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A.S.S Chapter 13 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

120 Green Stones.

A Martial Arts Skill Book – (Low)

A Poison-Coated Dagger

An Earring of Wisdom

Four items in total. Hyun-seok decided to take the Martial Arts Skill Book, Jong-won took the Poison-Coated Dagger, and Minseo took the Earring of Wisdom.

To be honest, it’s not clear yet what these items do exactly. If the inventory window was active or if there was an item description, they might know, but there isn’t. However, Min-seo was able to immediately see the effect of the Earring of Wisdom.

“Oppa, I just put this on and I heard a notification sound.”

“What did it say?”

“It said my M/P recovery rate went up by 2%?”

“Well, that’s good. Keep wearing it then.”

“I’m going to keep wearing it for sure.”

“Honestly, are you just wearing it because it looks nice?”

Min-seo giggled. She’s a high school student and has to take off her earrings at school. But if it’s a Slayer-exclusive item, it’s a different story. Slayer items can be worn.

“To be honest, I don’t really know if it’s good or not. But it’s pretty, so I’ll wear it while I can.”

“We’re still in Easy Mode. In Easy Mode, how… good can the items really be?”

Slowly, the physiology of this system became apparent. Easy mode was literally an “easy” mode. The monsters were weak, and the difficulty of the dungeon wasn’t that high either. Therefore, the probability of dropping good items was very low. It was just like a game. It was almost impossible for a low-level user to drop items used by high-level users in a beginner’s village.

“Anyway… the term ‘M/P recovery rate’ means… someday, the day will come when M/P appears.”

Originally, for monsters like mosquitoes, the H/P bar was displayed along with their name. And for orcs, their name wasn’t visible, but their H/P bar was still displayed. So if the monster changes, it could mean that another change may occur. For example, the H/P bar may disappear, or an M/P bar may appear. Just like with monsters, it may be possible for H/P to appear above people’s heads. We don’t know how it will change, but for sure at least H/P and M/P are not useless.

And there was another source of income besides items.

All slayers in the dungeon were given a bonus stat +3. It was recognized as an easy achievement, and there was a reward for it. It was the effect of the “achievement system” that Jong-won had mentioned before. Hyun-seok only gained one due to the penalty, but it was still an undeniable fact that he was given a bonus stat.

Jong-won, on the other hand, not only received a bonus stat +3 but also gained another +1 as his level went up. Hyun-seok wasn’t subject to the level system, which means that levels were meaningless. But, other slayers were still subject to the current level system.

Hyun-seok got an idea from there.

“The achievement system is the way for me to get stronger, as I’m limited by the level system.”

Min-seo asked, “Oppa, how did you deal with Green Stone?”

“What do you mean? We are supposed to trade with the government. I don’t want to complicate things and end up in prison.”

Green Stone is handled by the government and is being purchased for 100 million won each. Hyun-seok sold all 120 of them for a total of 12 billion won and gave 4 billion won to Jong-won, keeping 8 billion won for himself. Min-seo couldn’t handle such a large sum of money, so she asked her brother to manage it for her.

One Green Stone can be responsible for 1-2 percent of Seoul’s daily power output. Numerically, 50-100 Green stones can be responsible for 100 percent of daily power output. Of course, it requires fuel such as oil or coal, but it’s still a tremendous amount.

Min-seo let out a small sigh. “My teacher said a proposal has been made to lower the price of Green Stone.”

“Is that so?”

As dungeons were cleared, the stock of Greenstone suddenly increased. Although there was no exact data, it was expected that the government owned at least 300 Green Stones.

Hyun-seok felt a little uneasy. He searched the internet and found that some lawmakers had proposed lowering the price of Green Stone. It was still in progress.

“We priced it at 100 million won initially…because of the scarcity. But they want to lower it even more now?”

He felt bad. It was clear from his demeanor that his mood had changed from when he entered and left the room. Even if it was only 100 million won, it was clearly profitable. The government claimed that it was not worth 100 million won, but he knew better. Furthermore, there were rumors that Green Stone was being exported in small quantities to China and the United States, where demand exceeded supply, and even the news agency Kadara reported that the price was easily over 100 million won.

There were also rumors of unofficial exports. Some slayers were allegedly engaged in illegal trading with countries like the United States and China, and the price was said to be around 150 million won per Green Stone. Even if it was illegal, it was better to engage in smuggling when there was such a price difference of 50 million won per unit.

The statement that “you can buy it for 150 million won” means that it is worth at least 150 million won. Green Stone had a significant value beyond development. Especially like White stone, it was not a joke that illegal distribution of Green Stone had soared since it was found that mixing a small amount of it with stamina enhancers such as Viagra reduced side effects and increased effectiveness. (Not only stamina enhancers but most medications had very good effects when mixed with it.) The amount of Green Stone to be mixed with Viagra was as small as a single particle of powder. It was rumored that selling Green Stone mixed with Viagra after crushing it into powder was worth 10 billion won. Demand was much higher than supply.

Corporations even bought Green Stone at prices higher than that. It was for research and investment development purposes.

Currently, the value of Green Stone is not just 100 million won, contrary to the government’s claim.

“But still, do you want to lower the price more? You’re delivering 120 at a time, is Green Stone a joke now?”

Although it was a hassle, it made him very upset. Even a member of parliament said, “Since it has become relatively easy to get Green Stone…” Hyun-seok felt like he wanted to grab the guy and throw him into a dungeon.

It wasn’t easy for Hyun-seok, but for other slayers, it was really a matter of life and death. However, it was very annoying for someone to speak bluntly without even experiencing it themselves. The top-tier slayers were not widespread. There were barely a hundred teams in Korea. Among them, only 20 teams could easily kill orcs. The rest were slaying with the risk of injury or even death. And on the other hand, someone is talking about the “easily obtainable” Green Stone.

Hyun-seok stood up. Min-seo quickly followed suit.

“Oppa, where are you going?”

“If they’re full, I’ll make sure to make them hungry. Min-seo, stay here. I’ll be back soon.”

It is true that if the supply increases, the price should go down. However, if the price goes down forcibly, side effects are bound to occur. And Hyun-seok decided to create those side effects.

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