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A.S.S Chapter 26 (part 2): Season 1 – Preparation

At the same time.

As the Slayer Alliance, centered around the Pyramid Guild, made its mark in Guwol-dong, Park Sung-hyung, the commander of I’UET, along with Ha Jong-won and Yoo Hyun-seok, began their ascent up the mountain.

Hyun-seok spoke up.

“Sung-hyung, just so you know, I still haven’t mastered controlling my strength.”

If Hyun-seok wished, he could unleash the Slayer’s power and roam around the battlefield. However, he couldn’t properly control his own body at the moment. It took him over six months to get accustomed to the power of a hundred. And now, it exceeded two hundred. In fact, his power surpassed three hundred. Yet, he still couldn’t handle that power properly.

“It’s okay. I brought only you and Jong-won with me for a reason…”

Sung-hyung and Jong-won chuckled in unison. They had more faith in Hyun-seok’s abilities than Hyun-seok himself did. Sung-hyung had acquired a smart encyclopedia that provided real-time information on monsters. Although the monster they were about to slay wasn’t the exact same as the one in the encyclopedia, it was expected to be similar. It had two heads, which meant it would be stronger.

“To be honest, Hyun-seok could handle that guy alone.”

“That’s true.”

When Hyun-seok gained power that didn’t suit the easy mode, the monsters in the easy mode were no match for him. Now, he possessed power that didn’t suit the normal mode. In other words, it meant that the monsters in the normal mode were no match for him either.

Hyun-seok, still unable to control his power, casually warned Sung-hyung to be careful, not as a genuine concern but rather as a formality, before asking him a question.

“But how did you discover it?”

“Well… There’s a guy named Myeong-hoon who’s close friends with Jong-won. He’s a bit of an eccentric.”

“An eccentric?”

“When he entered the normal mode, there was something about discovering dungeons that are recognized as an achievement. He’s been obsessed with finding dungeons and traveling all over the country. That’s how we encountered the monster where we were going.”

“Oh… I see.”

“But that thing isn’t causing any trouble; he’s just napping on a rock.”

“Napping? The monster?”

It was unheard of for a monster to take a nap. To blatantly nap meant…

“At least in that vicinity, we can assume it’s the strongest monster.”

Indeed, it could be considered the strongest in that area. Now that he thought about it, Hyun-seok remembered hearing the notification sound “Boss Monster detected in a certain location” when he wiped out the Twin-Headed Orcs. So, it was highly likely that the thing napping there was a boss monster.

“If things go well… we might receive an achievement reward.”

It could be an opportunity to obtain the first achievement reward since entering the normal mode. It was definitely different from before. Hyun-seok discovered a tingling excitement in himself, knowing that he could obtain achievement rewards. He quickly nodded and regained his composure, speaking up.

“Ah, it seems to be a boss. Even when I dealt with the Twin-Headed Orc before, it was considered a boss because it was a difficult achievement.”

Sung-hyung raised his finger.

“Shh, we’re almost there.”

Hyun-seok and his companions cautiously made their way to the location Myeong-hoon had informed them of. Myeong-hoon was hiding in a nearby tree, waiting for their support. Although he noticed that the group was considerably small in number, he felt relieved when he realized that there was a man standing beside Jong-won. Myeong-hoon was quite close to Jong-won, and at the very least, he knew that Hyun-seok was incredibly strong.

Sung-hyung spoke.

“For now, it would be good to test its resistance using a Combat dummy. Jong-won, you throw it.”

No matter how powerful Hyun-seok’s strength was, it would be better to think twice. It’s a matter of life and death, so it wouldn’t hurt to prioritize safety. If, by any chance, it becomes too much for Hyun-seok to handle, he can just run away. The green monster was definitely strong in terms of power, but its speed was lacking.

Jong-won took the Combat dummy and vigorously threw it toward the green monster. The attached sensors would soon indicate the impact.


The Combat dummy collided with the body of the green monster, and the monster, as if enraged by being awakened from its slumber, roared and began swinging its fists.

“Impact reading: approximately 4500.”

Sung-hyung asked, “Hyun-seok, what’s your defense level?”

Hyun-seok smiled confidently. “Well… I’m not going to go into specifics.” He trailed off, but Sung-hyung understood his intention and didn’t delve deeper.

“I won’t ask for details. Please, do your best.”

Hyun-seok stepped forward. The three top Slayers in Korea could only watch with astonishment. Hyun-seok confidently stepped forward but turned back briefly. Seeing the top Slayers in Korea looking surprised, Hyun-seok asked.

“Aren’t you coming, brothers?”

Sung-hyung shook his head anxiously. “My defense is only around 2000. My H/P is about the same. If I get hit, it’s game over.”

“And what about you, Jong-won?”

“My defense is a little over 3000, and my H/P is around 1800. If I take two hits, it’s game over. If a critical hit lands, I am dead.”

Jong-won scratched his ear. He didn’t feel any tension. Sung-hyung might not know, but Jong-won knew Hyun-seok’s exact stats. Jong-won spoke casually.

“Just go there and roughly fight.”


The monster’s name was Troll, named so by the people.

Aside from its formidable strength and stamina, the most challenging aspect was its exceptional regenerative abilities. Regeneration was different from mere defense. In fact, when facing attacks below a certain threshold, regenerative capabilities posed a greater challenge than strong defense.

The Troll’s regenerative powers, specifically its H/P (Health/Power) recovery rate, were so outstanding that it was difficult to defeat it with ordinary attacks. Nevertheless, thanks to the Pyramid’s management, a group of around ten combat slayers who joined forces were able to relentlessly assault and eventually slay the Troll that appeared in Guwol-dong. However, the issue of rewards became ambiguous due to multiple participants in the slaying, prompting the intervention of the Korean Union.

– The Troll of Guwol-dong! A triumphant feat achieved by Korean slayers!

– The first-ever sighting of the monster! Undoubtedly the forefront of slaying!

– Dazzling performances by over 30 individuals, including the Pyramid!

They say that to glimpse into the future of Korea, one should look at Japan ten years ago. From a Korean perspective, it might be unpleasant, but there is some truth to it.

However, slaying has become the opposite phenomenon. Not only in Japan but worldwide, people are observing Korea to predict their own future. This is because the events that first occurred in Korea are gradually spreading worldwide. The cause is unknown, but the phenomenon has emerged, and foreign slayers and news outlets have started researching the characteristics and strategies to combat the Troll diligently.

Yet, at first, it seemed unnoticed until even more astonishing news spread.

– Twin-Headed Troll Emerges! Shocking Power Level: 4500!

– Amid everyone’s focus on Guwol-dong, a bloody battle ensues!

– Deep within Bukhansan, a brutal battle unfolds!

When attention was fixed on Guwol-dong, some Slayers succeeded in slaying the Twin-Headed Troll. The fact that the Twin-Headed Troll was registered in the Monster Encyclopedia was thanks to none other than Park Sung-hyung, the leader of the Korean Union.

– The grandeur of the Korean Union’s leader.

– A top-tier Korean Slayer, surpassing all expectations!

– With whom did he undertake this slaying?

According to rumors, the Korean Union supposedly dispatched around 30 of their most skilled Slayers, risking their lives to hunt down the Twin-Headed Troll. In reality, it wasn’t 30 individuals, but only four. To be more precise, it was just one person. However, rumors tend to be distorted and exaggerated.

Due to the unwavering trust in Hyun-seok’s abilities, they quickly set off in small numbers. But somehow, the rumors spread, and curious civilians who didn’t want Slayers to get injured speculated that the Twin-Headed Troll was secretly slain without anyone knowing. Dream interpretation was far more preferable than reality.

The already elevated status of the Korean Union soared even higher, and Park Sung-hyung’s name reached new heights. Park Sung-hyung announced that among the Slayers who participated in the slaying, Jong-won, a solo Orc Slayer, was present. This solidified Jong-won’s position as the strongest Slayer in Korea. Other Slayers chose to keep their identities hidden, declaring that they would remain anonymous. Interestingly, people became even more enthusiastic about this announcement. It was as if they were secret heroes, hidden figures. Though a closer examination would reveal some peculiarities, people didn’t pay much attention to those points. The results were what mattered.

Nevertheless, the appearance of the Troll and Twin-Headed Troll marked the proper commencement of the Normal Mode, and a few days later, another piece of news struck Korea.

In other words, a new change had begun in Korea.

– Changes in the Normal Mode. It’s not over yet!

– Evolving Normal Mode. Where does it end?

– Is this the start of the full-fledged Normal Mode?

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