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A.S.S Chapter 15 (part 2): Season 1 Preparation


Hyun-seok nodded his head.

“That guy, Park Sung-hyung… seems like he’s caught onto something.”

Someone like Park Sung-hyung would clearly know the limits and abilities of their group, and given that, it would be easy for him to recognize that the variable was the same. Furthermore, even though it was a concept of selection, the fact that they were being told to go into the dangerous place – the dungeon where the guild Ichigo went missing – meant that there was some corner of belief, and that corner had a high likelihood of being Hyun-seok himself.

“He’s not an ordinary person.”

It wasn’t meant in a bad sense that he wasn’t ordinary. Park Sung-hyung was literally a man with charisma, who fit the leader’s position quite well. Hyun-seok hadn’t seen him much, but he could make that judgment about him. Even though he spoke lightly, there was a solid force within him, and he had seen him take the lead in dealing with all tasks while distributing roles among his team members in a timely manner. His team members were aware of and followed such charisma.

“Well… he didn’t seem like someone who talks too much either.”

If Hyun-seok had been questioned about it, he would have said so already. He didn’t seem to have that intention.

Jong-won and two others who received an official request from the Japanese union ‘Hedeyas’ headed to Tokyo. (The Japanese government reportedly opposed the request for help, but it is a side note that Hedeyas’ influence in the Slayer world was powerful and they independently requested help from each country.)



Jong-won led the way. A man, who seemed to be a member of the Japanese guild Hedeyas, blocked their path. It was probably a restricted area for civilians, but someone rushed up urgently. After speaking some incomprehensible words, Hyun-seok and his group were granted entry.

Then the person who had rushed up spoke.

“Hello? I am Yamamoto, a level 7 slayer affiliated with the Japanese Union Hedeyas. Nice to meet you.”

He wasn’t particularly fluent, but his Korean was understandable. Fortunately, it seemed that Hedeyas had dispatched a slayer who could translate.

“We’ve already been informed. You’re from I’UET’s Assassination Squad, right?”

“Yes. We received a detailed explanation through I’UET. Please guide us.”

They hadn’t received a detailed explanation. But it didn’t matter, because Hyun-seok was there. He had already activated the cheat code that revealed the entire map, so they didn’t really need an observer.

“Understood. We’re in a hurry. Please follow me.”

An alert sounded in Hyun-seok’s ear.

[Do you want to enter the novice dungeon? Y/N]


[The use of the Return Scroll is not available.]

He entered the dungeon. The surroundings were quiet. Like any other dungeon, the atmosphere was like a cave with torches blazing on both sides of the walls.

He heard a familiar notification from Hyun-seok’s perspective.

[Due to excessively high stats, the difficulty of the dungeon will be adjusted upward.]

[The safe zone and recovery area within the dungeon will be revoked.]

In other words, it meant, “This place is weak, but since you’re too strong, I’ll give you some penalty.” In other words, compared to Hyun-seok’s abilities, this place could be considered ridiculously weak, and Hyun-seok had already heard this notification for the eighth time. He heard it every time he entered the dungeon.

Hyun-seok said relievedly, “Alright. This place is weak too.”

As he looked at the place where the strongest guild in Japan had disappeared and felt relieved by his friend’s remark that it was weak, Jong-won felt somewhat disappointed but also relieved.

“Hyun-seok, please.”

“Don’t let your guard down.”

“I know, man. You keep ignoring me, but I’m a really famous slayer in Korea.”

“Oh, right. That’s true.”

Hyun-seok smirked. Although he occasionally forgot, Jong-won could be considered an elite among the current slayers. He could be relatively called a veteran compared to other slayers, although it might be a bit awkward to call him a “veteran” because it hasn’t even been a year since monsters appeared.

Min-seo shivered uncontrollably.

“Something feels off here.”

“Min-seo, stay close behind me and follow.”

“Got it.”

Min-seo was a support slayer. Unlike the combat slayer Jong-won, if she were hit by an orc, she could be killed in one blow. So she had to prioritize safety above all else.

They had to walk for a while to reach their destination. Time passed by.

“Damn it. I just realized that we can’t communicate with them.”

Due to Hyun-seok’s entry, the safe zone for the Japanese guild members disappeared. Whether it was due to the easy mode or the nature of the dungeon, all dungeons had “safe zones” and “recovery zones” set up. Especially in most safe zones, there was a water source, which was very helpful.

Anyway, they must have been resting in the safe zone, but due to Hyun-seok’s entry, the safe zone disappeared, and the monsters must have rushed in.

“No matter how much you recover your health in the recovery zone, you’ll be exhausted after 12 days.”

Hyun-seok said.

“We’ll explain the situation when the interpreter comes. Jong-won, please take care of Min-seo.”

“Got it… huh? What the… that son of a bitch is really… incredible.”

Before Jong-won could respond, Hyun-seok deployed his battlefield and dashed forward. His speed and momentum were like a sports car. In the blink of an eye, Hyun-seok jumped into the swarm of monsters and began swinging his fists.

Surrounded by Orcs, there were a total of seven of them. It could be considered a fairly high-level dungeon with this many Orcs. There were a total of 18 survivors, and it seemed that two had died. If 18 players with skills similar to Ichigo’s gathered together, they could hunt down the seven Orcs, but they were in a very tired state. Everything was in the worst condition possible. The moment the safe zone disappeared, they had to give up hope.

Just as they were about to give up, someone suddenly jumped in. And an unbelievable situation unfolded right in front of them.

Hyun-seok turned his head as if stretching lightly. The problem was that there were three Orc corpses behind him. The corpses disappear in about three seconds. But the fact that the corpses of the three Orcs were visible for three seconds means that the man had swept away the three Orcs within three seconds.

Yu, the guild leader of Ichigo and known as the best Slayer in Japan, opened her mouth in surprise.

“This is impossible…”

Hyun-seok grinned.

“Well, I’m Korean, so I don’t understand what you’re saying. Let’s wait for the interpreter to come and talk later. Let’s clear it first.”

He considered speaking in English, which could be considered a long-term solution, but that was too much hassle. The decision was made to quickly clear the dungeon before any other people could intervene, as it would also give them the right to claim rewards. Min-seo was smart enough to record the current situation on video. It was proof that while Hyun-seok was clearing the dungeon, the others were staying still.

Min-seo hadn’t thought deeply about it, but she had a feeling it would be good to have recorded it. This video would have a significant impact on the negotiations regarding rewards between Ichigo Guild, Hedeyas Union, and them.

In the video, the members of the Ichigo Guild considered the best guild in Japan, were standing still and staring at a man with their mouths agape.


I’UET’s Park Sung-hyung intentionally delayed their departure. The reason was that it took time to gather team members. And for some reason, he kept hesitating to leave, fidgeting around. Other guild members didn’t say anything, thinking that there must be a reason for it. It was because they had that much trust and faith in Park Sung-hyung. It was almost absolute trust and faith.

After about an hour, shocking news was delivered.

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