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A.S.S Chapter 13 (part 1): Season 1 – Preparation

Hyun-seok wasn’t someone who enjoyed exposing himself and doing something in front of others. However, that didn’t mean he always stayed hidden in the background. To put it simply, if it was a situation where he could step forward or not, he wouldn’t step forward.

So, even when he awakened as a Slayer in the past, he only talked to his close friend, Jong-won, and watched the situation from a distance. But when it was time to step forward, he did. If he came to rescue someone, then it was right to rescue them. There wasn’t a penalty for hiding his strength. He had already made up his mind to use his power freely.

Hyun-seok confidently stepped forward. Whether the survivors’ faces turned pale or not, he didn’t care. It was better to show than to just talk, as they wouldn’t listen no matter how many times he spoke.

He extended his fist towards the orc running towards him, exhaling his characteristic hot breath. It was conventional wisdom to attack with a weapon since the orc had a sturdy shield and hitting it with a fist could result in broken bones or injuries.

“Wh-what a reckless…”


The survivors no longer believed that they were dealing with someone who claimed to be I’UET. They couldn’t believe that someone who claimed to be I’UET would fight an orc so foolishly. They regretted rushing here with these guys.


A huge sound, as if bones were breaking, resounded.

“This can’t be happening!”

“Oh my god!”

Screams and cries of the survivors erupted. Hyun-seok clenched and unclenched his fist repeatedly.

“That was good.”

Suddenly, he looked at Jong-won and said something.

“Jong-won, keep watch over that area. If an orc appears anywhere, let me know right away.”

“Got it. I can handle up to two orcs.”

The word “cover” means to withstand until Hyun-seok comes to help, literally. No matter how famous and powerful an I’UET member is as a slayer, the gap with Hyun-seok was huge because Hyun-seok was already a slayer outside the easy mode specification.

As Hyun-seok turned his shoulder and stretched his body, Min-seo asked him, “Oppa, why all of a sudden?”

“There aren’t many places where high-level monsters like orcs gather at once. I’m trying to practice adjusting my strength during this opportunity.”

One hit, one kill. That’s the way Hyun-seok has been mastering so far. When he succeeded in one-hit, one-kill 30 times in a row, he acquired the ‘Iron Fist’ skill through repeated practice. However, he suddenly became curious about how much damage the skill would inflict if he hit with a certain amount of power.

Time passed like that.

It was a phenomenon that was logically incomprehensible when an existence outside the specifications became curious.

“This, this can’t be…”

“Oh, are the orcs running away…?”

“What nonsensical words…”

What curiosity brought about was a one-sided beating. At first, the orcs succeeded in attacking intermittently. However, they even missed hitting with the wooden club due to recoil or defense. Upon closer inspection, the orc’s wrist was trembling.

Survivors thought they were not dreaming right now. Nevertheless, they were slayers with some skills, given that they confidently entered the dungeon. That is to say, they should have at least enough confidence. The man was unilaterally beating the orcs who had driven them into the fear of death. Even though he could kill them with one blow, he was making excuses to beat them up by recognizing their strength.

“Even in the battlefields, he continues to fight. Without the help of a support slayer…it’s absurd…”

Jong-won yawned, as if not particularly surprised.

“Green Stones isn’t dropping, huh.”

Min-seo, who left her brother alone to face a horde of monsters that were dangerously close to him, also spoke up, sounding a little disappointed.

“Yeah, it’s too bad they’re not dropping Green Stone.”

After the one-sided beating had finally come to an end, Hyun-seok returned to his spot. The beating ended in death, to be precise, the slaughter of seven orcs.

“They said it would take seven minutes to respawn, so let’s wait one more time.”


“This is the last time.”

Jong-won nodded his head, “Sure, it’s the last one.” Hyun-seok politely asked the three surviving members for their agreement.

“Excuse me…”

Before Hyun-seok could finish his sentence, the men swallowed their saliva and nervously said, “Y-yes, please. We can wait as long as you need us to.”

They had gone two days without food, after all. Hyun-seok understood this, but he found the act of beating down orcs and waiting for them to respawn again somewhat entertaining, so he decided to wait for the respawn one more time.

Survivors in the dungeon miraculously survive!

The leader of the assassination team, Jong-won, from I’UET, leads the way in dungeon clears!

The dungeon was cleared. It wasn’t just Hyun-seok’s group that had cleared it, though. They couldn’t tackle dungeons with a participant limit, but they had already cleared three dungeons that didn’t have a limit on participants.

Six survivors safely return! Family members weep!

A miracle occurs! Twelve days of struggle for survival!

And there were survivors in those three places as well. Some had prepared food in advance, while others barely managed to survive in recovery zones and safe areas until they were rescued along with the dungeon clear.

Jong-won had rescued three survivors while clearing a dungeon with a limit of six people and a very high level of difficulty. As if I’UET wasn’t already highly esteemed, Jong-won’s actions only elevated its status even further.

“Hey, but is it okay that only I became famous?”

“It’s not about being okay, it’s about the best scenario.”

Hyun-seok shrugged at Jong-won’s words. Even though they did the same thing, Jong-won was the one who received the spotlight. He operated the Assassination Squad and was affiliated with I’UET.

However, the survivors almost ended up in a mental hospital. The fact that a man named Hyun-seok had taken down dozens of orcs alone was an unbelievable fact. Jong-won and Hyun-seok claimed to have fought together, which was more credible than the unrealistic stories of the people who had been closed in the dungeon for over ten days. After all, it was unlikely that there would be anyone who could take down an orc alone, at least in terms of common sense. Thanks to this, the testimony of the survivors was mostly dismissed as nonsense.

“If there’s something good about becoming famous, it’s that you’ll probably have a lot of annoying things to deal with. I don’t even have a windbreaker like the Hanji Foundation.”

“Hey, but even if it’s just regular people, it seems like there are people within I’UET who are keeping an eye on you.”

“Well, I can’t help that. It’s not like I’m purposely hiding my strength…I don’t plan on being a full-time slayer anyway…”

It’s not something that needs to be hidden unconditionally. He’s just hiding it because there’s no need to reveal it. He’s not even a full-time slayer. Hyun-seok lost himself in thought as he spoke.

“Normally, I wouldn’t have even thought about it for real…”

But now, his thoughts seem to have changed a bit. Within the dungeon, there were a total of three rooms. Perhaps because it was still in EASY MODE, there were only orcs and they were easily dealt with. In the last room, there was an orc much larger than the typical ones, with sharp teeth. Fighting that orc was, how should I put it, thrilling. It created a sense of tension and was, dare I say, fun. It was just a simple brawl, though.

What was even more exciting was that after defeating all the orcs in every room and breaking the crystal in the third and final room, they were rewarded with incredible loot:

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