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A.S.S Chapter 16 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

If you were to ask for the most famous guilds in Korea, you wouldn’t get the same answer. You would pick one of the five guilds sponsored by major corporations. But now, that formula seems to be slowly breaking down.

This time, a guild called ‘Ichigo,’ the best in Japan, was trapped in a dungeon, and the Japanese union ‘Hedeyas’ asked for help from the world’s top slayers, including I’UET, which proudly included their name in the selection process and organized the first rescue team to arrive before the main force, but the news spread that they had already rescued them. Comments flooded the internet.

° The Japanese slayers are generally low-level, and that seems to be true.

° They barely made it into the selection process. They’re just noobs.

° I’UET is the truth.

Of course, no one believed those words at face value. People had a comprehensive opinion:

‘Although Ichigo had casualties and it was a tough situation, they were unable to overcome the challenge and clear the dungeon, but luckily, I’UET’s skilled players were able to provide some help, and thanks to them, they were able to clear the dungeon.’

This was the dominant opinion.

However, aside from such problems, the Japanese union Hedeyas officially expressed its gratitude to I’UET, saying that they were amazed by their skills and praised them, and announced that they would give 50% of the reward for this dungeon to I’UET. Thanks to this, I’UET, who was already famous, became the mascot of Hanjin and began to be recognized as the strongest guild in Korea.

Before this announcement, there was actually some kind of deal.

A few days ago.

Jong-won returned home and collapsed on the sofa. By now, it had reached the point where it was confusing whether this was Hyun-seok’s house or Jong-won’s house, but it was ironic that the owner of the house, Hyun-seok, didn’t care much.

“Wow. I don’t know if Min-seo is really smart or just evil.”

“What about my sister?”

Hyun-seok replied, and Min-seo, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, flinched. (Since Min-seo stays in Seoul every weekend, Hyun-seok moved to a two-room apartment. The Greenstones were piled up in the safe.)

“She recorded everything on video, so they couldn’t say anything and had to meet our demands.”

“She’s smart. She knows how to compromise.”

If the video Min-seo recorded were to be leaked, it would cause a scandal. Killing orcs in an instant was impossible for current slayers. Hyun-seok would attract significant attention first. Moreover, guild members might face criticism relatively. Even if it was not direct criticism, the reputation of the guild as the strongest in Japan could be shaken. It would be proven that they were weaker than even one Korean guild member.

Min-seo seized this point and negotiated with Ichigo in her favor. She decided to support the funeral expenses of the deceased on a humanitarian level. However, contrary to the announcement, most of the income was to be held by Hyun-seok and his team. Ichigo’s guild members were satisfied with achieving a “slightly difficult achievement” from clearing the dungeon and receiving a whopping 5 bonus stats. If they achieved an easy achievement, they would only get +3 points. That meant it was a difficult dungeon. So they were struggling.

Anyway, Ichigo’s guild members decided to keep it a secret about Hyun-seok and expressed infinite gratitude and compensation to Hyun-seok’s team, who rescued them, announcing that they were the I’UET’s elite team. Instead, they received a humiliating video.

Min-seo approached Hyun-seok and Jong-won, smiling brightly, holding a fruit platter in her left hand and a tray of drinks in her right hand, pretending not to know anything.

“Oppa, what were you guys talking about?”

“Min-seo, you’re gripping the tray too hard.”

Min-seo was surprised and quickly relaxed her grip, smiling brightly.

“I must have been mistaken, Oppa.”


Sunshine Nursery. It was a kindergarten where Hyun-seok volunteered. On that day, when the attack of the ferocious monster occurred, Min-soo, who was seven years old at the time, and still mischievous even at eight years old, would always hang on Hyun-seok’s leg and dance whenever he came.

The members of the volunteer group have changed slightly since then. It was only natural that some people were not aiming for profit, and many were only involved in one-time volunteering. The only members who remained the same as back then were Kang Pyeong-hwa, who was late on that day, leader Jang Young-taek, and Hyun-seok.

Kang Pyeong-hwa greeted Hyun-seok comfortably as “oppa” and expressed her fondness for him. Hyun-seok is accustomed to noticing women’s fondness for him. In the past, he would have tried to seduce Pyeong-hwa no matter what, but now he didn’t feel the need to do so, perhaps due to habit being a scary thing.

“I’ve changed a lot too.”

His notification tone always showed his physical activity level was above 90%, and he felt healthier. Besides, the terrible desire he had to somehow lure pretty women to his bed had disappeared. It was thanks to his healthy habits that he had a healthy mindset.

“Oh, by the way, are you a slayer?”


“At that time, the people who came to help us, were they I’UET?”

Hyun-seok nodded his head.

“Among them… was Jong-won there, right?”


As if he had any right to say something, he held back the urge to criticize Jong-won. After all, Ha Jong-won was the most famous slayer in Korea at the moment. He was the first orc slayer and had conquered dungeons, and even single-handedly rescued the strongest guild in Japan. This was the evaluation of society, and it seemed that Kang Pyeong-hwa also held some kind of fantasy about Ha Jong-won.

“He’s just a crazy dog.”

It was even more unbelievable that the slaughterhouse they had created and operated was now transforming into something like Korea’s Union, riding on the fame of both Jong-won and I’UET.

“So, is Hyun-seok also in I’UET?”

“Nah. No way.”

Hyun-seok chuckled.

“Why? Are you disappointed?”

“No! Of course not.”

Hyun-seok shrugged and started to walk, but suddenly he thought of something.

“Pyeong-hwa, are you also a slayer?”

“Yes. My skills aren’t great yet, but…”

“What’s your specialty?”

“Um… healing.”

Hyun-seok burst out laughing in disbelief. It turned out that the field they were in when they blocked the Jindo dog monster was not a battlefield, but a recovery field. Pyeong-hwa hadn’t realized it at the time because there was no warning sound asking if they wanted to open the battlefield. It was just a recovery field, not a battlefield.

“So, you were a total beginner in healing and still put yourself out there like that?”

It was beyond unbelievable; it was nonsensical.

“Well, I could have died.”

“But you’re all still alive.”

“Hehe,” ‘s peaceful laughter was somehow adorable, and Hyun-seok reached out his hand to lightly stroke her hair out of habit. He noticed that she had put a lot of effort into her hair and skillfully avoided the area that was styled with a hair iron.

“Don’t do that. You might get hooked,” Pyeong-hwa smiled bashfully and replied.

“Okay. Thank you.”

Pyeong-hwa seemed to be in a good mood from Hyun-seok’s small gesture.

“Come to think of it… she has become really beautiful.”

At the time, Pyeong-hwa had a slightly ordinary impression. Although her face was pretty, she may have appeared a bit chubby. People often compare dieting to a lottery. It is highly likely to be a big success. Pyeong-hwa, who was already slightly above average, hit the jackpot with her successful diet. Although Hyun-seok had met plenty of pretty women, he had been oblivious to Pyeong-hwa’s beauty until now.

“They say ignorance is bliss.”

His thoughts quickly changed to a more casual tone.

“Don’t thank me. It won’t make a difference if you die. Be careful from now on.”

Watching them from a distance, Jang Young-taek found the situation amusing and burst out laughing.

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