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A.S.S Chapter 17 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

Hyun-seok received a call from Sung-hyung and went to help. Sung-hyung led all guild members to agree and handed over all rewards to Hyun-seok. Feeling burdened by this, Hyun-seok suggested they split the rewards since they succeeded in slaying the monster together, but Sung-hyung forcefully insisted that Hyun-seok take all the rewards. The fact that there were no complaints from the other guild members is a testament to Sung-hyeong’s exceptional leadership. Although at the time, the atmosphere was not solely focused on the rewards.

Hyun-seok opposes Min-seo’s slaying, and that hasn’t changed even though the tendency has slightly relaxed recently.

It’s because of this reason.

Hyun-seok came out of the funeral home. Kim Min-gu, a Slayer from the I’UET guild, had lost his life during the latest slaying. They had already lost two members during the last dungeon clear, and now there was another death. Establishing themselves as the best guild in Korea may not be possible without the sacrifice of their colleagues. To become the best, they have to overcome many crises, and it is inevitable that there will be losses in the process.

Park Sung-hyung followed behind Hyun-seok and lit a cigarette.

“Would you like a cigarette?”

“No, thank you.”

He avoids doing things that are bad for his health. Besides ‘excessive sex,’ he hasn’t done anything that harms his health since he turned twenty.

“Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.”

Park Sung-hyung exhaled cigarette smoke.

“You’re really… impressive, Hyun-seok.”


Hyun-seok simply smiled without saying anything. In fact, he also feels somewhat guilty about Kim Min-gu’s death. Although he received an urgent call, he took his time preparing before heading out. He was a little tired after work, and so on. However, when he arrived at the scene, Kim Min-gu was being attacked by monsters and died. His head exploded, either from a critical hit or from running out of HP.

In fact, Hyun-seok wasn’t at fault. He knew that in his head. Rather, he was a savior. The I’UET guild members also thought so. However, if they had just gone a little faster, Kim Min-gu could have avoided death. Although Hyun-seok’s mind was not entirely at ease in the face of the death of others he could have prevented, he wasn’t completely at fault.

What appeared before Hyun-seok’s eyes was an orc with two heads. It was unclear whether it was a deformed orc or simply larger than the average orc, but it seemed to be easily one and a half times the size of a typical orc, which typically measures around 1.5 to 2 meters. The so-called Twin-Headed Orc, with its massive body, was almost three meters tall.

Sung-hyung volunteered to take the lead as soon as Hyun-seok arrived. Despite having just witnessed Kim Min-gu’s head being crushed, he made his decision without hesitation. He wanted to entrust the one-hit attack to Hyun-seok. Hyun-seok had always had a liking for Sung-hyung, but his fondness for him had solidified on that day.

“It was not I who did great, but you, Sung-hyung. Ah… now that I think about it, you seem older than me. Should I just call you ‘hyung’?”

“Me, hyung… what are you talking about? You can just call me ‘hyung.'”

Perhaps it was the sense of camaraderie they felt having come out of the same battlefield. Hyun-seok felt a deep liking for Sung-hyung, and it seemed that Sung-hyung felt the same.

“Speak comfortably, hyung.”

“Hyun-seok… no, if that’s what you want to call me, then call me that.”

Sometimes people feel offended when spoken informally. However, Sung-hyung was not like that at all. Even while using informal speech, he spoke with a rough Busan dialect without losing his manners. Hyun-seok thought he was a pretty decent person who could fit the role of a leader.

He thought back to the situation at that time.


At the mid-point of Inwangsan Mountain, around 8 pm.

The mountain, which should have been dark since the sun had completely set, was incredibly bright thanks to the specially-made light that I’UET’s support team had turned on, illuminating the surroundings as if it were daytime.

When Hyun-seok arrived on the scene, Kim Min-gu’s head was smashed and his body collapsed. Hyun-seok, who was seeing such a grotesque sight for the first time, felt his legs stiffen and his body tremble. In the case of monsters, no matter how hard they were beaten or crushed, it never displays such a grotesque sight because its corpse disappears within three seconds, dropping items and monster stones.

“Mr. Hyun-seok, have you arrived? Let’s postpone greetings for later, considering the situation.”

Jong-won who spotted Hyun-seok took a moment to step back. Jong-won and other combat slayers were blocking or spilling the giant orc’s wooden club with two heads and attacking here and there. However, the orc’s shield was quite powerful, and the gauge still had over 30 percent left.

Jong-won shouted, “We can’t survive without the boss!”

Other slayers fought fiercely, and amidst the chaos, one person allowed the club to hit his shoulder, and another recovery slayer who had been watching from behind hastily performed a recovery. It was a relief that it wasn’t a critical hit. The combat had been quite long, and all the combat slayers looked exhausted.

They would rather run away, but they refused to do so. The reason was that the monster kept advancing toward the village, and that was why I’UET had to stop it, even if they had to retreat several times. They could have run away, but Jong-won used his skills to block the monster.

“The monster’s appearance site was near the summit. It kept moving towards the village.”

In reality, Hyun-seok wasn’t in a normal state. Though his stats may be high, he had never experienced such an intense battle before. He was just going through the motions. He had always easily slain monsters before, and this was the first time he had seen someone die in front of him.

Sung-hyung quickly explained his plan.

“I will attack his eyes. He’s very sensitive to attacks on his eyes, so he will attack me. If I am lucky, I can block it, but if I am not, something will definitely break.”

No, if you’re unlucky, you could die like Kim Min-gu earlier. Maybe you could block it, but something would still break. Sung-hyung seemed to think it was okay, but it wasn’t something you could simply say when you could potentially die.

“Take advantage of that and attack from behind, Hyun-seok. With your abilities, you should be able to handle it. It’s not a prediction, it’s a guarantee.”

Hyun-seok, of course, noticed that he was in the midst of a fierce battle and wasn’t in his right mind, but Sung-hyung didn’t drag on with his words. And he immediately began to run ahead. Sung-hyung had a power that led people, like giving them infinite faith in him, that kind of feeling.

Sung-hyung’s plan was a success. Sung-hyung had anticipated Hyun-seok’s ‘safety first’ tendency and had assessed his ‘stats’ ability. So he deliberately put himself in danger to create an opportunity for Hyun-seok to attack safely from behind.

The result was absurd.

With one punch from Hyun-seok, the Twin-Headed Orc’s waist was broken in half and he died. Sung-hyung had expected it and had a blank expression, and the other slayers had surprised and disappointed expressions.

[You have slain the Twin-Headed Orc.]

[You have hunted the boss monster of Mt. Inwang.]

[Recognized as a difficult achievement.]

[Bonus stat +10 is given.]

[A 50% decrease in stats due to penalties outside of easy mode is applied.]

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