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A.S.S Chapter 14 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

Hyun-seok had bought a new car.

Despite his pursuit of a stable and comfortable lifestyle, he was still a man. Since childhood, he had a dream of owning a supercar that others could only envy. Of course, he believed that such dreams should remain as just that, as showing off could only lead to ruin. However, with the huge amount of money he had earned by clearing the dungeon, he was able to make bold investments.

Although the money he earned was insignificant compared to the profits he made this time, spending one billion won on a car still required a significant determination. The car he bought was a Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet, a convertible car that people envied. At his age, not many people in Korea would spend a hundred million won on a car.

Ignoring the criticism from his friends that asked, “Where are you going to use a car this small?” it was his choice. Despite the fact that he made a profit of eight billion won, including Min-seo’s share, he chose to buy a common(?) convertible car instead of a supercar. It was an act that Jong-won could never understand, but in other words, Hyun-seok had great self-control when it came to material things.

Nevertheless, it was enough to attract people’s attention.

“No. This guy can’t do it.”

Hyun-seok got into his new car, leaving behind his old car, a new model Avante that he had planned to scrap soon. Just having a Benz Cabriolet was enough to stand out. The Avante was also a medium-sized car that could run on highways without any problems, and Hyun-seok started the engine.

Although he hadn’t planned to become a Slayer, Hyun-seok smirked. It didn’t take him long to clear the dungeon, and orcs were a one-shot kill for him.

“We still have Greenstone in stock, right?”


 Hyun-seok smirked. It didn’t take long to move around, and in fact, clearing the dungeon didn’t take long for him. Orcs were a one-shot, one-kill target for Hyun-seok.

And just in case, he had found a way to become even stronger despite the limitations of the level and experience systems.

[Within 24 hours, cleared three dungeons in a row. Personnel: 1.]

[An achievement impossible in Easy Mode. ‘Impossible’ is acknowledged.]

[As a reward for achieving an impossible achievement, bonus stats will be +30.]

[Bonus stats will be distributed 50% as a penalty for stats outside the Easy Mode standard.]

He had smashed three dungeons in a row. It was like a level 100 expert playing around with the dungeons in a beginner village. In fact, he had achieved an achievement called “Impossible Achievement.” Since it was impossible in a normal way, the modifier “Impossible” was attached. In other words, Hyun-seok could be said to be slaying using a “cheat key” that made the impossible possible.

At first, he was a little scared when he entered the dungeon, but now he didn’t even have that minimal tension. Sometimes, he had the misfortune of getting hit in his back by an orc, but when that happened,

[You were hit in a vital spot. A critical hit will be applied. ]

[Damage -0. ]

He found himself in ridiculous situations like this. In other words, even if the orc’s critical hit exploded, it couldn’t leave a scratch on Hyun-seok’s defense. Hyun-seok, who had come to trust his brute force(?), cleared each dungeon with more confidence.

What was even more strange was that this “Impossible Achievement” was not a one-time achievement.

The same notification sound continued when he cleared the fourth dungeon and the fifth dungeon. Hyun-seok was practically playing the game using cheat keys.

[Within 24 hours, cleared five dungeons in a row. Personnel: 1.]

[An achievement impossible in Easy Mode. ‘Impossible’ is acknowledged.]

[As a reward for achieving an impossible achievement, bonus stats will be +50.]

[Bonus stats will be distributed 50% as a penalty for stats outside the Easy Mode standard.]

However, there was one difference. At first, a bonus stat of 30 was given, then 40 on the second try, and then 50 on the third. Of course, due to the penalty within Easy Mode, He lost 50% of the points, but He was still able to obtain an incredible score close to 60. It seemed that the rate of point allocation for “impossible achievements” increased depending on the number of times achieved.

“Jong-won definitely loved getting 20 points.”

Unlike Hyun-seok, it was very difficult for ordinary slayers to raise their stat points. The reality was that they allocated their stats using the level and experience point systems, but recently, there were various methods circulating on the internet for fostering their abilities according to their goals.

For example, Jong-won poured most of his stats into strength and agility because he was a melee combat slayer. On the other hand, Min-seo invested solely in intelligence.

However, this did not apply to Hyun-seok. He piled up impossible achievements using cheat codes, and no matter how much of a penalty he received, his achievements were outstanding.

“Balance is the most important thing. It’s best to raise everything evenly.”

Hyun-seok cleared the dungeon while casually thinking that someone would protest if they heard his words. Some countries manage and monitor the dungeons strictly, so he was nervous at first and tried to sneak in unnoticed. However, there was no need for that. The dungeon only had yellow warning tape and was not properly monitored or managed.

When he cleared the fifth dungeon, the morning had come. Regardless of his stat points, his body was sluggish. He hadn’t slept a wink all night.

“There’s still one left…”

Time was tight. He could possibly be late. Hyun-seok had never been late once in the three years he had been working at Hanjin.

“But if I achieve another impossible achievement…”

The Avante began to accelerate even more. And once again, he cleared the dungeon.


Kim So-hyun handed over a 200-won coffee and smiled at Hyun-seok.

“What’s up, senior? You were late?”

“Ah, there was a little delay. Luckily, everything turned out fine.”

“Well, senior, you always behave well, so there was no need to worry about anything.”

“Thanks for the coffee. I’ll enjoy it.”

So-hyun knew that she had some degree of affection from him, but Hyun-seok purposely kept his distance from her. At 27, Kim So-hyun was practically the mascot of this place, and the Hanjeon was an extension of the engineering department. The rules of the engineering department applied not only to Areumi of the department but also to the Hanjeon. Hyun-seok didn’t want to date a woman in the workplace, as it would only make him tired. Besides, he never really thought about dating. He thought that women were creatures that could be easily manipulated if you knew how to program them, so he wasn’t interested.

“You look very tired, senior.”

“Oh… do I?”

Tired. Extremely tired. He fought in the battlefields, and once it was over, he felt an overwhelming physical exhaustion. It was a good thing that he had trained most of his muscles diligently; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to move properly with all the fatigue.

Hyun-seok got lost in thought.

“I’ve gained points this time…15, 20, 25, 30…and 60…so that’s 140 points…”

Originally, the remaining stat points were 9. So, the current remaining stat points would be 149. What’s surprising is that the amount of bonus stats given when achieving the fifth impossible achievement suddenly increased. Even after the penalty, He received 60 points. If He achieves another impossible achievement, He can receive even more points than that.

Without realizing it, Hyun-seok found himself lost in happy thoughts and smiled.

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