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A.S.S Chapter 16 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

The government finally established a licensing system. To slay the top monster ruling the game world, the Orc, one must obtain the “Orc Slaying” license issued by the government. Additionally, one must obtain a Slayer Certification to engage in slaying.

Jong-won spoke up, “Obtaining the license costs money, and even if we use it to hunt Orcs, we have to pay taxes on the slaying itself. And how much do Monster Stones drop for…?”

Hyun-seok asked with a puzzled expression, “So how do we obtain this license?”

“I think there’s some sort of examination process. I’UET’s license was automatically issued, but there must be some sort of criteria. You have to pass the test based on certain standards,” Jong-won replied.

Hyun-seok chuckled at Jong-won’s words. “So we have to go through an examination process?”

Jong-won replied with embarrassment, “We were delegated to establish the specific standards and regulations. The government officials know very little about slaying. They may have seen it in books or videos, but they have never actually experienced it themselves. Therefore, they gave us the authority. As the most popular guild in Korea, it was a way to gain public support.”

“Perhaps… Park Sung-hyung will be in charge,” Jong-won continued. “And what about you?”

Hyun-seok’s voice trailed off as he replied, “Me…?”

“I, I also…”

“So you’re saying I have to be judged by you?”

“For God’s sake! Stop embarrassingly saying that. Then you’re admitting that I’m better than you! Go spread the word in the neighborhood.”

Hyun-seok smirked.

“Anyway, the brain that earns money spins like a genius. Those government geezers. They’re like ghosts in times like this.”

“Well… but this is the way it should be.”

It wasn’t entirely incorrect what he said, so Hyun-seok nodded his head in agreement.

“Oh, right. Sung-hyung asked if Hyung-nim could see him for a moment about Assassination Squad.”

“I’UET’s boss?”


Hyun-seok met Sung-hyung unexpectedly in the game world. To his surprise, Sung-hyung was pulling a bicycle instead of a car. It was a rather shabby ride compared to Sung-hyeong’s income, costing only about 500,000 won. Hyun-seok couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re much simpler than I expected.”

“Oh… it’s because my house is nearby. Still, I wore a suit since I’m meeting you, Hyun-seok.”

Hyun-seok chuckled. Since it wasn’t a formal occasion, he came dressed in casual attire, wearing neat but not formal pants and a t-shirt. But Sung-hyung didn’t seem to care about such dress codes. In fact, he had a humble and witty personality that didn’t quite fit his position as the guild leader of Korea’s top guild.

Hyun-seok had thought he was a charismatic and authoritative leader in front of his team, but meeting him personally showed a different side. He had a strong Busan dialect, but even that seemed endearing.

After some brief greetings, Sung-hyung got down to business.

“Oh… this is an Orc slaying license I obtained at my discretion. To be precise, it’s a green-grade license that allows you to slay all existing monsters.”

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“Because my hobby and expertise are a little different from others.”

“What do you mean?”

Hyun-seok didn’t feel bad, but he looked at Sung-hyung with a strange feeling. Sung-hyung shrugged his shoulders.

“If I offended you, I’m sorry, but I’m aware of your abilities to some extent, Hyun-seok. If I were ignorant of your abilities even as the leader of I’UET, that would be foolish. However, I’m just grateful that you haven’t jumped into slaying monsters yet.”

“Hmm… I see.”

Hyun-seok’s abilities are not a secret. The guild members of Ichigo already know, and accordingly, the higher-ups of Hedeyas should also know to some extent. And the members of I’UET who already know about Jong-won’s abilities would have noticed it to some degree. However, they implicitly keep it a secret since the parties concerned do not reveal it.

“I cannot tell you how powerful Hyun-seok’s abilities are… But if you think of it as a bribe that I give in advance, I would appreciate it.”

Hyun-seok was not the kind of person who would reject something for free. Besides, he did not sense any ill will from it. He joked around.

“Isn’t this illegal?”

“The law has not been properly established yet, and the issuance of licenses is entirely within our authority. So, it’s okay. Do you think I would make you a criminal and get into trouble?”

Hyun-seok chuckled as if he was feeling good.

“I appreciate what you’re doing. And please call me anytime. I want to see how the best guild members in Korea are slaying.”

It was not just a mere greeting. In fact, Hyun-seok was familiar with solo slaying by himself, but he was not used to fighting tactically with guild members.

Sung-hyung smiled brightly and raised both arms in a slightly exaggerated gesture.

“We always welcome things like that.”

But then, the next day, it happened. It was not just an experience, but a request for help. The urgent phone call from Sung-hyung came the next day.

“Hyun-seok, may I ask for your help?”

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