief moment of thought, Hyun-seok spoke up.

“Brother, I have a favor to ask as well.”

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