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A.S.S Chapter 15 (part 1): Season 1 Preparation

So far, about 13 dungeons have been discovered in Japan, and among them, 5 have been cleared by slayers. What’s noteworthy is that one guild has conquered three out of those five dungeons. Of course, even though there were no restrictions on the number of people who could enter the dungeons, and about 20 guild members could enter at once, it was still quite remarkable that only one guild cleared all three dungeons.

Other guilds did not shy away from the challenge either. While other guilds were attempting to clear dungeons, they managed to conquer three dungeons. From a relative perspective, that guild could be considered an excellent guild.

There are currently a total of 8 dungeons remaining. These dungeons are strictly managed and controlled, making it impossible to enter. Hyun-seok clicked his tongue, thinking it was too easy. The atmosphere was different from Korea. It turned out that the dungeons were strictly managed and supervised by the Japanese Slayer Union, Hedeyas, and the Monster Management Office, a government-affiliated organization.

This was because once the dungeons were cleared, tremendous rewards were obtained, like treasures, so they were managed strictly. This is where the difference between Korea and Japan became apparent.

Korea did not neglect to manage the entry and exit of the dungeons. They certainly did manage it. They released soldiers who were in mandatory military service to control the entry and exit of civilians and monitor the entry and exit of slayers. But honestly, it was almost just a formal procedure. Hyun-seok cleared five dungeons in a row so easily in the early morning, and it wasn’t discovered until morning, which shows how loose Korea’s dungeon monitoring system is.

In contrast, in Japan, the control of entry and exit is quite strict, making it difficult to enter easily.

In the end, he spent the whole day wandering aimlessly around. Let me correct that. He traveled under the guise of aimlessness. The level of leisure differs between when a person has a lot of money and when they don’t, and Hyun-seok was currently in a very relaxed state.

“It’s so strict to get in and out of here. They don’t even let you near if you’re not Japanese.”

Hyun-seok muttered as if it was a disaster. There was surveillance in Korea, but it wasn’t as thorough as this.

“Well, that’s how it should be. Not just anyone can clear it… but there are definitely people who can. And if they’re taken by foreigners…”

Come to think of it, if a foreigner cleared a dungeon in the same way as Hyun-seok in Korea, it would be a huge loss for Korea. Of course, since it was recognized as an “impossible achievement,” it was highly likely that no one else but Hyun-seok could do such a thing.

Meanwhile, news circulated that the top famous guild in Japan, “Ichigo,” had been trapped in one dungeon and unable to come out for 12 days, even though they had cleared three dungeons in Japan. If even Ichigo, which was considered the strongest guild in Japan, couldn’t clear it, it meant that other guilds would find it difficult as well.

If Korea had the “Five Great Guilds,” Japan was said to have the “One Great Guild.” Korea had five giant guilds with similar military power, but in Japan, Ichigo’s power was overwhelming the other guilds.

In such a situation, Japan began to urgently organize a rescue team. However, the locals were not very sympathetic. Who would risk their life to enter where Ichigo had disappeared? In Japan, monsters that drop Greens stones are widespread. Even catching just those could generate enough profit.

On the internet, it was rumored that monsters in Japan were of a lower level, but it was not confirmed. Only licensed slayers from Hedeyas, Japan’s union, could slay monsters in Japan, and the process for foreigners was very strict. So, foreigners had a hard time catching Japanese monsters, and even if they did, they couldn’t speak out publicly.

In the midst of such a situation, there were rumors that Japanese slayers were struggling when it came to slaying in other countries, especially in nearby countries such as Korea. Interestingly, other countries also had the perception that “monsters in Korea are strong” to some extent. Of course, this was just a perception and not a fact that had been firmly established.

Anyway, the strongest guild in Japan, Ichigo, had been trapped in a dungeon for 12 days and could not escape. Eventually, the Japanese union ” Hedeyas ” requested help from slayers around the world. They requested assistance from each country’s union, which was slowly taking shape. Unlike the Japanese government, they had already established a systematic organization and quickly requested help.

In the case of Korea, the “Assassination Squad” was in the process of forming a union, but it was still difficult to call it a union. Therefore, they requested assistance from the top 5 guilds in Korea.

I’UET’s deputy director, Park Park Sung-hyung, immediately called Jong-won.

-Yes, this is Jong-won.

-Have you heard about Japan? Are you in Japan now?


-Is Hyun-seok with you?

-Yes, we are together.

Jong-won was taken aback. Park Sung-hyung hadn’t said much to Jong-won about his appearance, not even when the orc first appeared or when they cleared the dungeon. He had only made a joking remark asking if he was with Hyun-seok. Jong-won couldn’t tell if Sung-hyung was deliberately ignoring the fact that Hyun-seok had a special power or if he was just joking around.

“Hey, would you like to apply for the rescue team and go?”


“We’ll be taking a plane right away. So, enter first and check the situation. See if there are any survivors.”

“What if I die?”

Sung-hyung smirked.

“So you don’t want to do it?”

“No. That’s okay. Should we just clear it while we’re at it?”

“Okay. You can do that.”

“Yes. We’re leaving now.”

Jong-won had planned to go anyway. There was nothing to fear when Hyun-seok, a presence outside of the EZ mode standards, was with him. He could just have fun and receive the rewards.

“This is actually great!”

Jong-won exclaimed inwardly.

“I think Sung-hyung noticed something, but…”

Sung-hyung didn’t say anything directly, but Jong-won had a feeling. Anyway, Hyun-seok’s ability would be known sooner or later, but…

“I hope no one misunderstands that I leaked the information.”

It was a bit uncomfortable to think that he might have accidentally revealed too much about Hyun-seok’s ability.

“Hey, Hyun-seok. I just got a call from I’UET…”

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