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A.S.S Chapter 14 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

“Where should I allocate them…Oh!”

Hyun-seok lowered his head.

“I have enough strength for the Easy Mode even with just this much. There’s no need to force myself to increase it further.”

When he was forcibly transferred from Tutorial Mode to Easy Mode, he had allocated 100 points to the strength stat. He was forced to transfer while being penalized. Which means…

“If I raise my points again, I’ll reach the limit and…be forced to enter Normal Mode.”

Perhaps he could be forced to enter Normal Mode again due to excessively high stat points. It’s better for him to take it easy. Even if he eventually enters Normal Mode, it’s much better to slay in Easy Mode. Since achieving “impossible achievements” may not be impossible within Easy Mode, where these stats make it even easier.

Then, he heard a notification sound.

[You have 149 remaining stat points.]

[Stat points are a valuable resource that is immediately reflected in the user’s abilities.]

[We strongly recommend using stat points.]

Hyun-seok was convinced. He shouldn’t listen to that. If he listens and takes the easy path, he may end up going back to the difficult path. He decided to leave the 149 points as remaining stat points for now.

Kim So-hyun stole a quick glance at Hyun-seok’s appearance and raised her eyebrows. He looked extremely tired and didn’t seem to be focused on his work. He was thinking deeply about something, then suddenly he would raise his head and grin, which seemed abnormal at the very least. So-hyun tried to send Hyun-seok a message through the company messenger, but chaos broke out.

Goo Chang-min, a fourth-level employee, came in frantically.

“I heard that all the dungeons that remained in Korea were cleared overnight.”

Hyun-seok flinched. The place had become chaotic. In fact, aside from the vocal route, the place where Greenstone was used the most was the power plant. With ample supply of Greenstone, KEPCO seemed to be making a profit. It became much cheaper to produce electricity using Greenstone than using conventional materials, but the electricity rates remained the same.

But now, overnight, the five dungeons that could be considered the largest excavation sites for Greenstone had disappeared. It was unclear whether they had been cleared or had disappeared on their own over time, but they had all vanished.

Even there was a frenzy in articles.

-All the dungeons disappeared overnight! What happened?

-The mystery of the disappeared dungeon overnight.

People, including the police, investigated why this happened. Even the political world, which thought that Greenstone would be excavated with ease, seemed confused. One could see that innocent police officers were being pressured to find out what had happened.

-A sharp decrease in the expected amount of Greenstone excavation.

-Disappeared Greenstone. Absence of supply!

-The government. Sweating to control the price of Greenstone!

-Absence of dungeon management and surveillance! Who should be responsible for managing the dungeons?

Contrary to the initial expectation that Greenstone would be abundant, all the dungeons disappeared after he returned, and the political power became busy again. The demand for Greenstone remained the same, or rather, was rapidly increasing, but suddenly the supply decreased. This meant that the price of Greenstone was likely to skyrocket, as it was not just an item worth only 100 million won. To prevent this, the Korean government enforced stricter management of Greenstone.

Although it has not been implemented yet, a proposal emerged to issue a kind of license that would allow hunters to hunt monsters that drop Greenstone. They would classify the licenses according to the slayer’s rank and charge a fee accordingly. However, people’s reaction was that although it was slow in other areas, they didn’t know why the government was showing such a swift movement in collecting taxes.

Anyway, all the dungeons disappeared overnight, and many people were surprised and wanted to know the reason. Jong-won knew the reason, and he ran toward Hyun-seok, making him frightened.

“Is it you?”


“You left Min-seo alone yesterday and went out at night?”

“Lower your voice, man. My ears are going to burst.”

Hyun-seok explained, but Jong-won seemed to be getting angrier.

“You bastard. You should take me with you. I don’t need Greenstone, but ugh… just think of the bonus stats!”

Hyun-seok chuckled. To him, it seemed funny that Jong-won valued stat points more than the value of Green-stone, which was worth several hundred billion. From Hyun-seok’s perspective, wasn’t it stat points that piled up haphazardly with just a little effort?

“Hey, let’s go to Japan this weekend,” said Jong-won.

“What did you say?” replied Hyun-seok.

“I don’t know how the impossible achievements are adjusted based on the number of people… but you said stat points are so important? Let’s bring Min-seo and go together. There are still a few uncleared dungeons in Japan, right?”

Jong-won hugged Hyun-seok tightly.

“I love you, bro.”

“Get off me, you brat!”

Hyun-seok opened the battlefield and punched Jong-won in the stomach. He was now perfectly accustomed to controlling his strength. He knew Jong-won’s abilities and although the exact H/P values weren’t visible, he had a good idea of how much he needed to hit to take half of Jong-won’s H/P.

Jong-won flew backward and hit the wall with a thud, but he quickly got back up.

“What the hell! You’re PKing against a noob? You scammer!”

Despite taking a considerable hit, Jong-won was still unharmed because Hyun-seok had opened the battlefield.

“You’re no noob. You’re famous in Korea and have ten fingers. You’re really famous,” said Hyun-seok.

“Damn it… You’re a master scammer,” replied Jong-won.

Hyun-seok chuckled.

“Go get your passport quickly. Let’s go and come back before the dungeons are cleared. I’m taking Friday off, so let’s leave on Thursday night and come back on Sunday.”

Jong-won smiled widely.

“Yes, bro.”

And so the weekend arrived.

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